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  1. Re: Help with Trimming Squad Thanks for the responses, the culling has started already! Any more opinions would still be really useful though
  2. I've got a Bradford City squad in an English Championship which are now in its 10th season. I took them on as part of a Forum challenge a couple of years ago, to see how far they could be taken and, ultimately, whether we could go all the way and win Division 1. Having come 2nd place about 3 times, I'm looking to have somewhat of a squad revamp, because I believe one of the main reasons I struggle to get to the top is the fact that my wage expenditure is so high for such a small club. I'm hoping some of you could help out by telling me what players I should get rid of. I obviously don't want
  3. Re: Andrew Hutchinson Last Saturday, Lincoln took on Shrewsbury Town in their final away outing of the season. As expected, Lincoln manager Peter Jackson gave Andrew Hutchinson another start after breaking through only 2 games ago. The youngster managed another 60 minutes in the game with eventually finished in a goalless draw, but unfortunately was forced to withdraw due to a knee injury. His replacement, once again, was fellow youngster Nathan Adams, who in his 30 minutes on the pitch looked a real attacking threat. The final game of the season is a home match against Aldershot Town, a gam
  4. Re: does sergio asenjo deserve a rise He's played only 5 games since late November (possibly thorugh injury?), and since he's got back Valladolid have not won a game, drawing twice and losing the other three. He did keep clean sheets in the two games his team drew, but he's lucky he's returned to first team action recently, otherwise he'd have been a definite faller in rating.
  5. Re: Andrew Hutchinson Another game, another start for this young star in the making. After his debut away at Bradford, where he bagged Lincoln's only goal of the game, he made his second appearance for the club in his home debut against Exeter. This time, Hutchy didn't manage to get himself on the scoresheet, and neither did any of his teammates, as Lincoln went on to lose 1-0 after an 88th minute own goal from goalkeeper Robert Burch. Hutchinson himself is yet to be beaten whilst on the pitch, however, as he came off in the 71st minute, replaced by another young starlet, Nathan Adams, who
  6. Re: Young Argentine Talent Absolutely fantastic thread mate. Repped! I'm just wondering if you could shed any light on Marcelo Burzac of Boca Juniors. A year or 2 back, he was being dubbed on the forum as the future Riquelme (as all young attacking talents are at Boca)! However, he seems to have disappeared off the radar and I'm not sure if he's worth keeping in my youth squads!? Keep it the good work!
  7. Re: Argentinian Analysis Absolutely cracking thread Radebe. Just wondering about the development of Marcelo Burzac, the young attacking midfielder at Boca. People had him down on the forum as 'the next Riquelme' about a year or so ago, but I haven't heard a lot about him since, and he hasn't budged from his 70 rating! Keep up the good work, I'm really looking forward to seeing how you predict the rest of the teams!
  8. Re: Bradford CFC Challenge! Transfers/Match Reports etc. I have just completed the fourth season of this challenge, and I'm in no doubt that my Bradford City are my favourite club on the game. After three successive promotions, I knew that Division One would be completely different, and much more difficult. After a blistering start to the season, wherein Bradford City lay top after the first 5 games with 5 wins out of 5 games, including an amazing away victory at Anfield, Bradford's form wavered. Winning runs were never extended long enough to get a good enough lead at the top of the
  9. Andrew Hutchinson, who has been on the books of Lincoln City FC since the age of 8, today made his debut for the club, aged 17 years and 34 days. While this is an achievement in itself, add to this that the young striker actually started the game, playing 76 minutes away at Bradford City before being replaced by Ben Wright. The biggest news of all is that he managed to score Lincoln's only goal in the 1-1 draw, becoming what's thought to be the youngest ever goalscorer in the history of the Football League since it was reformed to being Championship/League One/League Two. Now, this alo
  10. Re: Stadium Upgrade Oh well! I'll continue to slug it out with the big boys on a shoestring budget Thanks for the help guys
  11. Re: Stadium Upgrade What has happened to this feature? I've got Bradford City to Division One after 3 successive promotions, and not once have I had an increase in capacity of my stadium. I've had a year in the top flight, finishing 5th, and what I really need in order to complete with the bigger clubs is more revenue through stadium size. 25,000 is a good Division Two capacity, but a below average size for Division One, so is there any chance of Valley Parade becoming a 35,000-40,000 seater?
  12. Re: EPL Ratings To Begin After Bank Holiday? Some really inconsistent results this time round With Boro, the likes of Tuncay and Wheater drop in rating, and Downing doesn't? Tuncay and Wheater have been the only players showing up this season, Downing has been awful and remains an 89. Afonso Alves drops 2, which is more than fair as he's been shocking, but Portsmouth's Theofanis Gekas drops 1 to 89 - when he can't even get on the subs bench ahead of David Nugent! Should be on par with Alves IMO. Sunderland's Craig Gordon only drops 1 to 89, despite making only 1 appearance since Novembe
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