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  1. Re: TCO92 - Match Previews/Reports, Transfer News & General Nonsense. 1-0 defeat at home to Preston The first of many I'm sure
  2. Re: TCO92 - Match Previews/Reports, Transfer News & General Nonsense. So what's the latest with filling all these unmanaged clubs? Not that I don't like my Wrexham (they're bloody awful) but makes me wish i waited till the end of the season
  3. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread back to back defeats for Chesterfield, the good start to the season is spiraling downwards now
  4. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Northampton 3-3 Leeds So in the end I face another bloody 3-5-2. We boss every stat going yet Reina clearly has had a stinker! And therefore we can only take a point from a game we could have taken all 3 from! Had in game instructions throughout and they paid off Valencia on debut, Llorente and Pirlo with the goals and we remain 5th Hopefully we'll soon take on a side managed with more imagination than just 3-5-2
  5. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) GC 375 I shall be rejecting the Manchester United job offer in the next half hour, should anyone here get them then I had a deal agreed for Kroos then the guy leaves! So come and talk to Bayern Munich
  6. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Thanks for the manager of the month Craig, lets hope the curse doesn't strike as it does in the real world! Tonight we go to Northampton. I've always looked at this fixture and thought well how on earth will go in to this one. We need wins to push on and keep our good form going, but it will certainly not be an easy game this one!
  7. Re: .:Fluffy's Funhouse:. So unrealistic as Spurs win a title!
  8. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Antonio Valencia & Alvaro Arbeloa will be joining Leeds in exchange for Abate, Ranocchia and £9million Already seems to have left a few people scratch their heads, but I'm happy enough with the deals, and as ever it's a pleasure to deal with Newman and Spurs. Tomorrow is the big game with Northampton, what formation to use and what players to use in it is still far from being decided!
  9. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Leeds 4-0 Burnley A Sebastian Kehl hat-trick (what a signing!) and Lescott give Leeds a fully deserved win over 3-5-2 Burnley which moves us up to 5th Up next is a trip to one of the most talented squads i've seen
  10. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Yeah he maybe 19, i couldn't give a toss what your age is, you've been given the nod to play by your manager for a reason. the effort and how the majority of his "dribbles" came to nothing was awful. The squad as a whole need to press so much better, and I lost a little faith when Van Gaal said that was the best performance of the season, they were awful for large parts of the game.
  11. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Januzaj starts?!?! What a joke that is after his pathetic performance Monday night. If Falcao was fit then I'd have hoped RvP would have been dropped too. And looking at that bench, and if you take Di Maria, De Gea and possibly Mata out of the team it is easily one of the worst United teams I've laid eyes on in a while Fuming that Januzaj starts though
  12. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Chesterfield move top after a 1-0 win over Yeovil. Haven't a clue who half these players are but getting the best out of them!
  13. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Disppointing draw against another 3-5-2 outfit that may as well be unmanaged with the same formation used week in week out, but then again I should be able to counter this, but hey ho. Another home game against another 3-5-2 side who have picked up some good results. I miss Jooles for ridiculing everyone who used 3-5-2
  14. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread After Wednesday nights impressive display over Aston Villa, we will host Portsmouth at Elland Road. A side with some good players in there but so far they're not hitting the heights they probably should. Many thanks to Raz for loaning back Jese who has been in incredible form, and hopefully Llorente can build on his debut goal! C'mon Leeds!
  15. Re: Is reporting illeagal transfers broken? Gold Championship 100 Player in Question: Franck Ribery The deal: £50million (useless cash as I'm sat on £200million) + wickham and ward prowse 2 days after the deal is complete the selling manager of Ribery leaves the club. Fishy as hell right? So I report it, oh and yes you guessed it, naff all gets done about it! I appreciate that it's an automated system, but what happened to even been told or given a notification about your ticket?? SM distance themselves further and further unless they want your help for their own gain. Money money money
  16. Re: The Progress Championship The tone of this thread lately...
  17. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Chesterfield's good start to the season continues Pld:6 W:4 D:2 L:0 It wont last long though
  18. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Villa 1-3 Leeds Delighted with that result after throwing away the lead last week! Had an early set back but Llorente on debut and a brace for Jese guide us to 3 points and also moved us into those play off places. Up next Portsmouth come to Elland Road
  19. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Toni Kroos's passing is insane, Paul Scholes eat your heart out, those cross field balls jesus Always nice to see a brilliant team out class and out play a bunch of pretenders
  20. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Haha I do enjoy reading Shack and Doms interactions But when Everton and Swansea win the Premiership surely you have to question the managers at the "big sides" and when City can't buy a league title, then I think SM is to blame! But anyway... Leeds host Aston Villa tonight. Another 3-5-2 outfit so we'll see how we doo up against them. We're currently in alright form but this league looks very tough with some cracking sides but inconsistent performances, so we need to just remain consistent! A play off place for us would be a good end of season result for us, but we'll be pushing till the death!
  21. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Di Maria coming off?? So how does Januzaj stay on the pitch jesus
  22. Re: Official Manchester United Thread So when's the useless and ineffective dutch knob coming off?? The amount of incredible balls Di Maria has put in to dangerous areas, and the lone centre forward is no where near them! About bloody time Falcao has been brought on! And play to the bloody whistle!!!! RvP was in there but is more concerned with probably wanting to take the pen the greedy selfish little *insert expletive here* EDIT: In fairness a great effort that came off the post, but it was only there because a decent centre forward made it for him!
  23. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread I see why you'd be angered by the PM but a PRIVATE message should remain just that, private.
  24. Re: English Championship 7046 Match Report/Tranfer Gossip Thread Fernando Llorente Joins Leeds United Could the Spaniard be the missing piece of the jigsaw for the Whites? This morning saw the conclusion of a deal that brought Spanish centre forward Fernando Llorente to Elland Road. In exchange Giovanni Dos Santos and Harry Kane have moved to White Hart Lane Speaking on the deal, Leeds manager Robinson was very pleased to be bringing in a class asset to his squad in the push to return to the Premiership.
  25. Re: Official Rugby Thread An embarrassing day for Bath Rugby yesterday away at Glasgow going down 37-10. Out skilled, out fought the hosts just looked a lot more hungrier. There were some good moments, but when it came to converting them into points there wasn't that same spark. No points scored in the 2nd half and also worrying to see Kyle Eastmond going off injured. Reports in the paper this morning though suggest Anthony Watson and Semesa Rokoduguni will be picked for England, but Jonathan Joseph is likely to miss out. Also a note on Sale - Munster, was a cracking game to watch and Munster snatched the win at the death, real composure from the drop goal though.
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