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  1. Re: Fifa 2011 (Xbox 360) League

    sorry was the way the email was formatted' date=' he was under all the other deals so I assumed you was just releasing them.

    Will have another look in a second and make sure the right players are exchanged.[/quote']

    Cheers M8 could u also Check who has Perea , i may be wrong but from looking on the list there not there

  2. Re: Official Sunderland Thread

    No surprise though' date=' it's Steven Gerrard after all. Got away with it last season and does so again. Now watch him get praised for being the typical english 'hardman':rolleyes:[/quote']

    Like Bruce Said if it was Cattemole with his Elbow in Welbeck it would have been a Red Card, Still a Great Performance From The Team Showing Improvement

  3. I beleive people do not realise that Fraizer Campbell is still only 23 Years old and I think his rating should increase by +1 and Stay the Same until he comes back from his ligament injury , And Henderson is still 19 and only a 86 he has a great Future ahead of Him and Shoul incease by atleast 2 , he already Stars for England U21 :)

  4. Re: Sunderland Team Help

    Hello again I know it was only like a couple of hours since I posted my last reuqest but this is for a different setup which I have only just joined over the last week so.

    The Basics

    I am the new manager of Sunderland Fc in a setup where no one really has bought up the promising youngsters this even includes the higher rated ones around the 90 mark.

    Basically I have an average squad at my disposal and due to the nature of the setup I can offer some of the ones I wouldn't mind trading' date=' for the better young players that play for external clubs.

    So currently I have spent around 20 million maybe less on talent so far (although these deals haven't gone through) and I have around 30 million left plus my players.

    [b']What I Want[/b]

    Basically just the hottest new youngsters/ soon to be risers for each position. I definitely need a new keeper and pretty much players for everywhere.

    Just to help here is my current squad and their ratings:

    GK-Manuel ALMUNIA 89

    GK-Craig GORDON 88

    GK- Marton FULOP 87

    GK- Trevor CARSON 74

    LB- George MCCARTNEY 87

    RB- Phil BARDSLEY 86

    RB/CB- Paul MCSHANE 85

    CB/RB- Paulo DA SILVA 88

    CB- Michael TURNER 88

    CB- Titus BRAMBLE 87

    CB/RB- Nyron NOSWORTHY 85

    CB/LB- Mathew KILGALLON 85

    Def- Anton FERDINAND 87

    Def- Tal BEN HAIM 86

    LM/CM- Andy REID 88

    LM/LB- Keiran RICHARDSON 87

    RM/LM- Steed MALBRANQUE 88

    CM/DM- Christian RIVEROS 89


    CM- Teemu TAINIO 85

    CM- David MEYLER 80

    Fwd/Wing- Fraizer CAMPBELL 86

    Fwd- David HEALY 83

    Fwd/Wing- Martyn WAGHORN 82

    CF- Darren BENT 90


    CF-Peniel MLAPA 77

    CF-Yaya SANOGO 75

    Thanks guys :)!

    Im not in this GC m8 but i support SAFC and to tell the truth Henderson Meyler Campbell and Waghorn are the only people with good Futures M8 Cheers

  5. Re: Official Sunderland Thread

    Yeah I've noticed that Wenger likes the younger Players playing in Carling Cup. But it shall be a good game to watch thought. I just want Sunderland at Wembley tbh' date=' the 'Mackems' would light up the Capital.[/quote']

    Strong Line Up Vs West Ham -

    Mignolet , Bardsley , Richardson ©, Onouha, Ferdinand, Elmohamedi, Riveros, Henderson , Welbeck, Bent , Gyan

    Angeleri on Bench Eventually

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