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  1. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Mancity have nice friendly players. Balotelli for example
  2. Re: Should Lionel Messi be rated 99? 99 is for legend. Messi scored his first league goal after assist by Ronaldinho. Messi is a legend now and a fact that hes a genius is also clear = 99 for him
  3. Deyna


    Re: CB Bonucci, Ranocchia. Safe deal.
  4. Re: diego renan Soo if this topic is about how good this player is He looks really interesting on the left side You can check here:
  5. Re: Sylvain Marveaux Nope. He had 2 month injury Hell stay. Anyway he confirmed that is on the way out to the Liverpool in this summer.
  6. Re: diego renan I've got him too in my Sau Paulo team. What about is this topic?
  7. Re: mertesacker You should buy him Per is still a pillar of German defence and probably on the way out from the weak Werder to the EPL in this summer.
  8. Re: wojciech szczesny Now hes a starter for Arsenal and the most talented young GK with De Gea. I expectin +6/+7 in the next changes for him. In future hell be BIG goalie We believe in it
  9. Re: Muniain or Kroos? Kroos. German means quality
  10. Re: gotze Gotze will 100% rise up to 88. Tevez is for 80% rise to 95. Keep Goetze hes future.
  11. Re: lukaku for muller? No as for now. Muller is the man Lukaku is the kid.
  12. Re: afellay No chances for regular playing for him this seasson with FCB. Hell stay.
  13. Re: Andrew Carroll(87),Luiz Gustavo(88),Sven Bender(88) Andrew Carroll 87 - 88 Luiz Gustavo 88 - 89 Sven Bender 88-90/89
  14. Re: Will Ronaldinho Drop? Sad for me that Dinho retired from quality european football. I expectin -1 now and -1 in the next changes if he dont score loads of goals with impressive displays.
  15. Re: will hulk rise from 90-92? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWfLL3K_qi8 I see 92 quality here. +1 is sure thing for 21 goals till now. If he score over 35 goals in this seasson and Portugal MVP award and phone from Brasilian coach he should get +2
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