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  1. Anyone know any good websites giving match stats for Brazilian and Argentinian leagues.
  2. Re: Transfers - When do they get processed?. I am the seller and am happy with the deal so why would anything else matter.
  3. Re: Transfers - When do they get processed?. Thanks Adam. Its a completely valid transfer. 5m rated player for 5.4m.
  4. When do transfers get processed. I have accepted a bid from another manager in my league. Will it get done overnight (i.e. I have to wait until tomorrow) or does this sort of thing get processed every couple of hours.
  5. When does a players cost per turn change. Is it only upon the renegotiation of his contract, or can it happen when his value rises in the middle of his contract?.
  6. Re: youth players If, as expected, I win promotion with my team, I am going to play my youth players in the final match to see how it goes!.
  7. MPTutd

    Swap Deals

    I have made offers for players which is swaps with my players and NO cash involved. The deal gets accepted and then it collapses as 'I don't have sufficient funds'. My teams is 600k in debt. Is this right?. Why does my financial position matter if no money is involved.
  8. Re: Rating Changes - When do they happen
  9. Re: Rating Changes - When do they happen I know all of this. The question is WHEN in the week do the changes happen. At one single point in the week or over the course of the week?. I have Italian players showing a rise of 1 rating and this has not happened this week. This is why I am confused.
  10. Re: Missing PLayer in TACTICS and Poor Morale?? HELP!!!
  11. I am managing Lazio. In my league the Italy rating changes are happening this week. Some of my players have changed. However, some have not. Looking at some of their 'last ratings change' value there is a 0 (i.e. rating not changed). However, the players in my squad (the ones who play in Italy) have not all had this value set as some are showing a rise, which was presumeably from the previous round of changes. Therefore, do all the ratings change in one big hit, or will they be done piecemeal over the week. Also, in what order do they get applied.
  12. I am in the World Championship with 80 teams in it. I want to by a player from a team outside my championship (i.e. a player from one of the non-managed and unmanagable teams). Question is if I offer players in part exchange, will they accept it or will they only ever accept cash?.
  13. Re: Fabio and Rafael Silva I can't find them. Looked them up in the Fluminese team on the database (real life teams section) and they are not there either.
  14. These 17 year old twins from Fluminese in Brazil have signed for Manchester United for next season. Fabio is a left back and Rafael is a right back. Both are in the Brazil U-17 side and doing well in the South American U-17 championship.
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