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  1. Respuesta: Re: Antonio CASSANO RATING
  2. Respuesta: Re: Antonio CASSANO RATING Thnks a Lot for your comment
  3. Really Cassano is a great soccer Talent and in last seasons achieved good numbers and great games, which allowed him return to Azzurra, but the Cassano┬┤s temperament always ends in the worst way, now he is free agent and will return in january with any new big team (suppose), the great question is, Cassanos will droop or Stay in next Calcio Revision :confused::confused:
  4. Respuesta: Marcelo (Real Madrid left back) Of course, marcelo up to 91
  5. Respuesta: Re: Serie A Ratings 10/11
  6. Respuesta: 90+ Goalkeeper Needed In the case of Mariano Andujar get the transfer to big of Middle Calcio club, him rise +1 Inmediatly, About Viviano or Sirugu they must be get 90 in two or three revisions, same case of Muslera from Lazio
  7. Respuesta: Juan Manuel MATA never in this year, maybe he rise +1 in spanish revision for next year
  8. Respuesta: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Pazzano my question for you is, According your opinion, what are the five or six best young players of Calcio, that are not playing in big italian clubs ? thanks for your time and this topic in the forum
  9. Respuesta: Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Thanks for your answer
  10. Respuesta: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Mariano Andujar Catania GK. Is there a chance he may get 90 next time round? Also Is possible that Maxi Lopez Catania Striker rate up to 89... thnks in advance
  11. Will he reach a 90/91 in the next rating change for the spanish League? what do you guys think?
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