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  1. Re: How good can England be and Who will make the difference?

    Was having this discussion with a mate earlier coincidentally and with the right manager who's going to be around for more than 4 years then we have potential. As much as I love Chamberlain I feel he will only be a fringe player for the national squad ' date=' the big team interest is still there and I may be wrong but there's better wingers in England IMO.

    The team me and my mate were thinking looked something like this (below) however we did include Shawcross , Jones , Chamberlain etc in our discussion


    Kelly - Cahill - Smalling - Gibbs


    Henderson - Wilshere

    Walcott ----------------- Young


    Yeh many dont beleive that Harry Redknapp could do aswell in International as Club management maybe we should take a risk on an old England Legend

    There's quality players coming through as well , in the shorter term I feel we just need to do a France and blood the youth ready for 2012 so get rid of the older members of the team pushing on 30 and include the younger lads at the core of the team.

    Yeh many dont beleive that Harry Redknapp could do aswell in International as Club management maybe we should take a risk on an old England Legend

    Chamberlin, may become alike to Walcott if he signs for Arsenal and there is many players still coming through, Josh Mceachran and younger. Just watching the Norwich game their Lansbury looks a good player aswell on loan from Arsenal, and why dont you include Andy Carroll in your team surely he can be as or even more effective than Crouchy

  2. Re: How good can England be and Who will make the difference?

    I remember having this chat in the 90's when Owen Gerrard Lampard Beckham Scholes ect burst onto the scene and its the same now as it was then - with the right attitude' date=' manager and a bit of luck this new generation of players have the ability to win something[/quote']

    Thats what I beleive as well just need to give the youth chances more often and let the older players tutor them people like Wilshiere and Henderson need help from Lampard and Gerrard etc. England has Potential

  3. Re: Premier League Team of the Season, So Far...

    Gk - Hart' date=' VDS(reason retiring) or Foster

    Rb - Richards, Rafael

    Cb - Huth, Vidic, Kompany, Djourou, David Luis, R Johnson, Cahill, Smalling

    Lb - Rigdewell, Baines

    Cm - Young, Adams, Wilshere, Nasri, VDV, Modric, Cahill, Dempsey

    Wing - Nani, Albrighton, Nasri, Bale, Young, Coleman

    Fwd - Tevez, Ba, Hernandez, Bent

    Manager - All depends on Trophies[/quote']

    You only play 11 Aside Mate! and David Luiz has played 3 Games Ba has played 6 or so games, In my opinion you cant judge them on that

  4. Re: Premier League Best , Bargain and Worst signing of the Season

    Ye did' date=' but it was a while ago. Not even sure it was called a World Cup, it was more like a major tournament involving homeless people. To be honest last season he was just a good striker in the 3rd division on Portugease football, signed on the basis of a couple of friendlies. He'll come to absoloutly nothing, and it does beg the question on the basis of signing other youngsters like Obertan.[/quote']

    You should be saying this to the other guy i think he is a flop and waste of money! I no about the homeless world cup

  5. Who do you think has been the best signing in the Premiership this year, who has been a flop and who was the bargain buy?

    Mine are:

    Best = Hernadez ( Man utd) or Asamoah Gyan (Sunderland) Peter Odemwingie (West Brom) - Could be Bargain Aswell

    Worst= Marcos Angeliri (Sunderland) or Fernando Torres (Chelsea) or Bebe (Man Utd)

    Bargain: Titus Bramble (Sunderland) or Van Der Vaart (Spurs) or Maroune Chamakh (Arsenal)

  6. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion

    Actually' date=' Stoke are one of my favourite teams if you look at it that way.

    I wish they could play in Seri A/La Liga for a season:D.[/quote']

    Yeh would love to see them for 1 Season, just like everyone did when they came up but now there approach to football gets annoying, good for them it works but with a manager like theirs they could try and play better football and stop being so reliant on Set Pieces- Throw ins

  7. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion

    Stoke do what they do best' date=' which is fine by me. They can play decent football at times but often rely on set-pieces. They're obviously a good team otherwise they wouldn't have been in the PL for the last few years.[/quote']

    Aye, in the prem for the last few years cause there manager is great, Ethrington* is good and they buy rejects from other clubs, Sunderland have been in the Prem the same amount of time and they dont rely on things like that, and this decent football is something I havnt seen.

  8. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion

    Very true' date=' and a good point about Jarvo, Gardner is a good player but in all honesty O'Hara and Milijas are better and more technically gifted.

    There are no easy teams in this division and you make a good point about that.

    Squad ages also;

    25.09 - Wolverhampton Wanderers

    28.27 - Birmingham City

    Also, that BCFC says "planning for europe"

    To all Blues fans:

    Your owner is in MASSIVE debt, having to sell off property to pay his fees.

    Your stadium is awful, nice average attendance of 22,905. with Wolves' being 27,346

    No history what-so-ever

    Squad age is appauling, havint to bring thugs like [b']Stephen Carr [/b]out of retirement

    Look, parent company "Birmingham International Holdings" are in £29 Million, yes £29 Million debt.

    Planning for Europe? Best get planning for League 1.

    Neither is O'Hara, but a £5 Million deal is agreed for O'Hara in the summer..

    As for Hammill/Bentley, from what I've seen of Bentley he loses the ball a lot and lacks pace..

    All opinion, though.

    No one can have anything bad to say about Jarvis he seems really good and offers something different. When you were talking about the teams you sure you would play Fletcher, Zigic is a handful and Martins has ability. Ohara is really good and seems to have settled really well at Wolves. No offence but bentley is better than Hamill though he has alot of Prem League Experience and scores some special goals.The younger the better mate. Again Opinion aswell.

  9. Re: Official Sunderland Thread

    Who hits sunderlands free kicks now?

    Would love to see a scorcher from Sessegnon soon :P

    Changes every game mate most of the time it is Kieran Richardson who scored under the wall for Chelsea with one occastionaly Gyan will take on or Jordan Henderson. Sometimes they pass it off to Phil Bardsley and he shoots, Sessegnon hasnt took one yet, looks a great player though

  10. Re: BenNewman Avatar's (Request)

    Could i have 2 avatars of Danny Welbeck in a Safc shirt one of Asamoah Gyan , One of Jordan Henderson One of Simon Mignolet One of Phil Bardsley one of Stephane Sessegnon One of Jack Wilshiere and One of Charlie Adam sorry if thats too many just need them for a mate and an other website, Thanks alot if you can do them , Cheers

  11. Re: Official Sunderland Thread

    Did anyone go the game yesterday' date=' thought the match wasn't great and I felt the game was won as soon as Beckford scored his second. Also credit to your fans carried on singing even when you were 2-0 down and were some of the best to visit Goodison this season.

    Also why do you play Titus Bramble every time I see him he never has a good game.[/quote']

    Yeh poor result especially when Beckford gets two, and no offence but your fans were poor for being 2-0 up. Quite an old fashioned ground aswell. Bramble has arguably been on of out best 3 players this year 750k for a player Steve Bruce seems to get the best out of, was great against Arsenal recently. Our fans travel in their thousands and I personally would say are one of the best in the league.

  12. Looking at the strength of Ghana how good do people beleive they can become, they have some great players and are planning to try and get Danny Welbeck from Man Utd to play for them who already playes with Asamoah Gyan for Sunderland. Many of there players are now stars for their clubs and they compete for many Great clubs.

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