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  1. just wondering what happens when a bunch of teams bid on an externally managed player and all bids are accepted and all bids are the same amount, how does sm decide who signs the player? im in this situation just now so im just being impatient for the answer, any help appreciated
  2. Re: Any 89 rated wing/am that will rise to 90 mario gotze is the obvious one
  3. Re: Rating Change Debate_Carrick 92, Anderson 90... Seriously?? maybe its because carricks in his SM team
  4. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread bring back the ratings schedule SM used to tell you the order in which leagues would be reviewed and it was just handy to time transfers around and the like
  5. Re: Ugliest Players warren feeney and ever banega
  6. does anyone know the dates of when leagues will be reviewed roughly? im not askn for all of them obviously but just like the PL, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and SPL any help much appreciated
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