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  1. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread
  2. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread Thanks! On the next matchday I will be taking on Woking, the only unbeaten team in the entire English Championship 30000. It should be quite the challenge.
  3. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread Since Stefan Lucic took over Wrexham, the club has had 2 wins in a row, scoring EIGHT goals in two games. Wrexham is back in the game!
  4. Re: Cant buy win for love nor money You can't play one tactics in all matches, you have to change them every few games or you're gonna end up on a losing streak.
  5. Re: English Championship 7151 - Already a high demand to join! Tranmere Rovers (me) won against Hartlepool United to secure 1st place in 4th division with 5 points above Bradford City.
  6. Re: Scottish Risers - Two 10k Risers There's already a thread about Scottish risers, but well done.
  7. Re: Help me spend 40m You should get an AM and CB.
  8. Re: Spanish segunda They already finished reviewing Spanish Secunda Devision. Check my signature for some of the risers.
  9. Re: Player fitness Yeah, it happened to me once or twice, but I was too lazy to write a ticket. Please post their response here.
  10. Re: should i sell kaka? Khedira will probably go up and +45 millions seem nice, but don't do it unless you can spend that money on someone rated 93+ to replace Kaka.
  11. Re: CB help - 88-89 rated in for a rise Alexandre Song, Vermaelen, Van der Wiel, Kompany... Can't think of anyone less popular...
  12. Re: Cant buy win for love nor money You need RMs and LMs or wingers (for 4-4-2 diamond), other than that you're good. Maybe you should switch to attacking tactics sometimes.
  13. Re: Number of players on shortlist? You can shortlist as much players as you want.
  14. Re: Holland + Scotland next I think USA and China were reviewed a few months ago...
  15. Re: some scottish risers Nice thread, but I don't think they'll be reviewed any time soon. See my signature for some other risers. EDIT: My bad, Scottish league is being reviewed right now along with Netherlands Eredivisie.
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