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  1. some one in my game world has offered to swap Higuain 94 for Reus 92. any feed back would be awesome
  2. would any of you swap nani for pedro...both 93? help needed
  3. Re: Sahin, song, badstuber Badstuber a rise song stay sahin drop,
  4. I just sold him for 78 million, was this the right ting to do.. i have 4 90 rated CB for cover too
  5. im looking for a Right Bacvk that will rise 91+ i have a few right backs in my team Marcio Rafinha 90 - Bayern Munich Hugo Campagnaro 90 - Napoli Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa 89 - Montpellier Luiz Danilo 88 - Porto should i ship any of them out and who should i get in for a good rise
  6. im looking for a cm whos 90+ and is going to rise. any input would be great:)
  7. Re: Aguero got a +1 on 8th april 2012? This happened to me last year weith cavani, they said he went up i was loving it, when checking it nothing...gutted i was...glad hes gone up now though, Just one of them things mate
  8. I have the option in getting 1 of them, song is 91, ivanovic 92, both cover for CB.. who is the best to go with for long term cover, Thanks in advance for your help
  9. Hes rated 88 at the moment, hes scored 17 goals in the french league this season and Montpellier are second in the league hes broken into the french squad and scored in his last match against Germany, whats the chance of hm rise on the next review and if so by how much please.
  10. I'm looking for a LB whos under 21 and is around 87-88 rated who is going to rise over the next year, i know alba is going to rise but hes managed in my game world, so any help and tips on players to have a look at i would be more than happy thank you
  11. Re: who will be the next 5 players to hit 93? i hope ypur right with them, i have 3 of them in my squad gotze, cavani and vermaelen
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