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  1. Re: Soccer manager stopping transfers i only get 1 out of 4 deals, the another 3 all blocked by the fa ... how sad... is like 25% of success rate, is killing me =.=
  2. Yes he is the dude who denied the penalties against England in the world cup.
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    winger ?

    Re: winger ? are you confirm?
  4. Meis

    winger ?

    i know what winger for in the real life football but my question is in this game, i put the winger either on RM or LM? if so then what make it so different with a normal RM or LM? more on attacking than defending? let say im using 4-4-2, please enlighten me.
  5. im using 4-1-4-1 i notice that i can sub player off and on in certain time i can't change formation during the match? let say if im losing in 75 mins, i want to take off the DM and throw in a striker, so now is the striker sit at the DM postion? =\ i would like to change to 4-4-2 or 4-3-3, attaking mentality and stuff like that. wouldn't it be great if we can do these? i think this game is missing something
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    hi, i just started awhile ago, know absolutely nothing about this game. i just joined a custom league, now waiting for the owner to accept me. and how do you actually get to join those big club? all big club such as chelsea, liverpool, man utd are all already been taken. =\ cheers.
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