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  1. Re: David Hoilett. any thoughts? he's a tricky one. he is playing really well at the moment and looks like he will definately go up in the future. but it looks like blackburn might go down, and if they do then he drops to 85
  2. I have been offered 20m Plus Podolski for my Rossi the money could be useful, and Rossi will be out for another 4 months, and so is likely to drop. Should i do the deal, and what are Podolski's prospects?
  3. Re: EPL Ratings 2011/12 what do people think about Vellios? 77 atm and scoring quite regularly for Everton. I'm thinking about 77>83/84
  4. I have enough money to buy one of Gaspar, Gundonan or Rodruigez, which do you think i should but. at the moment im going to go for Gundonan, because he is at the better club IMO
  5. Re: Eto'o and dani alves At the moment im the only one who has shortlisted him, so im quite confident i could get him
  6. Okay, heres how it is: dani Alves has got too unhappy and has forced through a Transfer request for 30m. i could sell my Eto'o to Anzhi for 35m and get alves. he would play at RM/Rwing with Robben moving from there to CF. should i do the deal? Eto'o will definately drop, so im thinking yes atm, but the league is so compettitive ( top 4 seperated by 1pt after 25 games)and i really need the goals
  7. i have been offered 19m for jack rodwell and im not sure if its a good deal. im sure he has potential but he is being held back at everton.
  8. i have around 5.9M and i was going to spend it on some of these players NAME POSITION CLUB AGE RATING VALUE MASIP, Jordi Gk Free Agent 22 78 £660k MCCARTHY, James CM/RM Wigan Athletic 20 86 £7.0M MOSES, Victor Wing/Fwd Wigan Athletic 20 84 £5.0M LONG, Shane Fwd West Bromwich Albion 24 83 £2.5M LALLANA, Adam AM/Fwd Southampton 23 80 £2.0M DI SANTO, Franco CF Wigan Athletic 22 85 £4.3M any hel
  9. Re: Ronaldo deal Personally i wouldn't do the deal. Although it is Ronaldo he is only one rating higher than Iniesta, and i don't think that you should give up Hulk for +1 rating, even if he is just a squad player. Also Iniesta is a bit more flexible than Ronaldo.
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hey guys I have the oppertunity to buy Vidal for 16m. is this a good deal. I've looked around and am finding it hard to gage his true value.
  11. English chamionship 6099 is nearing the end of its third season, and now we only have 12 managers, which is not nearly enough!!!! there are plenty of teams which are about to get taken apart at the end of the season so we need people to come in quick thanks to anyone who takes up this offer.
  12. i dont know whether this is the right section for this, but here goes. i have a team in EC 6099 and the Arsenal manager has Rossi who is just a scoring machine. these are his stats Season Club Comp App GS *** MoM AvP YC RC 3 Arsenal Division 1 19 (3) 28 13 7 8.73 3 0 3 Arsenal English Cup 5 (0) 16 6 2 9.40 0 0 i dont know whether he's just got a very good formation or some kind of bug/glich i just wandered whether anyone else had seen anything like this. i dont think its a bad thing as it makes it more competitive ( last year i won the league by 12 points)
  13. Re: Sneijder im now thinking of countering with Kaka+ Kroos does anyone know how good Kroos is/will be?
  14. I offered Kaka+15m for Sneijder, and he countered with kaka+ hazard for Sneijder. should i do this deal. i know kaka will probabaly drop, and i have enough cover to be able to lose them both.
  15. el maxo


    Re: Hart as a goalkeeper i have Howard, who i would sell hazard plays anywhere in the 3 of a 4231. the players that also play there are are, Kaka, Ozil, Park, Kroos, Sahin and Abate (can play RM)
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