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  1. Re: Abuse of offering clubs out to cancel transfers

    Who said anything about quitting?

    I said join forum based set ups in the mean time.

    You'll enjoy them more and then when it is fixed enjoy your other sides.

    Like I said unless you can demonstrate how to solve the problem there is little point moaning about it.

    To solve the problem just get rid of the feature. Simple as that.

    Three teams is too many to offer out. One should be enough.

    I don't know how else you could fix this problem..

    And the fact it's a 30day wait too..

  2. Re: Abuse of offering clubs out to cancel transfers

    Then explain how you do it.

    Explain how to code it into the game and I'm sure SM would adopt it right away.

    I don't know if anyone here can actually code (I can) and it's never as easy as turn this option off.

    SM do a great job at providing a free service to many customers as well as paid ones. The problem here is not SM's game its that people are cheating.

    If you don't want this to happen in GW's why not create or join a custom with other forumers until it gets fixed.

    I've put 4 years into this team, i'm not quitting..

    I'm a basic assembly C coder. Whoever wrote the code can change it.

  3. Re: Abuse of offering clubs out to cancel transfers

    Come on' date=' this is SM, they said in March this would be addressed soon, have some patience!

    Too busy trying to make a quick buck than deal with genuine concerns of paying customers, and whilst I understand that as a business they need to make money, they don't seem to realize that people who are long standing players will leave the game because of their couldn't care less attitude. My GM has 41 days left and I have no intention of renewing and over the last few weeks have quit over half my teams in preparation.Without a solid base they will face real problems.[/quote']

    It shouldn't take that long to disable a feature or edit it to one job offer per manager..

  4. Re: Abuse of offering clubs out to cancel transfers

    I agree with SMH here this thread seems to be more of a whine then a suggestion to improve?

    I may be wrong but I'm guessing you have bid for a player in a Gold Champ and the Club has then been offered out?

    This is a problem I'm sure SM are aware of' date=' due to the number of threads made about it every other day.

    But unfortunately with everything in life people always find a way to abuse everything, I'm sure a lot of people do benefit in the offer a club facility so it will be hard for SM to remove it.[/quote']

    Players shouldn't be allowed to offer up to three teams out at a time. One at most and only once per season.

  5. Re: Anything and Everything on SM Development

    WOAH Sm have removed the last online feature on the club list' date=' what a RETARDED idea, literally the most pointless thing ever. Many of us rely on that to do deals with other managers, especially considering 90% of managers in leagues fail to login for 30 days after taking over a club or simply refuse to respond to bids / messages / reason.

    How about less retarded changes and more ...



    What's with SM removing the 'last online' display from Club List? how are we supposed to negotiate deals when we don't know if a user logged in or not?! it even affects my selection of tactics or player bidding strategy sometimes. another 'fantastic' change by SM.

    Also' date=' can we display the player's D.O.B on the Squad page? so that we are aware of upcoming bdays of players and maybe make plans to sell them? after all, SM 'loves' it when we sell players right? :rolleyes:[/quote']

    Totally agree.

    What are they smoking in the SMFA office??

  6. Re: Ales Cermak

    Ales Cermak' date=' 18 yo Sparta Praha midfielder, made his debut on 6 april 2013 against Sigma Olomouc and then benched for next 3 games. He already made 43 appearances for Czech Republic youth NT and scoring 4 goals so far. Maybe he'll be a late bloomer
    :D [/center']

    Late bloomer? the kid is only 18

  7. Re: Squad maximum and Transfers

    squad limit is 200 i think..

    to put a player on the tranfer list, click the name of the player you wish to sell and in the top right hand corner you'll see a blue box with the word actions.. click that and then transfer status..

    so its..

    players name> actions > transfer status> click transfer list and if you want a part exchange leave asking price blank or enter an asking price of your choice bearing in mind chairman values..

  8. Re: Prize Money

    yeah i had this problem few weeks ago too, i didn't think about looking into it, but i was down about two million short of what i was expecting..

    but be some sorta bug

    This is the response I got and my subesquent response. They are definatley wrong.

    "Hi Darren' date='

    We have checked against our database and all the finances are correct.


    Soccer Manager"

    Could you please explain to me how I can start with a balance of -36k, gain £1m from gate reciepts, £1m from sponsors and £3.5m from prize money yet have a balance of £2m.

    Income was £6.5m and Outgoings were £1.1 which should mean I have a balanace £5.3m ish. I have £1.7m and therefore this is clearly incorrect. Could you please have a look again.[/quote']

  9. Re: The New Players Thread

    Surprised nobody has mentioned the Boavista quad of Pereira Caio' date=' Pedro Navas, Moura Carraca, and Carvalho Wellington. Navas has made 14 appearances, ten more than Armando Petit, Wellington has 5 goals in 14 games, Caio has made 7 appearances at the age of just 19, and Carraca has 2 goals from 13 midfield starts. Boavista are in the 3rd Portuguese Division but were relegated due to financial reasons, not footballing reasons, so their squad is quite good for the league they're in, and they cant afford to sign anyone, so these players will get game time.[/quote']

    3rd division in Portugal? do they even do rating changes for that league?

    the Portuguese first division is only done once a year

  10. Re: The New Players Thread

    ;2426228']not broken' date=' he does exist.

    its in the queue for when the Prem comes around.

    admin'd it last week.[/quote']

    When the Prem comes around? is there a list on soccerwiki of what league are being reviewed next?

    when is the dutch league getting reviewed?

  11. Re: The Real World.. Real Life Transfers Only.. Dont Meet Chairman Criteria = SACKED!

    ok lads here goes..

    ive basically quit my day time job due to a ridiculous December rosta.. I need 2 spend this crimbo at home with my child as its his first.. need it for the memory bank..

    basically I can get back on top of this set up..

    theres currently 6 spaces spare.. due we rekon we could get them full for turn 1 of next season and start this game world going again?.. due to its never ending longitivity I certainly think we can.. and the fact its turn 14 and only 4 turns remaining till the end of the season..

    at the end of this comeing season I will offer all internal managers the chance to move clubs via pm to there targets.. the clubs will go 2 the best placed sides from ghoras criteria..

    do people think its worth getting this gameworld back going?..

    like I said ill fully focus on having it set ready for turn 1 of next season :) ..

    Yeah its worth keeping this gameworld going..

    I would really like to manage Manchester United if no other manager wants them..

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