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  1. Re: Riferimento: Re: Alexis Sanchez best in the world? yea right he definitely pushing for a 90 though, but with Udinese i have some doubt...
  2. Re: Gael Clichy - MASSIVELY overrated he is fine in the seasons before and hence SM gave him a 92 and he will stay at 92 for eternity, but in this current season, he is not doing that well obviously duh... he used to defence decently but now is just so so, Sagna is better his overlapping runs are very much appreciated but without finishing product means he will failed at the another end... surely Bale looks better than him, right? it reminds me of certain "headless chicken" named Walcott maybe he is not fit to be a winger...? but somehow AW didn't see that and failed to turn him into a "light version of Messi" but then again since when AW use winger anyway??? oh yea Overmars ok back to Clichy... drop? maybe, arguable but drop to 89? tell us that again in the next 2 years or so LOL but pls drop Maicon to (insert number here) first, coz Bale pwned him through and through (there you have it if you want to singled out someone bad game)
  3. Re: Whats the script with J league & Mls? for pete sake... is christmas and new year already, cut them some slack will ya? the team/devs deserve some rest after a whole long year battling and dealing with all the criticisms from all of us especially when it comes to player's rating anyway, Merry Christmas peeps!
  4. Re: Carragher vs. Squillaci both are pretty the same to me IMO but who is younger? Squillaci?
  5. Re: Yellow cards squad page, click the 'statistical' tab or click the player's profile
  6. Re: Change of manager transfer embargo Ok first and foremost the so called '7 day transfer embargo' is not new, it has been around for ages fyi. Remove it? Seriously doubt SM will made such move. The system is fine as it is, to prevent current managers in the setup to 'rob' or 'destroy' the unmanaged clubs. It served its purpose just perfectly fine. Cheater? Club jumper or whatever you call it? As far as i know SM has made a more friendly new interface for the newbie players during clubs selection, they can now takeover clubs more 'easier' i suppose? It means if you are from Belgium or your favourite club is Liverpool or at least that what you input during the registration, you will most likely going to see teams like Liverpool, Anderlecht or Standard Liège, etc. at the top of club selection page. Btw Pool is on high demand so i don't think there should be any argument about it. Well you see i believe that the managers have every rights to change their mind or decision.
  7. Re: The Best Teams in the World Rating Predictions by MUFC PEZ i have stopped reading after seeing this... good luck mate
  8. Re: ''as the SMFA has blocked the deal''- why does this happen ? i haven't cheated !! maybe bcoz he got better wide players or in need of cash? and if SM is pathetic why you still playing it?
  9. Meis


    Re: Risers http://forum.soccermanager.com/forumdisplay.php?f=44
  10. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 actually... Flamini, during his last year with arsenal he gets 88 --> 90 --> 92 by the end of the season, plus he also earn the 1st cap for the NT, he was pretty much fire up and his performances didn't go unnoticeable then again you also need to think about 'how consistent' or 'how kind' the sm's researcher/s can be sometimes if you know what i mean, it was like 2 years ago though just to let you know
  11. Re: Claudio Marchisio For Nuri Sahin? http://forum.soccermanager.com/forumdisplay.php?f=44
  12. Re: player wont sell off list It happen to me once not long ago, but it is only during the off season, when no games to be play. All the players who are transfer listed from all the clubs in the setup are not getting any bid from the AI, no im not kidding seriously. Strange i must said...
  13. Re: 2010/2011 Winter Transfers and Rating
  14. Re: Belgian Jupiler Pro League Rating Predictions 2010/2011 DE MUL, Tom??? dead or alive? didn't play for 2 years and still at 86!?!?!?! well at least that what the stats told me... edit: same goes to DUFER, Gregory... didn't play at all this season, staying at 83? i doubt really
  15. Re: This Game World is temporarily disabled for maintenance. get that from time to time these days... the server got some issue i guess and not to mention, the super delay matchday result and right now as we are speaking, the squad page sorting and the pm google translation are not working
  16. Re: Which players score the most for ur teams? my rooney is on steroid, 9 games 17 goals! but my team get 3 reds in the first 4 games lol, and i only use hard tackle, pure unlucky but i can deal with it.
  17. Re: Where does Flamini go from here? he is so totally out of favorite if you ask me, they would rather play beckham instead of flamini last season he wasn't a regular starter, low game time, SM spare him, well not this time around i reckon you to get rid of him before he drops again... if the regulars are back from injury... flamini will warm the bench again i guess...
  18. Re: Hughton Sacked. does frank rijkaard has a job yet? if no, then mr.mikey should consider about him IMO
  19. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 he's more like a play maker IMO
  20. Re: Di Natale Rating Decrease To all the whines and noobs out there, please read the following. "Lack of regular continental football" http://www.soccermanager.com/help.php?action=loadarticle&aid=28 Sue me or SM.
  21. Re: ONYEWU, Oguchi SM can't do that simply because owen hargreaves is 89
  22. Re: Sponsorship and set piece instructions Sponsorship? Well i had thought about it ages ago honestly and i think i even mention it before. Anyway, I play this other online soccer manager game, they have this "Sponsorship" thing, which acts like an "extra income" for the company. Yes SM will make more money. Basically you can choose whatever "Sponsorship" you like, all of them offer different amount of money and contract length. Pay per week or instant huge chunk of cash, etc. You can actually click the sponsor banner and direct to the site. All these "Sponsorship" are actually some websites or I should say affiliate or friend's site or sponsor's site or whatever you like to call it, to put it simple it is like google ads i guess? Instead of some random/categories google ads, the "Sponsorship" is a fix website. Imagine if SM manage to strike a deal with nike, adidas or puma, etc. edit: Also to add this, I think SM had mention about naming the division league some long time ago. It is like the one you guys been seeing, Barclays Premier League, Npower Championship or Coca Cola Championship, things like that. I don't know what happen to it but it seems like nothing have been materialize. My suggestion to SM is to go out and seek for it, instead of sit back and wait. I understand all the pain/hassle to fill up all the forms and stuff but is worth it. I think SM had done a good job on this game and they deserve better. If the "Sponsorship" thing can helps SM grow bigger, better and faster, why not go for it? My 0.02c.
  23. Re: Gabriel Milito owen hargreaves!!!!! ring any bells? it had been 3 years more or less since "that day"? and he only gets -2 players with a broken leg recover quicker than he does...
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