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  1. Re: The Politics Thread
  2. Re: The Politics Thread Does anybody here care about Kosovo:p About 90 countries around the world accept Kosovo as independent state. Some of those countries are powerful(USA,Turkey,France,Great Britain),but also some powerful countries don't accept Kosovo independence(Russia,Spain). While Russia was always Serbia friend,I guess Spain just can't accept Kosovo because they are scared of some similar movements in Spain who also ask for independence. My gues is there are 2 reasons why world give Kosovo independence: 1.After Serbs committed numerous war crimes in wars in Croatia and Bosnia,they didn't have good reputation in the world to have support for another war.For example,Jacques Chirac sad this about Serbs "These people have no faith and know no law. They are terrorists."So when started war in Kosovo,between Albanians and Serbs,world was just tired of Serbs,and when they start again killing civilians,NATO started bombing Serbia and their capital city Beograd. World leaders decided if they want peace in Kosovo,they need independent state Kosovo,not Kosovo as part of Serbia. 2.If we know that Serbia is always on Russia side,USA also need associate here.So they give Kosovo independence,but on the other side,USA made Camp Bondsteel,a huge army base in Kosovo. Do you support Kosovo independence?
  3. Re: Kurt Zouma or Stefan de Vrij Isn't Kongolo great prospect,he and Karim Rekik were great CB's tandem for Netherlands U17:rolleyes:
  4. Re: Kurt Zouma or Stefan de Vrij Dastardly,how about another Feyenoord young CB,Terence Kongolo,is he better than Varane:D
  5. Stefan de Vrij,Feyenoord,21 years, rated 87 Kurt Zouma,Saint-Etienne,18 years,rated 85 I can buy only one of those,who is better? I don't know a lot of de Vrij,but about Zouma,I know that the he is one of the best young CB's in the world. But de Vrij have higher rating at the moment,I guess he will move to better club earlier than Zouma,and I need someone who will soon have rating 89-90,and I'm not sure that Zouma will reach that before de Vrij:rolleyes:
  6. Re: Tin Jedvaj,new supertalent from Dinamo Zagreb Yes. You should watch this guy' date='before couple of days I wrote long post about him,he is best Dinamo player in last weeks Husejinović say: This picture from last game show that he is indeed in pretty good shape now As 24 years old player,he still have time to make good carrer.
  7. Re: Tin Jedvaj,new supertalent from Dinamo Zagreb
  8. Re: Donis Avdijaj - 16 year old Schalke Prospect! They won the German U17 league,Avdijaj was top scorer of team:)
  9. Re: The Politics Thread Study about Muslims around the world
  10. Re: The Politics Thread So that is that.I don't know a lot of that war,but I'm pretty sure that there were political and economics reasons,more than Islam:) But for people today it is easy to involve Islam in war causes,while when Christians are fighting nobody really think about religion.But there is some Muslims fault for that,some of them like to every war proclaim as holy war for Islam,even though real reason are just normal reason why people go to war.
  11. Re: The Politics Thread Give mi examples,wars when Islam was cause of war,I just want to know:)
  12. Re: The Politics Thread Please explain this:rolleyes: I'm not USA hater but I'm pretty sure that moust wars today are because USA wants to control more territory and natural resources. Or should I belive that they actually care about safety of us all so they are going to wars to protect us from terrorists and weapons of mass destruction (like Saddam had:rolleyes:),and they dream to show beauties of democracy to residents of that countries:D
  13. Re: The Politics Thread
  14. Re: The Politics Thread I didn't said it was religion responsible.I just said that two most bloody wars in history were wars where Muslims didn't have almost any impact.
  15. Re: The Politics Thread
  16. Re: The Politics Thread
  17. Re: The Politics Thread
  18. Re: The Politics Thread
  19. Re: The Politics Thread You know that Beograd government declared that city is "judenfrei" in the 1942:rolleyes: And i guess you know how cruel were Ustashe,they killed a thousands of Croats and Bosniaks just because they were against persecution of Jews,so I can imagine what they were doing to Jews. That was dark side of history for all humanity,I personally don't agree with Israel policy,but that doesn't mean that I don't belive in holocaust.
  20. Re: The Politics Thread Hungarians protests against Jews:rolleyes: EvsuvtE2RqM That was organized by Jobbik,third most popular political party in Hungary. People blame them that they are neo-fascist and neo-nazi. And while moust of neo-fascist and neo-nazi today hates both Jews and Muslims(while Jews and Muslimas hates each other:rolleyes:),Jobbik show some sympathy for Islam.
  21. Re: The Politics Thread I agree. But there was a side who committed 10 times more war crimes than other,there was a side which moust of political and military leaders are convicted for ethnic cleaning of people of other side. But don't let that trick you,it's just Western propaganda against Serbs. This is last post from me either.
  22. Re: The Politics Thread Hazard,watch this if you are interested in propaganda,RTS reporter say that "Bosniaks are throwing Serbs children to lyons in Zoo in Sarajevo",that was later proven as complete lie PkEKTfi1M_I
  23. Re: The Politics Thread See that on this way -90% of Bosniaks are Muslims -90% of Serbs are Orthodox -90 of Croats are Catholic If you say that Bosniaks are just Muslims from that area' date='than Serbs are just Orthodox from that area,same with Catholic Croats. Our ancestors never really consider themselves as a same people,historian Cinnamus from 12th century writes that Bosniaks and Serbs aren't the same people. source: Cinnamus,[i']Epitome[/i],page 104 Of course,at that time Bosniak meaning was "man from Bosnia",and Serb "man from Serbia",modern nation will be made a long after.
  24. Re: The Politics Thread Bosniaks is ethnic group' date='"living mainly in Bosnia and Herzegovina along with a native minority present in other countries of the Balkan Peninsula; especially in the Sandžak region of Serbia and Montenegro (where Bosniaks form a regional majority), and in Croatia." And about wiki as source,I guess if you want better source you could find here [url']http://www.icty.org/[/url] web page of "Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia".
  25. Re: The Politics Thread typically Serb way of writing history,just ask yourself why nobody belives you,only Serbs say that we Bosniaks are also Serbs:confused: We have our culture,our history,our country,our language(oh yes,we steal language from Serbs aren't we),and don't want to have anything with Serbs,you are attackers who wants our land for yourself. You say we are Serbs?What about British historian Noel Malcolm,in his book "Bosnia: A Short History" he sad that you Serbs were cattlemen who come in Bosnia during Otoman rule,and you were Vlachs who were latter teached that they are Serbs:rolleyes: But sincerely,I don't care about that.It's just to show you that we Bosniaks also can play that game,"who is who actually". You ask why I have problem with your chetniks symbol on avatar,maybe because leader of chetniks Draža Mihajlović wrote that chetniks goal is making "great Serbia" with Bosniaks and Croats lands,killing them and move Serbs there. Some of you still want to make that dream true. For the end,I sometimes wish that we Bosniaks are like Albanians,while after all you Serbs can come to any city where Bosniaks live,you don't have any problems there,Albanians don't want to see Serb kilometer close,and on your place,I would be concerned,If we are capable to forgive you,they aren't. But If you continue lying and adulterate history,you will also never have good relations with us. Serbia president before couple of days sad that he apology for Serb war crimes in Bosnia,that's a good start for a future of all us.
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