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  1. Re: The Politics Thread
  2. Re: The Politics Thread Does anybody here care about Kosovo:p About 90 countries around the world accept Kosovo as independent state. Some of those countries are powerful(USA,Turkey,France,Great Britain),but also some powerful countries don't accept Kosovo independence(Russia,Spain). While Russia was always Serbia friend,I guess Spain just can't accept Kosovo because they are scared of some similar movements in Spain who also ask for independence. My gues is there are 2 reasons why world give Kosovo independence: 1.After Serbs committed numerous war crimes in wars in Croatia and Bosnia,
  3. Re: Kurt Zouma or Stefan de Vrij Isn't Kongolo great prospect,he and Karim Rekik were great CB's tandem for Netherlands U17:rolleyes:
  4. Re: Kurt Zouma or Stefan de Vrij Dastardly,how about another Feyenoord young CB,Terence Kongolo,is he better than Varane:D
  5. Stefan de Vrij,Feyenoord,21 years, rated 87 Kurt Zouma,Saint-Etienne,18 years,rated 85 I can buy only one of those,who is better? I don't know a lot of de Vrij,but about Zouma,I know that the he is one of the best young CB's in the world. But de Vrij have higher rating at the moment,I guess he will move to better club earlier than Zouma,and I need someone who will soon have rating 89-90,and I'm not sure that Zouma will reach that before de Vrij:rolleyes:
  6. Re: Tin Jedvaj,new supertalent from Dinamo Zagreb Yes. You should watch this guy' date='before couple of days I wrote long post about him,he is best Dinamo player in last weeks Husejinović say: This picture from last game show that he is indeed in pretty good shape now As 24 years old player,he still have time to make good carrer.
  7. Re: Tin Jedvaj,new supertalent from Dinamo Zagreb
  8. Re: Donis Avdijaj - 16 year old Schalke Prospect! They won the German U17 league,Avdijaj was top scorer of team:)
  9. Re: The Politics Thread Study about Muslims around the world
  10. Re: The Politics Thread So that is that.I don't know a lot of that war,but I'm pretty sure that there were political and economics reasons,more than Islam:) But for people today it is easy to involve Islam in war causes,while when Christians are fighting nobody really think about religion.But there is some Muslims fault for that,some of them like to every war proclaim as holy war for Islam,even though real reason are just normal reason why people go to war.
  11. Re: The Politics Thread Give mi examples,wars when Islam was cause of war,I just want to know:)
  12. Re: The Politics Thread Please explain this:rolleyes: I'm not USA hater but I'm pretty sure that moust wars today are because USA wants to control more territory and natural resources. Or should I belive that they actually care about safety of us all so they are going to wars to protect us from terrorists and weapons of mass destruction (like Saddam had:rolleyes:),and they dream to show beauties of democracy to residents of that countries:D
  13. Re: The Politics Thread
  14. Re: The Politics Thread I didn't said it was religion responsible.I just said that two most bloody wars in history were wars where Muslims didn't have almost any impact.
  15. Re: The Politics Thread
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