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  1. And the site and gameworlds are down again! And on a Saturday too, brilliant ...
  2. Gameworlds still down. Thought days like this were over.
  3. 8 pages of complaints I see Good on you SM, always breaking records, whether it be your income or how pissed off you can make your customers be when you prat around with stuff that doesn't need touching Money talks I know things have to move with the times etc, but this is tragic! Bring back 2007 when SM was amazing, didnt care that the site was shut whilst results were being done, added to the excitement!
  4. Season 7 - An Update! Been a while so here goes! Last season was certainly one to forget! Manchester City went on to win the title at a canter, securing the title with 93 points and scoring an incredible 131 goals, and winning 29 of their 38 games. Not a lot we could do about their imperious form and we finished runners up and 14 points behind. On the European front we were dumped out in the semi finals against Shakhtar 6-3 on aggregate. So season 7 we had to do better! The season however started terribly. A 5-2 drubbing at home to Fulham, closely followed by a defeat to rivals Chelsea. Fortunately for us City didn't start to well either and after 19 games we are currently 2nd behind unmanaged Liverpool and City have already lost games than they did in the whole of last season Current Table 1 - Liverpool 40pts 2 - Man United 39pts 3 - Chelsea 39pts 4 - Arsenal 37pts 5 - Man City 37pts 6 - QPR 37pts As for Europe, we go into tonights final group game with player hogging Boca Juniors already qualified. We are currently top with 11 points, just above Olympiakos who are on 10 points. SMFA Cup - Group H 1 - Man United 11pts 2 - Olympiakos 10pts 3 - Benfica 5pts 4 - Boca Juniors 1pt Domestic cups, Stoke City knocked us out of the Shield in the 5th round on penalties. Could do better is certainly the feeling so far! Fortunately Ronaldo and Sturridge are hitting the back of the net!
  5. Thought I'd pop back on the forum as it was end of season and saw the in game post about awards, but did not expect this!! What the hell! Although in saying that SM loving breaking things, I mean "improving" things that need not improving Thumbs up SM for ruining something else!
  6. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Setting up a 3-5-2 with instructions of who gives a crap and will just check back twice a week. Sick of the same thing over and over.
  7. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Another even game another loss. Not gonna be our season I feel
  8. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread A cracking read there Dan, still got to spread the rep! I've also done a little write up in regards to my Leeds side. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showpost.php?p=3066114&postcount=2527
  9. Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread Key Cog In The Leeds Machine Has To Leave Leeds United fans waved goodbye to a clearly emotional Jese Rodriguez as his loan spell with the Yorkshire side was cut short in order for Sunderland to complete a deal for soon to be bench warmer Yacine Brahimi. It is not the first time Sunderland have hindered Leeds progress after having a deal for Hugo Lloris all but finalised to then have it taken away from them in the last few moments, and this latest episode could well crush any relations that may have remained between the 2 clubs Jese will now play his football at Bristol Rovers, and having starred in a Leeds shirt it is a shame the deal has taken place just 13 league games in, and even more gut wrenching for Leeds manager Joe Robinson and the Leeds fans is that it happens just days before the crucial clash with table topping Sheffield United. Joe Robinson: The Spaniard thanked the club and it's supporters for their continued support in his time at the club, and that he wished he could continue the push to take Leeds back to the Premier League. Instead he will now be competing in the bottom tier for mid table Rovers, something that will really hurt the ambitions of the Jese. Jese was quoted as saying Yacine Brahimi's place at Sunderland awaits him.....the bench
  10. Re: Gold Championship 188 Thread Man United 1-4 Shakhtar An embarrassing night at Old Trafford. An encounter in which we created more attempts sees us spanked in our own back yard. Walcott scores in debut but all in all a frankly pathetic display from United A season to forget
  11. Re: Gold Championship 188 Thread Nottingham Forest 0-3 Manchester United With the first teamers being rested for Shakhtar on Monday night it was an impressive performance all the same. United bossed possession and scored 3 good goals thanks to Milner, Carrick and Martinez. Another deal has been agreed for United, and it will see Theo Walcott come to Old Trafford with Shinji Kagawa and Glen Johnson going to Arsenal. After the embarrassing manner of how we surrendered our title to City we needed to rebuild and that means plenty of players are leaving, and new blood will be coming in!
  12. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Leeds 4-0 West Ham So we get lucky. 4 efforts on target and 4 goals, gotta feel for West Ham in a pretty even game!
  13. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Palace 2-1 Leeds Always nice to lose to an unfit side who are bottom of the table where the manager hasn't logged in for 20 days! Dominated all the stats except the one that matters most. Adebayor did at least score on debut. To say I'm hacked off is an understatement.
  14. Re: Gold Championship 188 Thread Rapahel Varane Looks Set To Join Manchester United Within days of landing Cristiano Ronaldo, United look set to land French centre half Varane from rivals Chelsea. The deal is yet to be concluded and yet to be officially announced by both clubs, but sources suggest the deal will be finalised tomorrow morning.
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