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  1. Re: BenNewman Graphics Tomorrow was ages ago, did you even do them for me mate?
  2. Re: Chivasbarcelona |Graphics| Request Thread| Quality, is there any way i or you can change the size to 300 by 200
  3. Re: Chivasbarcelona |Graphics| Request Thread| Could I have a Connor Wickham and Craig Gardner(both is SAFC Shirts)
  4. Re: Jor's Signatures & Avatars Could i have 2 avatars one of Craig Gardner in his Sunderland top with CGardnerSafc on and another of Connor Wickham, Thanks in advance
  5. Re: BenNewman Graphics My Sig of Seb Larsson Asamoah Gyan and Ji Wong Don please
  6. Re: |.CFC Request Thread | I dont mind if there poor pics and Il just have avatars?
  7. Re: |.CFC Request Thread | Have you done the Colback Bardsley and Sessegnon ones?
  8. Re: |Kunasher's Avatars and Signatures| If it is not too much of a problem could i please have a Avatar of Stephanne Sessegnon of Sunderland, Thanks
  9. Re: |Kunasher's Avatars and Signatures| Could i have 2 Asamoah Gyan avatars and a Romelu Lukaku one , Thanks
  10. Re: BowesFC - Request An Avatar Thread Could I have one of Phil Bardsley, one of Romelu Lukaku and one of Jack Colback
  11. Re: |.CFC Request Thread | Could i have 3 avatars Phil Bardsley Stephane Sessegnon Jack Colback
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