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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread nasri was not all that today, he was decent but not all that good. and there were many better performers than him today. had good spells but thats it. SS gave kompany the MOTM, probably about right.
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread everyone seems to say walcott is overrated but overrated by who??? as it sonds like not many people rate him very highly at all.
  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread kind of a lot if you read what has been said before.
  4. Re: The Rock and Proper Music Thread nirvana smells like teen spirit for number 1 at christmas!
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread would be a absolutly quality player to buy, but it is never going to happen! even if arsenal sell chamakh, AW will probably not buy a replacement.
  6. Re: The Rock and Proper Music Thread
  7. Re: Player ratings thread lol james rodriguez got + 2 to 89.:p;) but out of the predictions you have made they are very good overall. james rodriguez +2 shocked us all. what do you think of alex song and vermalens chances of +1 to 92. song has deserved that +1 for 1 maby 2 changes imo.
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread just watched cska vs lille. eden hazard was absolutly amazing as usual. i dont care if we have to pay 30 million, i want him at arsenal. he would be arsenal awanser to Mata and SIlva, and because of his current talent and potential a worthy player too replace nasri or fab (but diff player to fab).
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread am i dreaming, or have i gone insane. did that just happen, it was the most surreal game of football ever.
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