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  1. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Just get the below message when i login... I am Roma and he wants my GK, Igor AKINFEEV. Good deal? What do you think? I know VDS had just made a blunder recently... but overall i think he is still good. But Man Utd had been leaking goals like madness so.....
  2. Re: Deal rejected from external club! why? few reasons that i could think off... btw it happen to me before once in a blue moon - he just celebrate his birthday, hence his value change? maybe... but wouldn't he will be cheaper if he gets a year older? lol - example, if you trying to buy a CB named ABC and the club's another CB named XYZ happen to be sold to another club right before your deal, so when the XYZ was sold, the club will re-value ABC because both players played in one same position
  3. Re: midfielder Tom Huddlestone
  4. Re: new features lols? my rules is always play the first position let us know if you ever get 9 or 8 for playing 2nd position...
  5. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) Just want to ask you, between the both of them, who do you think is "better" as a RB? i'm not asking who will likely going to rise
  6. Re: The next 90 winger? GERVINHO, Yao Kouassi *fingers crossed* btw... should have post at the "Player Assistance" forum http://forum.soccermanager.com/forumdisplay.php?f=44
  7. Re: Player Rating Changes.(best risers to buy in EUROPE)
  8. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) will Mathieu Debuchy (Lille) and Christophe Jallet (PSG) going to rise or stay?
  9. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 can someone tell me why Leite ADRIANO of Roma is not playing? not fit? out of favour?
  10. Re: PORTUGAL - 1st Division extensive thread why do you predict that Óscar Cardozo 91 ---> 91/90 didn't he just scored 38 goals last season...
  11. Re: Spanish Rating Changes & Analysis (10/11) ok thank you, i just wasn't sure coz he didn't play a lot in last season...
  12. Re: SNEIJDER, Wesley to 96. if SNEIJDER goes up, then Fabregas and Lampard should too
  13. Re: Are these rediculous results? can anyone define what is "luck" mean in this game? do you think the game engine can read or calculate "luck"? for me is like "someone" messing around the game engine and "give" or "add" the so-called "luck" thing to the weaker side so that the bigger team will get some headache in beating them and hence we get this "competitive" thing remember the times when 3-4-1-2 pwned every god dam teams? now is 3-5-2 turn that shine with some added "luck" to the loser teams of course and hence 3-5-2 is "not totally ownage but still quite ownage with super high possession" i think SM should do a little bit better in "hiding" it from us
  14. Re: Manchester United Predictions giggs stay for sure?
  15. Re: Fabio and Rafael da Silva - Man Utd's Brazilian Twins what suprise me the most is that Sir Alex do not play neither of the twins despite lacking of fit fullbacks... both gary and brown are injury prone... i guess the twins are not good enough huh???
  16. Re: Official Red Devils thread one bad apple and you need to chop off all the apple trees in rooney case, the above phrase apply to it rooney MUST LEAVE in order for man utd to have peace time again before the whole team rot even more... in another word, if rooney love man utd he must leave in january
  17. Re: Official Red Devils thread he's not thinking straight please forgive him... anyway he is heading to city or madrid or chelsea...
  18. Re: Official Manchester City Thread good luck to city in landing on rooney in the next transfer market
  19. Re: Lukman Haruna still not yet back... i guess he is still getting his match fitness back... maybe we will see him back in November
  20. Re: Ultimate Risers' Thread seriously doubt... wilshere will get +3, 85-88, maybe at max is 87 Walcott and Diaby, im calling for 50% 50% for a rise
  21. Re: A 10k riser is not just for christmas! don't think i will buy any of them... they either rise little if not any... or play in some weak leagues... or took forever to get update their rating... so i don't consider them as money spinner... my 2 cents
  22. Re: BUFFON, Gianluigi stop confusing people i think he will drop to 94 in the next rating change
  23. Re: Spanish Rating Changes & Analysis (10/11) real madrid, Pepe the CB, will he drop?
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