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  1. Re: What Fantasy Leagues are you doing? yeah fantasy.premierleague.com is a great one
  2. Re: **Manager Wanted** Dulcius ex asperis i wanna join your league
  3. i got offer Rafael VAN DER VAART and Édinson CAVANI for Samir NASRI, can anyone help me make my mind up?
  4. Re: Cavani deal ! Help ! Keep Cavani you ding bat, he's up and comin, forlan's ratin will go down in the next season
  5. i wanna know how i can challenge my mate to a friendly?
  6. Re: New striker? saviola has been scoring goals for me like their goin outta fashion
  7. Re: getting the sack? cheers man, its comin to the end of the season and i'm 5 mill in debt. i don't wanna be gettin sacked
  8. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread just played the new PES2011 demo.. its the only football game worth gettin
  9. can you get the sack, if you finish the season in debt?
  10. jimi


    Re: hello cheers lads
  11. i'm managing cardiff city and i'm five million in debt, and with a squad of only 21 players.. how do i fix this problem?
  12. jimi


    just started.. but i'm here to win tropies.. ha
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