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  1. Re: England Squad for matches vs Wales and Ghana

    No they aren't and the stats don't back that claim up either. Terry has more blocks per game than Luiz since he's come in and had more than Ivanovic (and Bruma in his start) throughout January before Luiz's arrival. I would check back further but it's boring enough to make me want to claw my eyes out. My point is that on paper Terry and Ferdinand are a good combination' date=' they excel at different things. That it hasn't worked and should be changed is a valid argument, but that they're too similar in style, especially using the example you did, is not.[/quote']

    Yeh mate stats don't prove Everything and it's my opinion this season for example Kevin Nolan or Darren bent have scored more goals than Rooney in the prem league they won't start for England every game Rooney will

  2. Re: England vs Ghana Thread

    I Reckon this will be really tough' date=' Few of my mates think we will wlak over them but i'd say we will nick a win but im not so sure on it as Ghana are better than what some people think they arent.[/quote']

    Ghana are a good sided proved it in the World cup and deserved to go through(Suarez Handball) depends whether England are up for it cause the Ghanains love their football and around 20,000 of them in Wembley i hear will make it Loud!

  3. Re: Kevin Friend not fit to Referee

    Controversial decisions are not a new thing. There's always been debate about decisions made in football games. The only difference is now there's so many more cameras in HD and technology to prove that some decisions made are wrong. If I gave a similar penalty in a Sunday league game I'd get a few complaints (I would whether I gave a free kick or a penalty) but then the penalty would be taken and that would be that. No one would bring it up after that because they'd understand it was a borderline call and there's nothing that could be done. Likewise if this happened in a League 2/Conference game where there's one camera at the side of the half way line' date=' there would be no way to prove whether the decision was in or out and everyone would just get on with the game and accept the decision, no complaints.

    I have to agree that Collina was out of this world and no ref comes close to him now, however, we should feel privileged to have some top referees such as Howard Webb, Mike Dean and Phil Dowd all of whom are a long way ahead of the top referees from other football leagues across the world and a lot, lot better than the vast majority of select group referees we have had in the past. Refereeing in general is certainly improving now they are full time professional who are being properly trained. However, due to the constant advances in technology it would seem to your average football fan otherwise. It also doesn't help having incompetent commentators who don't know the laws of the game themselves.

    OP, If the officials in yesterdays game made half as many mistakes as the Sunderland players or even the Liverpool players for that matter then I'm sure they would accept the criticism they got. [b']If anyone should be sacked after yesterdays performance surely it's Sunderland's defenders[/b].

    I challenge anybody who is openly critical of refereeing to go out one Saturday morning/Sunday afternoon and try it out for yourself. I guarantee after you've done that you will have a lot more respect for the men in the middle refereeing in Premier League games.

    Yeh, Yeh, Yeh your 100& correct, the defenders are completely at fault for a foul outside the box which is given as a penalty that is 1 defender not all 4 commiting the foul. The second goal was great individual skill. Im sure football is a team gave you need your defenders and being a referee is hard everyone knows but if they cant take the pressure and stick why be one?

  4. Official thread for the England vs Ghana match, two nations which want to suceed a fairly similar England squad which under performed at the World Cup with a few new faces including Wonderkid Jack Wishiere, 6 Foot 3 Andy Carroll and Wolves winger Matt Jarvis. On the other hand, a rather similar young Ghana team line up with several Premier league based players playing, including Michael Essien of Chelsea, Asamoah Gyan of Sunderland and Sulley Muntari of Sunderland. Who will win? Predictions?

  5. Re: England Squad for matches vs Wales and Ghana

    I despise John Terry and he is so slow but he is a good leader and still our best defender' date=' assuming Ferdinand will never be fully match fit.

    However I can't understand how Gareth Barry continues to play for England when you have promising youngsters like Huddlestone, Cattermole and in particular Jack Rodwell impressing in the Premiership. I don't care how Barry plays for Man City - for England he is a joke.

    And I know it'll never happen, but I look forward to the day Rooney is dropped. :( Utter disgrace as a person and when it comes to England - as a player. Crouch/Carroll and Bent/Defoe is the way to go. Rooney is just an over-rated waste of space.

    And it's great to see Jarvis being given a chance.[/quote']

    Terry and Ferdinand are too similar for their clubs they sit back and let Ivanovic-Luiz/Vidic do the blocking so England have two centre backs which do the same job i personally would give Gary Cahill a chance. And yeh good luck to Jarvis seems levelheaded and good to see a team near the bottom of the Prem League getting a player in, atleast Capello is choosing outside the top 6 bar the normal players e.g Baines, Bent etc.

  6. Re: England Squad for matches vs Wales and Ghana

    I agree with Seftinho that Rooney should be dropped he occasionally does the one good thing for England and I think he only gets in the team because its "Wayne Rooney" (over-rated aswell).

    I think Baines should be given a chance to play aswell' date=' he's brilliant for Everton. I would like to see Micah Richards playing for the England first team soon aswell.[/quote']

    Its because of who he plays for and his past, everyone knows the ability is there when he can be bothered. He has never really shone in an England jersey I agree we need a change try Little and Large or Target man and Finisher type ideas

  7. Re: Kevin Friend not fit to Referee

    So my comment is more useless than you saying the guy who has given two decisions against your team should be sacked :rolleyes:

    And referees get paid almost as much as players? They get about 500/1000pound per game unless at the highest level :confused: By your logic if players make mistakes should they be sacked aswell then? Hell im sure Man City fans will be clamering to get Balotelli sacked for his poor performances..

    I never once said he should be sacked! City will act by docking wages and they get paid much more than that mate, and the premier league is one of the highest levels

  8. Re: Kevin Friend not fit to Referee

    Mensah was sent off because he dragged down Suarez when he was the last man. Forgetting the goal' date=' because like Shack pointed out it was the linesman who gave the penalty, what about the advantage that got played when Meireles had a shot and miss then Friend pulls it back and gives the free kick? Surely that is the advantage and there shouldn't be a free kick?[/quote']

    Yeh and Mensah and Bramble were both last men the advantage was stupid it gave them 2 chances.

  9. Re: Kevin Friend not fit to Referee

    Lol im sure you wouldnt be complaining if his desicions benefited your team :rolleyes:

    Referees are humans too :P

    Plus the lino gave the pen decision!

    Yeh but it is my team thats why im bothered :/, what a useless comment, they get paid nearly as much as players they should perform and they may be human but they should be more consistent e.g bramble booking yesterday for snap on Carroll = Yellow Card Mensah foul on Suarez straight Red no consistency

  10. Newcastle United academy, 16 years old currently plays for the under 18's and Reserve team. Has played against Robbie Keane already and played him out of the game. Strong, controlled centre back, around 6 foot 3. Next big thing for Newcastle and England with intrest from Manchester United already.

  11. Ben Foster, Robert Green, Joe Hart; Leighton Baines, Gary Cahill, Ashley Cole, Michael Dawson, Phil Jagielka, Glen Johnson, Joleon Lescott, John Terry, Kyle Walker; Gareth Barry, Stewart Downing, Matthew Jarvis, Frank Lampard, Aaron Lennon, James Milner, Scott Parker, Jack Wilshere, Ashley Young; Darren Bent, Andy Carroll, Peter Crouch, Jermain Defoe, Wayne Rooney.

    Any Suprises , Who Should be in instead who Shouldnt be in?

  12. Re: Welbeck vs Sturridge

    Gone for Sturridge was a tough choice though.

    I am a Preston fan so got the opportunity to see him first hand last season and whilst at times he showed some genuine quality and looked way above his station at other times he just lumbered round the pitch like he was better than everyone else and he had no impact on things.

    I have always liked Sturridge but feel he needs a move away from Chelsea to fulfill his true potential. He has displayed at Bolton he can be a deadly finisher and has plenty of pace. I reckon he has a decent shot at an England call up some time in the future should he maintain his current form.

    Yeh agree completely, Welbeck got my vote as this season for me as a Sunderland fan he has been great and quite consistent. He may have felt like he was too good because the league was poor for him but he certainly doesnt look out of the premier league depth, he has pace, skill, strength and good finishing. He works hard for the team especially and deserves to be on Capello's radar. Sturridge does need more games so therefore I beleive I need more proof of his being a constant goalscoring threat.

  13. Re: Jobs Under 18s Can have in Football?

    you can try


    but there lots of others just do a search' date=' also check the team thats closest to you-maybe they have an employment/contact section..Aside from that with the development for the Olympics 2012 you may find some sort of job there.

    good luck in your search..[/quote']

    Thanks, yeh hopefully I may have just got one writing Report and things for A Love Supreme a Sunderland based company near me, again thanks for your help

  14. Re: Jobs Under 18s Can have in Football?

    Aren't there internships available-like on the job training-stay away from Ashley Cole and Chelsea though...but jobs can be roughly divided into 3 major areas-the playing staff (players/coaches)' date=' clerical and administration, ancillary staff like groundsmen,stadium workers etc.

    So really depends on your interest, and availability of the job...wouldn't the employment office have more info?[/quote']

    You got any links to sites? I was thinking of just something I do some days in spare time which will earn abit of money!

  15. Re: Best Football chant in the Uk

    Sad Torres went to Chelsea but anyway' date=' I like this song:


    Idk how a football player can hear his song dedicated to him and still go to another team, it's just sad. :confused:

    Quality song mate same with Darren Bent and Kenwyne Jones at Sunderland they dont care about the clubs just money and succes.



  16. Re: Best Football chant in the Uk

    Liverpool Song for Suarez (Constantly sang it today!)


    These are future liverpool songs apparently (I dont support them)

    He's 6 foot 3 and got long hair , Carroll Carroll

    He does cocaine and doesnt care´╗┐ , Carroll Carroll !

    He's big he's hard he's ****** sick

    He's better than that Spanish ****

    Andy Carroll Liverpools number 9!

    He plays up front for LFC, Suarez, Suarez

    He wants´╗┐ to play for King Kenny Suarez, Suarez,

    We bought the lad from Amsterdam,

    He's part of Kenny's masterplan,

    Luis Suarez Liverpool's Number 7

    Cristian Riveros (Sunderland Song)


    Celtic Just cant get enough song same as Suarez but Original


  17. Re: Official Sunderland Thread

    Yet again another Referee against Sunderland, never a penalty. Have to say it is one of the worst SAFC performances this season. Didnt create anything, made pepe reina do nothing. Didnt help with 2 injuries in 30 minutes, only real spark was Sessegnon, Suarez just dives all over!

  18. Re: Most overachieving team in EPL and most underachieving?

    Over achieving: Bolton, Sunderland and Man United

    Under achieving: Chelsea, Man City and Aston Villa

    Bolton have a great side now with a great manager and play some good stuff, have a bargain in Gary Cahill, an out an out striker who frightens defenders in Davies and Coyle has brought out Elmanders potential. Lee is another good player and Holden has been great. Sunderland have a Champions league winner just brought in, Muntari and already have some other great players , Henderson, Gyan, Sessegnon and Mensah, and have the money and manager but have really shown potential alike to Bolton. Everyone had Chelsea to win the league again but United havnt played amazing all season but up until recently they have been exremely consistent and havnt been beat. Nani has finally came out of his shell, Berbatov cant stop scoring, Vidic keeps them going and Fergie has the experience.

    Chelsea were most people predictions for Champions lost too many games and most players havnt performed at the levels they can. Lost silly games like Sunderland at Home and Wolves Away, not like the normal chelsea. City may be Third but they rely heavily on Tevez and have spent alot of money as a City fan you would expect more. Villa sack their manager at the start of the season then have a poor start, they bring in Houlier who hasnt changed alot. They have alot of great players who are not performing as good as they can e.g Young, Downing, Carew, however since January and the introduction of Bent and Makoun they are pushing on but still in a poor position for them

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