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  1. Re: Is a team in your league struggling? u are on my mind mate. i made the same thing with my napoli from division 4 to division 1. im so proud for this
  2. Re: Wc 20481 which is your team in this wc?
  3. Re: World Championship 16196 GOING STRONG II ? hello boys. i'm new coach of arsenal and if you keep up the discussion to this thread i will support this WC with you.I hope that we will discuss a lot here
  4. Here is the thread discussing about preorder of those rival wc!
  5. Re: World Championship 20132 - World Center is this wc worth to mingle with?
  6. Re: World Championship 12000 Coming up derby on the fourth division.athetic bilbao against wolfsburg of rafail savvidis. the two managers have rivality for wc 7902.It will be a good game while the two teams have transfered good players since they took part with their teams!
  7. Re: World Championship 20000? i would like this wc if it had 4 divisions!
  8. Re: World Championship 12000 I am new bilbao's coach and i hope that wc will remain competitive. We want to welcome new coaches. If anyone is interested or he is already a member of this wc he can contact with us
  9. Re: Jese Rodriguez Ruiz today has been added on db !!he has already sign for my team
  10. Re: Improve My Real Madrid u should buy a very good cb and a cm
  11. Re: World Championship 10028 it's a low quality player.i know it cause i have seen him play a lot
  12. hello i have a question about gold member trial.i have accepted to be a gold member but when 14 free days will pass,wich of my new teams over the limit of (3) will be realeased?
  13. Re: world champions problem... SO all the wc can be competitive too
  14. Re: world champions problem... but wc10000 if full.division 4 too...
  15. the world champion 10000 is full of managers...all the other worlds are empty.i think that this problem is not only mine but for the most managers...i recomend that a wc should be full before a new gameworld can be create.what's yours opnion?
  16. DE GEA, David GGk GOMES, Heurelho GGk ASSOU-EKOTTO, Benoît LBLB BALE, Gareth LB-LMLB/LM MOTTA, Marco RB-RMRB/RM BASSONG, Sébastien CB-LBCB/LB KING, Ledley CB-DMCB/DM MIRANDA, João CBCB TOURE, Kolo CB-RBCB/RB BOATENG, Jérôme D-DMDef/DM BOATENG, Kevin-Prince CMCM DE ZEEUW, Demy CM-RMCM/RM MARTÍNEZ, Javi CM-DMCM/DM SCHWEINSTEIGER, Bastian CM-RMCM/RM AFELLAY, Ibrahim AM-CMAM/CM CANALES, Sergio AM-WAM/Wing MODRIC, Luka AM-LMAM/LM ROSE, Danny AM-WAM/Wing ARSHAVIN, Andrei W-FWing/Fwd KRANJCAR, Niko W-AMWing/AM LENNON, Aaron WWing FALCAO, Radamel FFwd PATO, Alexandre FFwd VILLA, David FFwd ADEBAYOR, Emmanuel CFCF this is my roster but i m not sure which would be my formation,which can beat opponent's 5-3-2.the match is for the cup
  17. Re: How to beat 4-4-2 diamond - EXPERT HELP NEEDED i recomend to u as i have the right experience to use 4-2-3-1
  18. Re: Need a good formation to get the best out of all my best players i believe my friend 3lton that formation is depending the rival's formation
  19. Re: 5-3-2 Wide Positions? i have made the same thing one's,and the result was like urs.maybe it's a coincidence??or wingers performs better on this formation?
  20. Re: World Championship 10000 - Anyone interested? i will join him.i hope as everyone here that it will remain full.
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