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    Re: Concerts
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    Re: CRICKET!!! cricket is awesome, its very technichal. I enjoy watching Sussex play, and also my friend play for the local team. don't understand why people dont like cricket. Probably because it goes on for a long period of time. anyways, no offence guys I hate people describing things as gay so please if u can help it can u try and describe it as something else. cheers
  3. Re: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End No worries Sam I just knew that he was gonna play his dad after the 2nd film.. bit sad but there we go
  4. Re: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Yep, Kieth Richards plays his dad as thats who johnny depp based his character's personality around. Excellent film Did anyone wait around to see the last scene at the end of the credits? just a thought..
  5. Re: The line up for wednesday "Newcastle midfielder Kieron Dyer is being lined up to play at right-back in Wednesday's Euro 2008 qualifier against Estonia. (Various)" Please tell me thats wrong... anyways: GK: robinson RB: (given who we've got) Carragher CB: Terry CB: King LB: Shorey RM: Beckham CM: Gerrard CM: Barry LM: Cole CF: Owen CF: because Rooney is suspended, Crouch
  6. Re: England Vs Brazil Team I would put out against estonia: GK: Robbo or Green RB: Carragher CB: King CB: Terry LB: Bridge or Shorey RM: Beckham CM: Gerrard CM: Dyer LM: Cole CF: Owen CF: Crouch or Defoe After last nights game, definately wouldnt play Alan Smith. He did not impress me one bit. As for Green, he impressed me in the last 9 games for West Ham, so this is why ive said robinson or green.
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/internationals/6694743.stm got that from the bbc (obviously) what do people think of the team? What would you do to improve it? what are people's thoughts on the game? (if there is another thread on this i apologise, i did try searching but couldnt see anything)
  8. Woody88

    Rate my skins

    Re: Rate my skins Sam!!! The same reason he'd do an arsenal or chelsea one.. I ask why he'd do an arsenal one..
  9. Woody88

    Rate my skins

    Re: Rate my skins Think you could do a tottenham one. pretty please
  10. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Sam, now you have taste in music. Classic Metal I have now put on Iron Maiden- Run to the Hills
  11. Re: Right now i'm listening to... yeah, as it was me who sent ya the link listening to a cool band Thoughts Collide- they'll have us eaten alive by morning
  12. Re: CD Review Thread I 100% agree with all you have written about this album Lee. Good choice of album to review. If anyone hasn't heard it, then i recommend taking a listen:)
  13. Woody88

    letter of notice

    Re: letter of notice I'd love Adam's job. Working in a bar, it sounds great At the moment I get £5.56, which isn't bad seeing as my last job at a chemist i was earning £4.2something. I do .com at the moment which involves waking up at 4:30 getting into work for 6 then pushing huge, heavy trollies around doing lazy people's (i apologise if anyone shops online) shopping for them. It's really tiring. Teb, 1p for some bread!!! thats crazy lol and Luke you are right I HATE the job lol. Until I can find something better I've decided to cut down to 3 days a week just so i can go out and gain some life experiences before uni.
  14. Re: World Championship 824 hey guys, just taken over lokomotiv moskva, im looking for a decent striker and left mid fielder..
  15. Re: Lennon - 89? There is already a thread on Lennon mate:).. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=7742&highlight=lennon please go there and add your say
  16. Woody88

    letter of notice

    Re: letter of notice
  17. Woody88

    letter of notice

    Re: letter of notice Darrell, Thanks very much for the help justs makes quitting tesco alot easier for me. Thanks again
  18. Woody88

    letter of notice

    hey all, I need to know how to write a letter of notice as ive never had to do one before. I work at Tesco, doing .com (6am-12pm). Could someone please help me as i really dont know what to write! Also, say between may and october im entitled to 3 weeks holiday and I leave before I take any of it, do they pay me for this or do I have to go without... Thanks in advance for any help Nat
  19. Re: other soccer games on line there was one, i was on it for about two days but it wasnt very good at all..... cant remember its name it was ages ago now. yourself?
  20. Re: other soccer games on line
  21. Re: No lines appearing under threads/names :S lol wasnt meant to be attacking , i was agreeing that we will need to get used to it just looks a bit odd, but after a long time of seeing it this way im sure we'd say the same if they change it again
  22. Re: No lines appearing under threads/names :S
  23. Re: No lines appearing under threads/names :S yeah its the same for me luke, i prefered the old layout where lines were underneath. just makes things easier to read that way
  24. Re: ADD NEW CLUB SECTION!!! (NEW PAGE) love the new addition sm team. its great and gives people a chance to get better teams:) (if they want them) great lay out and great idea
  25. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Excellent Peanut butter jelly time Family guy- what a programme
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