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  1. Re: Dream Team Casillas Maicon Puyol Pique Lahm Xavi Cambiasso Iniesta Gerrard Ronaldo Messi I wouldn't need wingers because my full backs will be bombing along the wings. One concern is the lack of a target man, but if Xavi, Iniesta and Gerrard could find killer passes to Messi and Ronaldo, where is the need for an out and out target man? I would also love
  2. Who would be better in the long term? What could be their highest ratings? Potential Afellay Luis Fernandinho Gago I'm looking to swap Raul Meireles with one of them
  3. I've an option to get Mats Hummels or Sokratis Papastathopoulos. Who will be better in the long term?
  4. I need a DM or a CM who can play DM. Help me in choosing one among Moussa Sissoko, Gago and Miguel Veloso. Who would be better on the longer run? What could be their highest ratings? Any other better options?
  5. Re: Sell Torres??? My side has good depth in Midfield and attack. So doesn't make a dif to my side if I have Benzema+Gourcuff or Torres. So ur general opinions on whether it's a good deal. Will either be rated as high as Torres anytime?
  6. Benzema+Gourcuff for Torres? What are your thoughts? Should I do the deal?
  7. I just took over a new side. Two of my substitute goalies are in the outfield and I'm not able to swap them with any of the other players. Please help me.
  8. Re: South American Young Talents Guys i was lookin for a young gud striker who is in late 80's and will break into 90's soon. I found Luis Suarez in search. Is he a gud enough striker for back up. Can i swap Eduardo for him? Has he played for Uruguay? Or will he be called soon? How is he playin right now? Will he increase?
  9. Re: First Ever SM Treble!! Well Im close to achieving a treble with Milan in a WC. I've won the cup and shield and Im 1pt clear at the top with 1 game to go(Liverpool is 2nd). My next game is with Villareal which is 9th so hopefully I'll beat them and get the treble. I cant exactly reproduce the proof because when i try to upload from URL, it says size exceeds the limit. So I've I've copied to Word and put it in Zip and then uploaded guys but still it says size exceeded. So tell me wat 2 do
  10. Re: Sell Fabregas? Thanx guys for your support. I'll take your advice. I have another query. Well this is for another club. I have been offered 5mill+Pirlo for Iniesta. Should i take it?Will Iniesta ever become a 96? Will Pirlo decrease in the future?Another thing is the age difference. I'm not able to decide. Answer me quickly please bcoz i've already accepted but i can cancel anytime today
  11. The Barca manager has made a bid of 20mill+Henry for Fabregas(Im Arsenal). Should I take the offer? I know Fabregas has been outstanding for Arsenal this season. I also have a good no. of strikers already- Van Persie, Saviola, Iaquinta, Mario Gomez and Adebayor. But I have only three centre midfields and Gilberto looks like he'll go down. So what do i do?
  12. Re: Sell messi? Thanx. The only prob is I've put high bids like 60 to 80 mills for Pirlo, Gattuso, Gerrard, Lampard, Riquelme,and others, but all have been rejected. Then I put a bid of 50 mill for Essien but he wants Messi for Essien.Ha ha, and now Gerrard has been made unavailable for transfer.Anyways I'll keep trying. Good luck to u all
  13. Re: Sell messi? This is my squad German HILDEBRAND, Timo G 28 92 - Dutch STEKELENBURG, Maarten G 25 91 - Brazilian SILVINHO, Mendes LB 33 88 Italian ZAMBROTTA, Gianluca RB/LB 30 95 French SAGNOL, Willy RB 30 93 - Spanish PUYOL, Carles CB/RB 29 96 - French THURAM, Lilian CB/RB 35 92 - Dutch VAN BRONCKHORST, Giovanni LM/DM 32 92 - Brazilian GILBERTO SILVA, Aparecido da CM/DM 31 93 Dutch VAN BOMMEL, Mark CM/RM 30 92 - Malian SISSOKO, Mohamed CM/DM 22 90 - Brazilian RICARDINHO, Luís CM/AM 31 90 Portugese MANU
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