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  1. Re: Hey everyone, Hello and welcome. Enjoy your stay here.
  2. Re: Russian Premier League Ratings & Analysis Didn't you know it already? Why you still ask? For confirmation? Dikan 85 - 86/87 Oliseh 80 - 84/85 Please note, I'm not that familiar with the Russian League so..... but I'm sure these two players will rise.
  3. Re: Official AC Milan Thread LOL i just took over a Milan and i had just signed Emanuelson and i do not know about the transfer in real life. How ironic!!!
  4. Re: Belgian Jupiler Pro League Rating Predictions 2010/2011 get your act together SM!! i hate paying salary to freeloader
  5. Re: henry down to 89 super fair! and i almost lmao when i saw someone actually bought him for tons of millions few weeks ago, served him right now!
  6. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 stay or +1 for the February change i didn't check their stats but even so i doubt they play a lot
  7. Re: Berbatov to 94 hopefully SM/researchers realize that too
  8. Re: Mascherano dropper! /10char
  9. Re: boring 4 4 2 is the most succesful formation these days i use 3-5-2 and i won endless of trophies
  10. Re: Rafael van der Vaart maybe that should explained why he is not doing "that well" in madrid http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rafael_van_der_Vaart
  11. Re: Rafael van der Vaart yeah he should try harder to keep up Arsenal is a small team and Swamsea City is the BIGGEST team in the Championship league anyway, on topic i will say this again for god knows how many times i had repeat myself already, like it or not, SM will give him a rise soon and that is a fact and you know that full stop.
  12. Re: arshavin will drop? and you are biased arsenal haters?
  13. Re: arshavin will drop? try harder, troller he shouldn't be 93 with Zenit who won the UEFA Cup, no? and Simoa shouldn't be 92, no? i dare you and the rest to say "arshavin is shet" during his first 18 months in arsenal shirt, thats why we never see any thread of such before not until now and you shouldn't insult SM or the researchers intelligence that much, there is a certain limits to that sometimes many of us still wondering why is Ribery still at 95, you know? because he looks awesome in the german league? and no im not insulting the german league, just saying...
  14. Re: rafael > 90/89 ohhh that just harsh, give the boy some slack, will ya?
  15. Re: How do i lift my newspaper ban? i hardly communicate with SM, so i don't know much about the new ticket system if there is any or not... but you can try the following e-mail if you want, yes this is the old fashion way support[dot]soccermanager.com they will read it trust me i know, and if you are lucky they will even reply you, but it will take some time though, weeks maybe...
  16. Re: rafael > 90/89 ditto but what if MU goes unbeaten in whole season with plenty of clean sheets?!? 89 is still reachable for the likes of rafael TBH
  17. Re: arshavin will drop? 2397 minutes, 7 goals, 12 assists. He plays very regular, so stop spreading lies like, he is not is not playing enough, etc. Is very obvious he is not in good form, a bat can see that too. He will be drop to 93 at maximum in the next or 2 changes, assuming if he still in current form and not get any worst. Btw he will be 30 years old in a few months time.
  18. Re: Darren Fletcher 93? he should be 93 ages ago if SM researchers know what they are doing i mean c'mon ballack is better than him a season ago?
  19. Re: rafael > 90/89 lol just started to shine and the every SM-ers want him to 90 already? He is SUPER lucky if he make it to 89 by the end of the season.
  20. Re: Wayne Rooney - 96 -> 95 TRUE! and have a nice day everyone *flame shield on, runs to the corner and hide*
  21. Re: Wayne Rooney - 96 -> 95 oh c'mon not this again...? shall let this thread gets buried forever
  22. Re: playing against 352 standard.. 4-4-2 down both flanks will definitely give the 3-5-2 users some headache, especially if you have a team who is as good as the opponent of course
  23. Re: Rating predictions for....... http://forum.soccermanager.com/forumdisplay.php?f=44
  24. Re: Victor Ruiz - Espanyol Riser i still have him in my team, will definitely keep him for a while i brought him for £225k in May 2010
  25. Re: Vdv to 93! by the end of the season he will be 93 weather you like it or not... he can't stop bang in the goals
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