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  1. I invite all the talks and discussions realted to EDIN DZEKO. Will he be a flop or a Hit in the Barclays Premier League. He was captain of Wolfburg, as you people are aware of, and had recieved praises and interests from countries all around europe. Will be a Hit in England according to me, mainly because he is a wonder goal scorer having beautiful touches and dangerous aerial threat.
  2. Re: Eto'o vs Rooney wat do u think.. obvio man.. if he's at an unmanaged club i would have simply lured him wid cash and later sell eto'o if performances were bad...
  3. I have Samuel Eto'o.. Well, who does not know him.. He has not been good for me since i have signed, one of the biggest flop signings in the league.. Is it good enough to switch Eto'o for Rooney??
  4. I'm Real Madrid in one of the European Championships's.. I have a crutial tie agaisnt barcelona in the League.. Barcelona play a 4-2-3-1, with attacking mentality, counter attacks, offside trap, tight marking.. etc etc.. My team is a s follows.. Please help me with the formation and in-game instructions.. CASILLAS, Iker SAKHO, Mamadou BALE, Gareth JANSEN, Marcell RAMOS, Sergio IVANOVIC, Branislav TERRY, John JUAN, Silveira JAGIELKA, Phil ALONSO, Xabi LAMPARD, Frank MILNER, James ROBBEN, Arjen ROBINHO, Souza BASTOS, Michel ETO'O, Samuel VILLA, David TEVEZ, Carlos VUCINIC,
  5. Re: A Guide for Newcomers hehe.. i did the same too..:D:)
  6. Re: A Guide for Newcomers Arrows aren't proper..!! ronaldo and xavi have been given roles of lm and rm, and not better attacking midfielders or wingers..!! formation does not suite the play w.r. to ur team..!!! (w.r:-with respect)
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