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  1. Re: Beating a 4-5-2? I would rather have the 6 upfront to attack their 3. then i have Torres too hold the midfield. Then the four at the back with rooney holding as the centre. ronaldo in goal. he is very quick. I like him there. I will let you know. playing barcalona
  2. I find this formation quite good so up and coming against it i usually copy it but i don't like doing that and much prefer to beat it with another formation. The only formation i have studied is the 4-4-2 Diamond can be effective. Any advice to beat this formation it's very good.
  3. Shrek


    With only two games left in the league and only trailing by 1 point with the leaders to play i really wanted all my good players in. But last night i had a cup match so i decided to put as many of my 2nd squad out to save the good players. I do have quite a few defenders so i decided to go with a Sweeper system play Very Defensive minded with a long ball and tight marking (i was playing chelsea). My team with a 75 rated keeper had an average of 83 (mainly Youth team) and chelsea 93 av rating playing a 4-3-3. Result i beat them 3-0 !!!!!..weeehey
  4. Re: I just can't win with this team? Guys. Tried the formations and lost. I have other teams who do well. But with a huge average ratings it just can't win...Weird?
  5. Re: I just can't win with this team? thanks . will give it a go;)
  6. I run 7 other teams and in general i have worked out quite decent formations but this one i am struggling with. Any suggestions please FREY, Sébastien GGk 30 92 £11.6M BROWN, Mark GGk 29 80 £810k - CHIVU, Cristian LB-CBLB/CB 30 91 £10.6M - RAT, Razvan LBLB 29 89 £5.0M - SRNA, Darijo RB-RMRB/RM 28 91 £11.4M - GALLAS, William CBCB 33 93 £12.4M Int HUMMELS, Mats CB-DMCB/DM 22 90 £13.8M Int GARAY, Ezequiel CBCB 24 90 £11.00 Int SKRTEL, Martin CBCB 26 90 £10.7M Int DIARRA, Alou DM-CMDM/CM 29 91 £10.2M -
  7. Re: Transfer List abuse!! i know, its not the end of the world . It just baffles me of the mentality as many will waste their time working out what they can bid etc etc. Complete timrwaster
  8. In my league i have a guy with a famous club. He is also a fan of that club. I can't get my head round what he is doing apart from irritating others. He has 170 weeks behind him too. He has every best player he has (in total 7) with a average rating of about 93 on the list from Rooney to Lampard and many other expensive players. For two months he has had Fantastic offers for them. Indeed i offered in total around 130 million for Lampard. This involved two 92 ratings and 60 million. I must have been nuts but i really needed a good Midfield attacking player. He accepted it but then cancelled
  9. Re: Sorry but there is a limit to insanity! that explains it..
  10. Re: Sorry but there is a limit to insanity! OK A stoke V Arsenal was a 40/60. Barcelona V toulouse.....LOL....I think not with those stats above....LOOOOOOOLL
  11. My team ....1......Comp generated team....1 My average rating of squad 93 Computers 88 Possession.........ME..80%...Comp...20% Shots at goal me 36...comp...6 on target.....29....comp....2 My keeper....94 comp ....88 My 2 strikers ...92...93 comp....87....88... I am not going to go on but this is just a rediculous score that makes you want to leave SM....Yes it's just a game but this is just rediculous
  12. Early in the week i played a team which played agressive. The team recieved 8 yellow cards and a red winning the game 2-1. The possession time and shots on target, formation was identical. Last night it happened again. Again same formation but their player ratings for this game where way below mine in the 5 and 6's but they played agressive...5 yellow cards and a Red winning 3-1... If you have a big squad you can go on like this all season. I think it ruins the game...Play Hard yes..but the option of aggressive is a joke!
  13. So you take over a new team and you have 200 million to spend. The transfer list has no credible players you need. So you go on search. You put in 5 bids and you wait. But which of the top clubs want to sell for cash...Usually none for a decent player, even if they are willing to PX you have nobody you could loose or what they would want? But most irritating thing of all is players who have not been online for weeks so is it worth it?. I waited 10 days for a transfer only to be told that he is not available when the guy came back! That's annoying enough for a bid on search but for a manage
  14. Re: 4-4-1-1....Don't hear about it much? I see this formation a lot in the Prem or England. Rooney just behind Defoe etc
  15. It looks quite a good formation but i rarely hear much about it? What ADV and DISA has it? What squad would be good to play it. I think i might give it a go.....Always try something once?
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