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  1. Re: How good can England be and Who will make the difference?

    Lennon's never really had a string of games in the team though. If you want someone who performs for England then SWP would be playing but as wingers go' date=' Lennon > Albrighton = Walcott. Theo has absolutely zero end product and prefers to go down rather than get past the man.

    Besides, I'm not sure what you're basing Lennon's performances on considering you think England's best attacking play comes down the left :eek: It's well known we've been incompetent at left wing for years!

    Carroll's good in the air, I'll grant you but neither of Sturridge, Welbeck or any other English forwards for that matter are target-men.[/quote']

    Welbeck is more of a Centre Forward he drops off and works for the team, his heading is good for shooting but not very good for knock downs/flick ons

  2. Re: How good can England be and Who will make the difference?

    Bent's good with his head' date=' but Bent's the only one up front. Young's rarely (he has), but rarely ever going to get a header. That's why they're best from set pieces when Dunne and Collins (and Cuellar when he plays) can get a head on it.

    Henderson is a very good player, but doesn't he play more centrally (don't watch Sunderland much so can't really comment on that).[/quote']

    Watch Sunderland every week and he does play centrally but last season played on the right the majority of time has an amazing cross on him and some good skill. Henderson is very versatile which helps. Understand what you mean about Villa but Sunderland only have Gyan and Bent when he was here and they got goals from several of his crosses

  3. Re: How good can England be and Who will make the difference?

    Difference is neither Walcott nor Lennon can cross the ball as accurately. Walcott is great at getting behind the defender with pace and can score goals much easier' date=' but when it comes to assisting, not better then Albrighton. Plus, Walcott would make a better wide Forward as he can and does often cut in, like Ronaldo or Messi does (obviously not nearly the talent but you get the idea). I've never rated Lennon, very average for me. Young and Johnson? While I do rate both highly, Young's said he hates being on the wing, he feels outcasted, he likes being selfish on the ball and he can't do it out on the wing. Johnson's touch and go for me. He has a great left foot, can cut in or cross but for me not consistently enough for England to do anything with. For me Albrighton has all the raw talent to become England's best natural winger. He gets forward, he gets back, he'll take a hit and stay up, he'll do anything you ask him to do and he'll do it very well. He can play either side, cut any defender and cross pinpoint, just that Villa, even with Bent who's much better naturally scoring with his foot aren't good enough up front to score.[/quote']

    Henderson is similar and most defences find it harder to face pace, Albrighton is alike to Milner is good, and Bent is good at heading aswell

  4. Re: How good can England be and Who will make the difference?

    The key man should be Albrighton. Finally they have a winger that not only has pace' date=' but the determination and skill to get past a defender, no longer needing to rely on say Gerrard out wide, SWP and such. They can get some great crosses in to players that can head a ball. Something the others can't give and something Sturridge, Carroll and Welbeck (if he chooses England) all need and can use. He can also score the average goal as well.[/quote']

    Walcott is much better than Albrighton IMO if he develops more he will be amazing Lennon is better than Albrighton , Henderson is aswell he is way down the pecking order what about young and johnson aswell

  5. Re: How good can England be and Who will make the difference?

    Our Reserves have been rotten since Wilshere' date=' Jet, Lansbury lefted.

    Anyways the future is seriously bright and there will be more competition than ever for spots, who knows some1 that we dont know can come out of knowhere.[/quote']

    Yep Hope so and just like Jordan Henderson came out of

    Nowhere , no doubt I believe Remie Streete will be a Newcastle and England legend

  6. Re: How good can England be and Who will make the difference?

    JET & Wilshere were awesome in the reserves' date=' Wenger said he will be a regular in the future, so its all there for the taking.

    He will probs get loaned out to a Premierleague club next season maybe after that he'll get his chance.[/quote'] As said before there are many others in his position if he goes to a prem

    Club I beleive it may be Bolton and I watched Arsenal reserves vs Newcastle

    On Wednesday and Arsenal didn't have much bar Conor Henderson , Remie Streete was the best player on the pitch from Newcastle

    So really JET should stand out IMO

  7. Re: How good can England be and Who will make the difference?

    Everton wouldn't improve if they sold him' date=' I doubt we would even buy anyone. The money would go on paying off debts as we are not in the best financial situation (rumours earlier in the season about Everton almost going into administration). Also I am sure that United have a good amount to spend as didn't their owners say Fergie could have all the Ronaldo money? If so he has only spent a fraction of that.[/quote']

    Yeh heard about them administration rumours that's why you loaned out Yakubu and Sold Pienaar and cut down on wages, hope they arnt like the club especially Moyes I was there few weeks ago Everton 2-0 Sunderland good team still . Man Utd debt is huge doubt he will get the 80mil he sold Ronaldo over 18 months ago he has only bought Bebe Smalling and Hernandez for decent cash I believe

  8. Re: How good can England be and Who will make the difference?

    What about Connor Wickham. Also another Everton youngster Ross Barkley looks like he will have a very bright future' date=' he was on the verge of making an Everton debut earlier in the season due to injuries in midfield then he went and got injured on international duty:rolleyes: If Felliani and Rodwell leave in the summer (rumours are United have agreed a £25m deal for him) then he will get a bit of game time. Also for the no so distant future what about Leighton Baines?

    EDIT: Also Raheem Sterling, Martin Kelly and Connor Coady of Liverpool also look like good young players.[/quote']

    Forgot about Wickham he has a great future

    With his ability. Baines is great but has the problem of Kieran Gibbs and Sterling and Kelly look good . I don't no of the young evertonian il keep a look out and ignore the Rodwell rumours it's the same

    With Jordan Henderson but Man Utd don't have the cash I believe but 25 is a good deal for Everton to help them improve

  9. Re: How good can England be and Who will make the difference?

    Replying to all the below comments I agree about Carroll as Britains best Striker ATM and he is fit again left out of the u21 squad so may get in 1st team. On the typical English big man approach Rooney is more a Centre Forward who drops off Carroll is a threat and Milner should be on the bench agreed our pace on the wing is our strength. The big man approach works for Spurs in the Champo league and It may be different but shows it does work . Harry Redknapp may have tax issues but also has the backing of Spurs and others. England need a manger who can spot a talent and get the best out of players.

  10. Re: How good can England be and Who will make the difference?

    milner was awfull at the wc how was he good? we need some flair on the wings and milner just cant supply anything other than a decent cross.

    and i would start rooney for england because manchester united have berba and hernandez and macheda. whareas england have crouch' date=' heskey and carrol (unproven).

    and no bebe is awfull but i did that sig when i first joined.[/quote']

    Ok, I agree just to say scoring 10+ Goals in your first prem league half season shows alot of potential and I suppost Sunderland and praising a Geordie isnt good but Carroll has done well. Milner is versatile can play CM or on the wing and at RB if needed, obviously a Utd fan would say this, and as you say Carroll is unproven you need a big man to give another option which Crouch does well his England goalscoring record is great for what he does especially.

  11. Re: How good can England be and Who will make the difference?

    Fair point - however hes still very young and was playing against the Spainish national team midfield (well the bulk of it) - in 3 years time Wilshere if he continues to improve like he is at the moment will be better than Lampard/Gerrard and just in time for the next world cup - and hes young enough to have a potential 3 WC's in him

    Hope this happens for our country, just dont want him to be over hyped need to control our youngsters or they will get over confident and fail like Titus Bramble, Jermaine Pennant etc, yeh when he plays spain in the future the midfield will be more like Busquets and Fabregas not Xavi Iniesta , plus it is all learning for him

  12. Re: How good can England be and Who will make the difference?

    tom cleverly is the best.


    johnson smalling cahill gibbs


    cleverly wilshere

    lennon walcott

    rooney ©

    thats a genuinely great team.

    if i ever see milner' date=' barry, carrick, crouch, heskey or upson don an england shirt again ill cry.


    Milner was arguably one of Englands only good players at the world cup, dont be stupid. Rooney as captain is a risk and you only say cleverly cause you support United I would say Henderson as I support SAFC but good to see a different opinion. Aswell off topic but on your Sig would you really not start Rooney for Man utd but for England and Welbeck will sign for SAFC and is BEBE EVEN GOOD!

  13. Re: How good can England be and Who will make the difference?

    People are saying Jack Wilshiere will get the majority of votes but may he not become over hyped? He wasnt very effective at the Nou Camp on Wednesday night, and that can be just like playing against a major country. We also shouldnt just rely on him like Rooney, we need a National Team who play for each other and want to win

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