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  1. Re: Stadium Building Mark II Think stadium building is a great idea. But it needs to be limited to stadiums under a certain size (e.g. 70,000). I also think it should only be able to happen once a season - in the close season. This would stop clubs selling excess squad players to pay for more seats just when they do well. This should be planned by a manager, and funded accordingly. There should also be a simple formula for calculating how much you can increase by, e.g. £1m for 2,000 extra seats. It should not be limited to only clubs who regularly exceed 95% capacity. It should be open to everyone, as long as they fall below the stadium capacity limit. If someone is stupid enough to add seats when they will not fill them, that is their lookout. Thats just mis-management and part of a management game.
  2. Re: Andre Ayew Started again yesterday in the victory at Lyon.
  3. Re: German Changes Can anyone tell me how Arturo Vidal is doing at Bayer Leverkusen. I see he is starting most games, but how well is he playing. Also, what position is he playing. I know one of the issues with him is that he does not have a settled position. He is currently a DM, but was a LB/CB. Still think he should be a defender. A likely rise to 88 or even 89?.
  4. Player name: Andre AYEW Age: 17yrs Born: 17 December 1989 Nationality: Ghanaian Position: Striker/Winger Rating: 74 SM Value: £380,000 Came on a sub at the weekend for his club, Marseille. He started last nights champions league game against Porto and played over 75 minutes. A free agents in most setups, therefore available for only 300k. Likely to go up into the 80's at his current rate. For nostalgia purposes, I can also tell you he is the son of the African football legend Adebe Pele.
  5. Re: Help Me Find A Good Winger Rosina of Torino is the new darling of Italian football. 89 rated, and likely to go higher. Could try Pablo Piatti. Tons written on him on this forum.. Use the search facility.
  6. Re: Up And Coming Cb's Required Van Der Wiel is the one to get. Now first choice at Ajax following Stam's retirement.
  7. Re: gd yng playas Try reading the forums And speak english.
  8. Re: Up And Coming Cb's Required Gregory Van Der Wiel, Ajax player. Only rated 78 I think. Should go up to the low 80's in the next round of changes.
  9. Re: i think a rise for these players. No way a 93 for Arteta. He is not an international and not playing in the champions league. Plus he has only scored one league goal this season. Richards should go up. Has played well this season and is an England regular at the moment. Why should Voronin go up?. Not a regular for Liverpool or scoring a load of goals. Just because players play for certain teams it does not mean they should get a rise. Its based on performance, international status and the competitions they are in.
  10. Blackburn and American national keeper. Consistantly been one of the top keepers in the Premier League for a number of years. Yet he is only rated 89. Why?!. Should be 90 minimum, and possibly a 91 IMHO.
  11. Re: Help my Lazio Problem is I always lose when I play four at the back.
  12. I am in a WC, after two seasons I am still in the fourth division. My squad and team are the best in the division based upon average rating of team and squad. However, I am 12th. 3-4-3 seems to work well at time, as I am top scorer in the league but am letting in too many. Any help and advice welcomed. My squad is below: FRIEDEL, Brad G 36 89 CRIBARI, Emilson LB/CB 27 89 CARLINHOS, Andrade Souza LB 20 86 NEILL, Lucas RB/CB 29 89 BEHRAMI, Valon RB/RM 22 88 SIVIGLIA, Sebastiano CB/RB 34 89 RICHARDS, Micah CB/RB 19 89 STENDARDO, Guglielmo CB 26 88 THIAGO HELENO, Henrique CB 19 87 MAURI, Stefano LM/AM 27 90 LEDESMA, Cristian CM 25 90 MUDINGAYI, Gaby CM/RM 26 89 LUCAS, Pezzini Leiva CM/DM 20 88 VIDAL, Arturo DM 20 87 ROSINA, Alessandro W/F 23 89 PIATTI, Pablo W/F 18 86 PANDEV, Goran F/W 24 90 MONTELLA, Vincenzo F 33 89 LAVEZZI, Ezequiel F 22 89 VELA, Carlos F/W 18 85 CAVANI, Edison CF 20 87
  13. Re: Pablo Piatti Currently at 86 and still rising. How likely is a move to Europe?. Any rumours?.
  14. Re: Murat Kalkan, Gençlerbirligi Oftasspor, Turkey - 60 to 75 Not gone up yet which is a surprise.
  15. Seeing as the Italian ratings are only a few weeks away, I thought I would kick off a ratings thread. I am also going to avoid the obvious candidates of Milan, Inter, Juve and Roma. As a manager of Lazio in a WC, this is quite Lazio focused, but there are certainly some underated players in the Lazio squad considering they finished in the top four last season and are in this seasons Champs League. One thing with the Italian leagues is that they missed out on a ratings change last year just before it was going to happen. Lazio Increases: Valon Behrami - RM/RB, 87 rated. Plays most games for Lazio. Now also a Swiss international with around 10 caps. Only 21 y.o. Expect an increase to 89 Guglielmo Stendardo - CB, 87 rated. Again, plays most games for Lazio. Highly rated 25 y.o who was strongly linked with Milan and Juve in the summer. Expect an increase to 89 Emilson Cribari - LB/CB, 88 rated. Again, plays most games. been mentioned for a possible Brazilian call-up. Expect an increase to 89. Gaby Mudingayi - CM/RM 88 rated. Plays most games. Also a Belgian international with around 15 caps. Expect an increase to 89. Goran Pandev - LM/F. Plays most games. Good season last year up front with Rocchi. Expect an increase to 90. Massimo Mutarelli - CM, played most games this season. Rated 87, expect an 88. Elsewhere: Ezequiel Lavezzi - F, rated 89. Now an Argentinian international, he has set Serie A alight this season with Napoli. At his current rate, he will be snapped up by one of the big guns next summer. Probably go to 90, maybe 91. Napoli are already calling him the 'New Maradona'. http://www.channel4.com/sport/football_italia/sep2j.html Alessandro Rosina - W/F, rated 87. Another young player who is really catching the imagination in Serie A this year. Only 23 y/o but is being talked about for an Italian cap. Been linked with most of the big clubs, but Torino have held on to him - for now. Expect an increase to 89. Edison Cavani - F, rated 84. Underated. Starts most games for Palermo. Uruguayan who is only 20 and first came to prominence in the South American U20's championship where he finished top scorer with 7 goals. Scored a few last season for Palermo. Expect an increase to 87. Sebastian Giovinco - F/AM, rated 75. On the books of Juve, but on loan at Empoli. Very highly rated Italian U21 international, has been coming off the bench to good effect this season. Expect an increase to around 82. Good chance to make money on this one.
  16. One of the things I would like to see is the ability to write notes about your players within the individual player information page. For example, I enjoy buying young players with a view to their rating going up and then selling them on. It would make things easier if I could make notes against a player. I am not talking about writing War and Peace or anything, just 50 or so characters so I could note their real life club and the sort of rating or value I should sell them at.
  17. I want to release Arjen De Zueew from my team. However, when I try to release him my chairman always refuses. How can I release him. What are the rules. His value is practically nothing (age 37, rating 85). What are the general rules on releasing players for free?.
  18. It might be worth people taking a look at Lazio. They finished third in Serie A this season. A few of their players are rated around the 87-88 mark. Here a few worth looking at: Behrami - Right back who is a RM/RB in SM. Rated 87. Only 21 y.o and is already the holder of over 10 Swiss caps. Regular starter this year. Stendardo - CB, rated 87. Played over 20 games this season. Likely to go up a little. Scores a few goals too. Seems to be a first choice CB. Mudingayi - CM/RM rated 88. Very highly rated Belgian off African decent. Being watched by AC Milan according to reports. Won about 9th or so cap in Belgium's loss to Portugal at the weekend.
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