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  1. Re: Official Red Devils Thread

    Hello again..I would just like to say that from this summer window,I expect from United to buy 2 CM players,from what I've seen,Strootman and Thiago are our main targets..And also,I have some feeling that we are going to buy one big name this summer,Ronaldo,Bale or someone like that..

    Nani and Anderson are probably leaving,and these stories about Garay,I hope that they are not true,because,if Vidić is staying,there is no need for another CB,especially now,when we have some other priorities..

    And about Moyes,I trust in him,he is a good manager and I think that Fergie made a right choice by choosing him as his replecement.

    Off topic,but I need to ask this,anyone here living in London or any other city in UK? Need to ask him something..

  2. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    Lets keep it cool guys.Another important win.Brilliant first half. And we should still believe in Shinji.midybo.gif





    Fergie :

    "All in all, it was an engrossing game as we expected in a Manchester United-Liverpool match," he told MUTV. "It's full of emotion, intensity and it's great to win them. It was a magnificent performance in the first half, as well as we've played for a long time. It was hard work after they scored to be honest with you and I'm just glad we won the match.

    "I think winning is important - it doesn't matter what league position we are in. I've said many times it's a fantastic challenge between the two most successful teams in the country. I think those three points today are very, very important ones."

    "It was a great build-up, terrific football, and a great finish by Robin but we should have been three or four up," added the boss. "I thought we should have had a penalty when Shinji was brought down.

    "Danny was fantastic. I thought he gave them a real hard day of it, the two centre-backs. He and Robin, particularly in the first half, gave them a very difficult time. The reason Danny played was because we wanted someone who would drop on top of their centre-midfield player. He did that well and put in a great shift. He ran his legs off today and deserved the man-of-the-match award really."

    "I've not seen their goal again," he admitted. "But, to me, it looked a bit soft for us. Once again, the goalie has parried one out and there's nobody following in on the rebound.

    "It did lift them but some of our defending was a bit erratic and desperate even at times. But we managed to get through it. There was a period of three or four minutes where they were shoving players into the box and some interchange between players that we had to defend very well.

    "We got through that and the name of the game in the big matches are the moments where you have to defend. Today was one of them."

    Robin :

    “It was an unbelievable goal with great combinations,” Robin told MUTV. “Michael Carrick was involved, Danny Welbeck was involved, as well as Tom and Shinji, and then it went out on the left to Pat, who put a really good cross in and it was a good finish. It was a great goal – especially the build-up.

    “Everybody felt the importance of this fixture during the week and we are really happy with the result. We had a good first half and it should have been more than 1-0 in my opinion.

    “In the second half, Liverpool played for all or nothing with lots of attackers so we had to dig in and fight for each other, helping each other out where possible. We did that and we fought hard. We got the result we wanted.”

    “We didn’t really want that because when you have a two goal lead you want to keep it for as long as possible and they scored after five or six minutes,” van Persie admitted. “Then we had to go again and we had to find the right balance to try and score a third goal but not forget our defensive work.

    “It was only a one goal difference so it was a bit tricky and they had a couple of chances, but overall I think it was a deserved win. It was a great game and a very honest game. The defence was great again and it was a proper football game.”

    Robin about Danny :

    “He played really well. I think he was good in the combinations and played a big part in the build-up to the first goal, passing and moving to make space. A couple of times he got the ball when they made a mistake. I got it one or two times when they misplaced the ball.

    “He has been brilliant. He is still young and has been really good in training, working his socks off. He is a very positive guy who wants and loves to play football. He did really well.”

  3. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    37 Major trophies (12 Premier League titles, 2 Champions League wins, 5 FA Cups, 4 League Cups)

    3 Trophies in the 1998-99 treble

    45 Manchester United’s longest unbeaten run in all competitions under Ferguson

    9-0 Manchester United’s biggest win under Ferguson, against Ipswich Town at Old Trafford in 1995

    26 Years Manchester United were waiting for a league title beforeFerguson’s first in 1993

    3 ”Years of excuses and it’s still C*AP … TA RA FERGIE”, a banner seen at Old Trafford in December 1989

    £30.75m Paid to Tottenham Hotspur for the services of Dimitar Berbatov in 2008, a club record fee

    £80m Received from Real Madrid for Cristiano Ronaldo, a world record.

    £625,000 Spent on Denis Irwin, regarded by Ferguson as his greatest signing ‘pound for pound’

    £60,000 Ferguson’s estimated annual salary when he joined in 1986

    £5m His current annual salary

    7 Years without giving interviews to the BBC after a controversial Panorama investigation into his son Jason

    14 The number of managers to have occupied the Manchester City dugout while Ferguson has been at United

    17 Games missed by Ferguson due to touchline bans


    Happy b-day to best manager ever! Hail.gif

  4. Re: Bring Back Those Memories - Forumer(s) That We Missed

    Yeah... He was the best manager in DDT (Narin's GW - another outstanding forumer who left)

    I am still here' date='just not active as before.Taking a break. [img']http://i48.tinypic.com/midybo.gif[/img]

    But this is my first forum and I had some great time here and I deff won't forget it.

    I learned so much here,especially when I first joined,I had no idea how to act on forum,I was just 15 years old and on the begging,it was not so easy,especially because it is English forum,and English is not my first language as most of you guys now,but I gave it my best so people could understand me,and I hope that I succeeded,at least a little bit.

    Wow,I have this profile for more than 2 years,and like it was yesterday that I joined. midybo.gif

  5. Re: Official Red Devils thread

    ‎"He’s injured," stated Sir Alex. "His contract’s not up for a year and a half.

    "We need a Nani. He offers something different from the other players. He’s an incredible talent, the boy's a great talent. Unfortunately, he’s injured at the moment so we sent him over to Dubai for a break and hoping a bit of warmth will help him in his recovery.

    "He’s not far away but he’s far enough away. I don’t think I’ll get him back until probably the middle of January. It’s a hamstring injury he’s got. A player like Nani has never had a hamstring injury ever – I don’t think he’s ever had many injuries with us. But he’s got it right in the top and it’s a bad one."

    When asked if Nani has a future at Old Trafford, the boss replied: "Yes. Absolutely. Why would I want to let him go?

    Too bad that we have to wait another 2 weeks or so to see him again on the pitch,especially when Valencia is playing awful,but,we survived almost 2 months without him and we can survive another 2 weeks. Just enjoy. kava.gif

  6. Re: What tv series are you into?

    yeah if you haven't seen oz i'd definetly give it a watch' date=' i missed it first time around and watched it back to back a few months ago, pretty brutal in parts but overall a brilliant series [/font']

    Yeah,especially when Miguel attacks Rivera and takes his eyes out. kava.gif

  7. Re: Official Manchester City Thread

    It was as much "backing in" as it was Barry over the top' date=' and Shory made no atteempt to go for the ball at all (obstruction?) - that said I am surprised Mike Dean didn't give it - he gave them every other 50-50 decision.

    Very stout defensive performance by Reading, but we deserved the win.

    [b']Rekik played 'well' allthough did look nervous - especially when they started focusing their 'attacks' down his side.[/b]

    Zaba played his 100th league game today - that's gone quick!

    Not sure that he had some special job to do tbh.

    Especially in defence we haven't seen much from him,mostly because of Reading "bus" formation.

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