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  1. Obviously on the surface this looks like a steal for the Coentrao manager, but the price would really be Lamela, I think. I doubt Adriano is going to be getting much higher than a 91, while Coentrao's ceiling is 94+ Thoughts?
  2. Re: Balotelli for Rossi Thanks gents! I'll definitely pull the trigger. Any thoughts on Oliseh? Should I sell him (I know that should go in Buy/Sell/Keep but I'd figure I'd try to kill two with one stone.
  3. I can trade Balotelli for Rossi strait up, but another manager made an offer so I need to decide quickly? What do you lads think, should I pull the trigger? If it makes any difference, I'm doing a League 4 Challenge with Accrington Stanley. I have the following forwards/wings on the roster: Iker Munian, Theo Walcott, Marko Arnautovic, Sekou Oliseh, and Christin Clemens, plus a handful of youth players like Miyachi, Orozco, Ji, and Casnos. I almost always play Balo at forward, so it would make sense, but Balo might end up being an absolute stud if he gets his attitude straitened out, while Rossi may be nearing his ceiling (though he has been outstanding). PS: If anyone has any input on whether I should accept a 6.8 mil offer for Oliseh that is on the table, that'd be appreciated. He is a valuable asset to my team, but I doubt he'll get much higher than an 85 staying at Moskva. Thank you kindly in advance.
  4. Re: Can u beat my team of the future? I don't think I can for 2-4 years, but come 2015, this team of mine could be unstoppable: GK: Kraft Koval DEF: Reinartz Ranocchia Mussachio Amat Miquel Sorenson Varane MID: Boateng Gustavo Orozoco Bender Yoon Lamela Isco WING: Walcott Balotelli Myaichi Clemens Munian Anautovic FWD: Paco Afobe Casnos Araujo Top class right now? Not really. But when you consider that am still in League 3 (Accrington Stanley, just promoted), and my average age here is still only about 18, I think I'm well set up for the (very) long term.
  5. Re: Forward 89+ Alexis Sanchez is probably going to get to 90 in the next rating change coming right up. He netted 4 in Udi's destruction of Palermo on Sunday.
  6. Re: Top 10 under 20's People seem to have gotten most of the names from UEFA, but we might mention: Luc Casnos Isco Danny Wilson Christian Clemens Benik Afobe (apparently a stud, but who knows when he'll crack Arsenal's first side) Some from around the globe: Takashi Usami Bit Garam Yoon (played lights out for South Korea in the Asian Cup) Dong-Won Ji (Ditto) Erik Lamela And my personal favorite at the moment: Yohandry Orozco... primarily because of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-0SKdnXbqw Granted he just made the move to Wolfsburg, so now he can be considered part of the European brood. Do any of these guys have the chance to crack the top 10? I think within the next 2 years, Lamela, Orozco, and Isco have a shot, but we'll have to see how they develop over the summer and how their teams do in the coming years, but they're certainly ones to keep an eye on.
  7. Re: Help me find a young gk for my team ! Obviously all of the previous mentioned are great choices, but in a lot of leagues they are either taken already or incredibly expensive. I agree that Kraft might be one of the best and cheapest bets. Even if Bayern get Nuer over the summer window, Kraft is proving himself in a big way, and will easily sign on somewhere else. If you want a long shot, Simon Mignolet, who is competing for first choice at Sunderland and will probably compete for the Belgian first slot soon, could be an option. In most English leagues, he is an 85 rated free agent due to the recency of his move. One thing to do if you're looking for young, rising keepers (which is easily the toughest position to scout for) is look at who gets the most caps for national team's U21 squads. Its definitely not a surefire method, but it can have solid results (with De Gea being the most recent and prolific example). Some other young(ish) players who are first choice for their clubs and have recent national call-ups/caps: Guy N'dy Assembé Raïs M'Bolhi (Intriguing pick, just bounced around the Russian League like a pinball, but had some solid moments for Sofia and is the first choice for Algeria, which looks to be an international squad on the rise) Murara Neto Sergio Romero (Could easily be Argentina's first choice for the next 3 World Cups)
  8. Re: Young dm to rise soon needed!! Jack Rodwell might get there in 2011. He has been off and on for Everton and England's U21 but he will almost definitely be a 90+ one day. M'Vila will almost definitely be there before Rodwell, but Rodwell is a cheaper option in most leagues.
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