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  1. I receive an offer of 16,5m for Paco Alcacer. Should i keep or sell him? And if I sell, anyone have any preds of strikers that can rise to 91 in summer?
  2. Sore of what, he destroyed one time... Wednesday showed his Jonas skills to dive lol Jota got +3 in the begin of the year so...
  3. Agree with you and he destroy my team in Sunday (But no one talks about his ability to act like bryan ruiz xD) One more Jackpot for my team, i bought him for 285k xD
  4. Lokomotiva Zagreb, HNK Hajduk Split and Rijeka if possible, thanks
  5. Marco Reus to recover the 94 in summer? It's a good deal sell Insigne and buy him?
  6. Dele Alli worth buy for 40M? Or better other players like Ozil, Isco, James, Khedira, Goretzka, SMS? Can Goretzka and SMS go 92 in summer?
  7. What Puskas? That one stolen from Cristiano Ronaldo's Bicicle?
  8. If u have to keep one and sell the other between Thauvin and Lucas Moucas which one will be?
  9. Jadon Sancho for tomorow? Why they dont do all team in 1 day? 😕
  10. I know it's too soon but any chances to Joe Gomez and Alexander-Arnold get 90 by the end of the season?
  11. Geubbels??? only 7 min this season, i think u should stop ask for rise only cause they are in your team...
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