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  1. Re: Joshua King the next Wonderkid His problem is his injury record. I don't think he will leave on laon yet as they are worried about it at United. Amazing talent though - certainly has a decent chance. Far better than Welbeck IMHO.
  2. Re: Manchester United youngsters Morrison is very highly rated, but has a terrible attitude. The others to really watch are: Paul Pogba - The 16yo we pinched from France. Looks great, like Vieria with more passing ability. Josh King - Lightening fast Noggie who made a 10 minute cameo in the CC this season. Had his progress delayed by injury. Already on the DB. William Keane - Top scorer in the reserves. Everyone who watches him ends up saying he is the next Teddy Sheringham. Great ability on the ball, great visionand like Teddy does not have too much pace. Davide Petrucci - Italia
  3. Re: Denis - Sao Paulo's Young Goalkeeper How long is Ceni expected to be out for?.
  4. Re: CIRO, Silva What has happened to Ciro lately?. I keep an active watch on all my players, and I don't see him playing much.
  5. Re: Barcelona Ratings Milito will go down by at least two. He has not played all season and somehow missed the last ratings.
  6. Re: Federico Macheda - Man Utd Scored a great hat-trick against Newcastle reserves on Monday. One was a penalty, but the other two were class finishes. iINkgkDUJZ8
  7. Re: Scott Wootton-Manchester United Youngster He won't make it. Our defence in the reserves and academy is poor at the moment. Oliver Gill is a joke - clearly only there due to dad being Chief Exec.
  8. New Argentine season started 10 days ago. Here are a few of the potential risers I have identified so far. VITTOR, Sergio CM 19 74 £361k - Independiante PILLUD, Iván RB 22 75 £517k - Newells Old Boys CHAVEZ, Cristian AM/LM 21 73 £192k - San Lorenzo MONZON, Gastón Gk 21 73 £192k - Huracan IBERBIA, Raul LB/LM 20 75 £547k - Estudiantes NIETO, Federico Luciano Fwd 18 75 £578k - Huracan All of these players have started both their clubs games, or at least one of the two.
  9. Re: talent riser or dropper??? I think Lavezzi will rise by 1. Been playing well for Napoli and has been playing for Argentina in their last few games.
  10. Re: Ritchie De Laet, Man Utd New Signing This is taken from the redcafe.net website forum. Being from Antwerp, I can clarify this a little. Ritchie was held in very high regard at Royal Antwerp FC. When he came into the first team, he did a good job and his talent was obvious, but because Antwerp was failing yet another time to promote from the second division (= championship), they quickly realised they wouldn't be able to hold onto him for much longer. Also because Ritchie had a bad relationship with the general manager at Antwerp. Not that that means much, the GM isn't exactly a popular
  11. Re: Main Leagues Start Again Today? I just wished they would not bother with so many wierd leagues in africa, asia and europe. Who honestly buys players from these clubs!. I think it makes it a worse game. Each player should be re-rated every three months in my opinion.
  12. Re: Seriously. Who's the best left-back at the moment?
  13. Re: Danilo Sousa Campos‏ - Ajax's next sensation A forward with one goal from 11 matches in youth team football is not setting my pulse racing.
  14. Re: Ronaldo going to lose his 98 rating soon? Why do we have this same argument the whole time. Right, here is my opinion. Based upon this season alone, Messi is playing better than Ronaldo. IMO, this is mainly due to the injury Ronaldo is recovering from plus the furore over his Madrid move. However, Ronaldo has/will be rightfully been crowned the best player in the world, and over the past two season I believe he has been the best. Look at the stats. Ronaldo has won two league titles, a CL, world club cup. What has Messi won?. Ronaldo has outscored Messi. Whilst I think that Messi
  15. MPTutd

    Carles PUYOL

    Re: Carles PUYOL If Puyol gets 97, then so should Rio and Vidic.
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