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  1. Re: How to contact a mod? Thanks, PM sent.
  2. Re: How to contact a mod? There must be a way.....
  3. is there any way to contact a mod/admin? gotta problem that needs clearing up thanks
  4. Re: Problem with an old account bump, can u pm mods/admins and do they often read them? or if one sees this contact me thanks
  5. I haven't used this site for a while but I have two accounts for the forum from when I did, I have just tried to log into my other account and it thanked me for logging in but then said I didn't have permission for something. I'm guessing I got banned and was just wondering if there was a way for everything from that old account (posts and stuff) could be deleted by a mod. Could any mods that see this PM me if you can help, I will keep logging in to check this week. Sorry if this post doesnt belong here I wasn't sure which section to post in. Thanks.
  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread the post has been deleted now but thanks so much Ian, its running as smooth as anything ive watched on my computer and the pictures like HD! I love you Ian and don't you ever forget that.
  7. Re: Official Red Devils thread can someone please PM for the second half
  8. Re: Official Red Devils thread i can never find one that works PM me please
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Lucio is gettin a bit older but in the italian league with its slow pace its much easier to carry on as a few others have done in the league and some of them have kept a decent rating but yeah i would probably say swap for marcelo if u can i dont follow la liga strongly but ive been told coentrao has been used sparingly and in all sorts of positions
  10. Re: Vol 5: Recipe-(Wonderkids) Ill admit im not an avid follower of our academy although i do try and watch a game every now and then but i hadnt really heard of ezekial fryers before his game at leeds but got to say he had a solid enough game so the future looks bright
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