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  1. Re: BenNewman Graphics Tomorrow was ages ago, did you even do them for me mate?
  2. Re: Chivasbarcelona |Graphics| Request Thread| Quality, is there any way i or you can change the size to 300 by 200
  3. Re: Chivasbarcelona |Graphics| Request Thread| Could I have a Connor Wickham and Craig Gardner(both is SAFC Shirts)
  4. Re: Jor's Signatures & Avatars Could i have 2 avatars one of Craig Gardner in his Sunderland top with CGardnerSafc on and another of Connor Wickham, Thanks in advance
  5. Re: BenNewman Graphics My Sig of Seb Larsson Asamoah Gyan and Ji Wong Don please
  6. Re: |.CFC Request Thread | I dont mind if there poor pics and Il just have avatars?
  7. Re: |.CFC Request Thread | Have you done the Colback Bardsley and Sessegnon ones?
  8. Re: |Kunasher's Avatars and Signatures| If it is not too much of a problem could i please have a Avatar of Stephanne Sessegnon of Sunderland, Thanks
  9. Re: |Kunasher's Avatars and Signatures| Could i have 2 Asamoah Gyan avatars and a Romelu Lukaku one , Thanks
  10. Re: BowesFC - Request An Avatar Thread Could I have one of Phil Bardsley, one of Romelu Lukaku and one of Jack Colback
  11. Re: |.CFC Request Thread | Could i have 3 avatars Phil Bardsley Stephane Sessegnon Jack Colback
  12. Re: BenNewman Avatar's (Request) Could I have a few avatars please, with a bit of detail on them of, Phil Bardsley Scott Sinclair Demba Ba Romelu Lukaku Jordan Henderson Stephane Sessegnon David De Gea Adel Taarabt Daniel Sturridge Asamoah Gyan
  13. Re: A new Forum filled EC (Please read) Im intrested mate could you explain it abit more.
  14. AlexHSafc

    The Quiz thread.

    Re: The Quiz thread. Which player had started evey Premier League this season and 7 from last season in a row, (39 in a Row) but did not start this weekend?
  15. AlexHSafc

    The Quiz thread.

    Re: The Quiz thread.
  16. Re: Premier League Most improved player Wish i put Coleman on now instead of Carroll:confused:, Baines has been great aswell :rolleyes:also i could have put on Charlie Adam
  17. Re: Premier League Goal of the Season? Yeh he was born near Manchester and is English not sure who he qualifies through but someone like his Gran
  18. Re: Premier League Goal of the Season? Half Scot half Englishman, done the right thing choosing Scotland my Sunderland player of the Season this year 110% every day never bottles a tackle and has scored 3 screamers this season
  19. Re: Premier League Goal of the Season? Yeh agree I just went with Bardsleys cause it is different and i saw it right infront of me live therefore it is more special!
  20. After this weeks stunning strikes who do you think has scored the best goal in the prem league this season?
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