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  1. Jose Baxter is a nobody. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/silver-spooned-everton-admits-banned-12172039
  2. It's not a complain. Just shedding some light.
  3. I can't even find my "stadium". And no, not "finance". I can't even quit my club now LOL SM is like a dictator now. Forcing us to use BAD UI, layout and etc.
  4. New engine is one thing and ugly layout is another thing.
  5. It looks too fancy to the degree I can't get similar with it. You moved the things around too much. Anyhow, I noticed these changes: On the tactics page - - No tight marking option - No counter attacks option - No offside trap option - No target man option - Force to set "on" the playmaker option. I just hope the AI or any noobs do not set the playmaker to a CB. It makes me wonder if it was useless after all in the previous game engine... especially tight marking and counter attacks options. Regarding the players - - LR defenders can no longer play on 3 CB formations. - CAM player can no longer play as CM LOLWUT? For example: SERGIO AGÜERO. - There are so many quality (94 rating) CAM players (who happened to be able to play on all 6 forward positions) on SM database. - But the left/right AM can still play as LM or RM... meh - Phillip Lahm can no longer play on any (normal) midfield positions. It has to be only LRC DM positions. CM can still being play on CDM. Phew... - Removed the "field position" on the players' profile. You wanted to save space but you ended up removing something important and convenience. Bad change. - Changed the statistic things. Subs are no longer being show on the players' profile. Number of subs can only be seen on the tactics page. UI/layouts - - The whole page is very compact (empty on both sides with some ads), more scrolling down. Eh?
  6. or One of them must go. Who should stay and why? Pepe will probably never gonna rise ever again; he's 31 years old.
  7. Is pretty darn obvious who's better. http://pesstatsdatabase.com/PSD/Player.php?Id=1310&Club=110 http://pesstatsdatabase.com/PSD/Player.php?Id=1517&Club=69 I was offered 20m + Cavani for my Lewandowski Accept?
  8. Re: The Race to reach 90 - Edition #3 Eliaquim MANGALA
  9. Samir NASRI to return to 93!?
  10. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Any good young GK (preferable <85) who will raise, at the back of your head now? Is Olazábal OIER worth buying/keeping? PS. I kinda out of the football loop for a while, so yea...
  11. Re: Player concerns - toughen up the rules HAHAHA I quit this game for couple of years when the game was broken. Now I'm back, but not so 'high' with this game like last time. And this is what I get for returning Players hogging at its best. His first team, don't get me rap on his reserve: Note: This is the setup where I left off. Good to be back, but..... Player concerns? What's that? SM you failed last time and you still fail! But who cares when you're making money, right? P.S. The manager had so much players, so much so, he ever overlooked M'VILA, Yann and AUGUSTO, Renato LOL
  12. Re: Andreas Pereira Potential 90+?? Tell us that again in 5 years lol.
  13. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11
  14. Re: When Managers Don't Respond to Transfers Ditto! I can't see why SM need to change or prove the current system as it is just fine the way it is. If anything, please add an option to loaning, "can't play against the owner team or cup match".
  15. Re: Balazs Dzsudzsak I don't think he will ever be 91 with that club, unless he is performing SUPER SUPER GOOD with many goals.....
  16. Re: Wilshere is a... (Rating Wise) As an Arsenal fan myself, I kinda agree with Adamski. Winning 3 out 15 was BS. That is so not Arsenal. Poor mentality is a VERY LAME excuse, I don't buy that sorry. When will Arsene go do some decent purchase? That is beyond me.
  17. Re: Gry Cahill Not rising.He is one of the best Centre back in EPL.. too bad for him, he plays for Bolton
  18. Re: Hello, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Hola, Olá, Dzien' dobry, Kon-nichiwa, Ciao, Dia dhuit! Ni hao /10chars
  19. Re: Song didn't rise! WHY? Hater will always be hater. Anyway the main reason he didn't rise is because he was rose in the last review in November/December I think.
  20. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Why Evans get the drop? Because of this. OK joke a side. I think SM is acting very bizarre this time around. I'm still in the process to understanding it.....
  21. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Still waiting for the top 2 clubs to be review... btw Serie A review is coming next Gosh how long do we need to wait.....?
  22. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Benayoun 90 - 89 And the two Owen at *ahem* is still 89! Wait for monday I guess. And also, Ribery the scum is a 95!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 This game is so lovely.............. and shocking.
  23. Re: Alexandre Song The whole position thing is a bit of a joke in this game sometimes in all honesty. Essien is CM/DM VAN BOMMEL is CM/DM Pirlo is CM/DM And Song is DM/CB And I'm no longer sure if the whole thing about the "primary" or "secondary" position are still taking effect or not... since sometimes the game engine is acting a bit "odd". Many months ago, any veteran manager can tell you that no matter how many times you played a RM/RB player at RB, he will played badly and get low match rating comparing to the rest of your players. How I wish SM had 3 or more "main" positions.
  24. Re: Belgian Jupiler Pro League Rating Predictions 2010/2011 so the belgium league is over now, when will it be review again? another 365 days? im asking this coz i want to sell them off now
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