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  1. Re: Carnage In Premier League ! QFT, especially the noobs
  2. Re: Javier Mascherano stay for now but if he still getting low games time by the end of the season then he will be drop
  3. Re: english ratings so that people like you can't butthurt the team that you are about to rip apart at, sm wants to protect the unmanage team so that the team will look more desire-able to be play by another manager
  4. Re: SM totally anti Liverpool???? http://www.soccermanager.com/real-squad.php?clubid=44 click the "age" sorting if you take a look at it... maybe that should also explain one of the reason why Pool are doing badly POULSEN, Christian aged 30 JOVANOVIC, Milan aged 29 RODRIGUEZ, Maxi aged 29 COLE, Joe aged 29 KONCHESKY, Paul aged 29 aging squad is aging squad why would they brought in so many new faces of old players?
  5. Re: SM totally anti Liverpool????
  6. Re: SM totally anti Liverpool???? hell sm is not pulling any punches this time around... sm slaughtered almost everyone of them! but you can't blame sm for doing so... lucky *** kuyt
  7. Re: Mauro BOSELLI. -1 yes this is strange and this game is very strange
  8. Re: DELPIERRE, Mathieu someone should sent an email or ticket to sm seriously... how the hell sm could miss him and yet they dropped BOULAHROUZ...
  9. Re: Schweinsteiger to 94 definitely didn't see that coming, but im glad coz he is in my team
  10. Meis

    I am god

    Re: I am god he's probably trying to tell us that he is not the only god around here
  11. Re: unfair rating of Asian players who cares?!!??! you buy them? as if...
  12. Re: Welliton - potential 91? yes good point but maybe is because he do badly last time? playing a lot of games but playing badly, can get the player's rating be drop 2009 russian table: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/tables?league=rus.1&season=2009&seasonType=1&cc=4716 CSKA finished at 5th place could also be the reason?? i never watch the russia league on the tv but i think sm won't act "crazy" and dropping player's rating for fun
  13. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (I) spotted a mistake Renato Augusto is 89, not 88 good job btw
  14. Re: Welliton - potential 91? to be honest SM actually rated the russia league quite "well" Yuri Zhirkov, 92 Andrei Arshavin, 93
  15. Re: Predictions for Bundesliga, EPL, La Liga, Ligue 1 & Serie A Maxi Rodriguez and Torres will be drop for sure, unless SM is being super kind that aside, why Nesta should drop to 93?
  16. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread and he is 83 already next is? 85?
  17. Re: The Giggs and Scholes Topic: age 33+ player ratings predictions. scholes should be 93 long time ago if you ask me... ballack was 93 with chelsea fyi (of course now he's with Leverkusen) when scholes plays he control the game tempo and create chances for Man Utd to score without scholes playing, sometimes at worst scenario Man Utd's midfielders are like lost puppies, you can see it very obvious if you watch their games
  18. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 did anyone said Arshavin might be drop? 5 goals, 8 assists, 1621 minutes, isn't good enough for a stay? im seriously doubt the SM researcher/s will make such shocking decision to drop him
  19. Re: Arsenal FC 2010/2011 Upcoming Ratings
  20. Re: Stealing Player Right Under Your Nose the only quick fix that i can see, is to have a longer timer until the deal was accepted if 18-24 hours puts the 1st bidder in an unfair situation, then set it to 48 hours timer reset after the 2nd bidder or 3rd bidder or so, now all parties are in fair is silly to actually tell to the 1st bidder to login 24 times in 24 hours
  21. Re: How good can Khedira get? i doubt he will get the divine 95... like cesc or lampard... im saying he will peak at 94 in the next 3 or 4 years
  22. Re: Old players kept on database?!? i have found Eric Cantona's profile... do you want the link?
  23. Re: new features yea true and is a great idea to fill up the crappy teams instead of leaving it empty/unmanaged is very noobie friendly but in the same time i feel sorry for them... hope they will turn pro real soon tho, that only if they enjoy playing some crappy teams.... and not arsenal, chelsea, man utd, barcelona, real madrid....
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