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  1. Re: 87+ clean out of credits now
  2. Re: 87+ Zalaegerszegi start search for new manager after shock resignation Manager George Campbell announced in a Di Canio-esque press release that he would be quitting as manager with immediate effect. The statement read: ps I have a few SM credits so if anyone wants some give me a message and add me in game
  3. Re: Riferimento: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I just looked at the manager and they added me as a friend ages ago so now I'm worried that people will think im cheating as I've accepted :/
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have Neymar and have been offered Di Maria in exchange...am I missing soemthing because this seems like a really good deal to me?
  5. Re: 87+ It would have to be earlier than that as even a week earlier would lead to the final fixtures being scheduled for after the end of the season which SM wont allow...
  6. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 will fabregas keep his 95?
  7. Re: 87+ A few signings been made at Zalaegerszegi the last couple of days but the pick of the punch... Hope that these two can combine in central midfield in the near future to create a one-off partnership that the world hasn't seen since Bono kissed a mirror
  8. Re: 87+ well played some nice risers: Knoche 75-80 Juanan 77-83 Rakovsky 77-80
  9. Re: 87+ 1-1 draw in 1st game of the season to Jahn, wouldve taken that. First game in europe... :D
  10. Re: 87+ cheers BP...if you want entertainment then it's Zalaegerszegi you want to watch, so few draws
  11. Re: 87+ I normally add players as part-ex only. You still get offers from external clubs faster than not transfer listing them but you don't have to waste your time entering the amount you'll transfer them for.
  12. Re: 87+ I care! This is the best set-up I'm in...although it would be nice to see the other members contributing more In other news... Zalaegerszegi (or however it's spelt) finished the season with a 4-1 win over Wrexham. The result left us in 4th possition which I am very grateful for after being bottom a few games in, our run of form since then has been ezcellebt and we hope to carry it on into next season.
  13. Re: 87+ We are safe! Really thought we'd be down and out after I wasted our 1st lot of TM and had a shocking start to the season but means we are safe. Manager George Campbell said some good risers also... Rafidine ABDULLAH 75-80 Marco CAPUANO 75-83 Kasper KUSK 75-82
  14. Re: 87+ A painful game where we took the lead and Crewe scored a winner in the last 10minutes. Hope we bounce back to keep up our bid to beat the drop
  15. Re: 87+ Great result for us against the top of the league. Hope to keep up our bit of form to keep us up! Close game stats wise and I thought it wouldn't be our day as we took the league 3times and were pegged back after 2minutes on 2occasions.
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