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  1. I am not able to figure why, my inter had been winning and been in the top of the league and suddenly my attacking mids have not been performin well.they always get a rating of 4 after the match even if i change them. i use 4-3-1-2 formation and its the 1 positions thats attacking mid been creating problems .So can any one tell why all of sudden my attacking mids hav not been playing well:D
  2. Re: Help Needed with Real Madrid team/tactics yes you have lots of cfs so sell them to buy fwd or winger and keep the same formation as stated above and i suggest keep mentality normal ,tempo slow,passing-short,playmaker,target man,counter attack and keep pressing -own area:cool:
  3. Re: Roma tactic help!! yes left n righr back and both cenral mid make forward runs:)
  4. Re: Roma tactic help!! yes the lb and rb make forward runs and both the central mids also make forward runs.
  5. Deportivo swoop Sochaux playmaker Marvin Marvin Martin of Sochaux has joined deportivo for a transfer fee rumoured to be around 9mn.Deportivo faced tought competion from Manchester city in signing him but eventually landed their target. The deportivo manager said that Marvin's addition to the squad will boost deportivo's attack to a great extent and will also bring creatiivity to their game.
  6. Deportivo land thier target Vallabesh unveils thier new signing!.Xherdan shaqiri the basel starlet will be joining deportivo from basel for 10020000.After tough competition from arsenal and few other clubs shaqiri finally joined deportivo.He said that it was the manager of deportivo because of whom he decided to snub arsenals offer.He said he is eager to play for the club and make the manager proud.
  7. First club for which i am starting threads for hope its goooood:D:D
  8. Re: Roma tactic help!! use 4-2-3-1.put mentality defensive. passing =short tempo normal offside trap ,tight marking, offside trap,play maker. pressing own area. i win most of my games using this:D i had winning streak of 15 games:p
  9. Re: Gold Championship 142 Discussion Thread Hi i am deportivo boss n first time on some forum please let help me on what happen ,i mean what kinda discussions etc happen in forums. thanks
  10. Re: Kaka Kaka will of course take ozil place leading ozil and maria both playing in the wing alternatively.
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