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  1. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Hopefully get a good result for Utd tonight!
  2. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld I'm leaving everton - combo of lack of interest in SM and GW, and also just no time to manage them... Thanks a lot for a great couple of seasons guys!
  3. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld just to let every one know I am very busy right now and am currently only online on my b tablet so I can't be properly active. Will bev back on the 16th, and sorry Matt for not trelling you before but I can't seem to find hope to message in game on the mobile v site.
  4. Re: Reality Check 2 Sorry guys - time to step down as manager of Chelsea. I admit in part because of my complete inability to win, but also because I'm very busy and my interest in SM is pretty low just now. So I feel also it's fair that the new manager has some time to rescue some of the mess CFC are in - results wise at least, and good luck to them and you all!
  5. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld Everton lose out on promotion after finnishing second in division two, then in a very dissapointing match losing to newcastle 1-2.
  6. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld Amazing match between AC Milan and Everton! Everton come out with three points, winning 3-4 away at the San Siro. Nowb for the last game of the season!
  7. Re: Reality Check 2 In a possition I need he's a good signing.
  8. Re: Reality Check 2 Chelsea sign Badstuber for 30m!
  9. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld Sneijder got a week long injury but Everton keep up their winning ways with another vital win - then again no game isn't vital at this stage - keeping up firmly in the race for second place.
  10. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Man utd keep on incredible form - actually above the incredible real madrid! by beating dortmund away 0-4. Higi, Yaya and Pepe all kicked ay-es-es.
  11. Re: Reality Check 2 Just can't buy a win at chelsea. My tactics just not doing any thing at all, and at this rate we'll be playing in div 3...
  12. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld Massive game in division 2 tonight. 1st place real madrid at home to overachieving Everton! the last match ended 5-3 to real - I would be surprised if this was a boring one...But who will win?
  13. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld Haha, I'm doing better than moyes, says me very humbly.
  14. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld Everton here, just posting their intent to 'liven things up a bit'.
  15. Re: Reality Check 2 All bids have been withdrawn for now, bar the pre-agreed by chairman deal for Gomez.
  16. Re: Reality Check 2 Cissoko, Ferdinand, Cahil, Mikel, Lucas, Boateng, Valencia can all go! For any one else, just ask and we can see. How ever Courtois WILL NOT be leaving.
  17. Re: Reality Check 2 Okay, makes sense, and I like the idea. Also I assume I just have to wait to guy Gomez as Benfica are unmanaged.
  18. Re: Reality Check 2 I really think Chelsea got of fairly lightly there! The loss of Rami is not great, and will bring in some good money, and Gomez will be joining soon so along with last season's part deal where evra joins for 21m we will already have evra and gomez in. Looking to do lots of trade though guys so message me if you wanna do deals!
  19. Re: Reality Check 2 Yeah like closer says really - there is a 40 player squad cap for every one so you will have to sell 7 players and maybe a few more so that when your rules come out you have enough space in the team to buy players in. Other than that just wait until the new seasons' rules are out mate.
  20. Re: Reality Check 2 Don't know about the other situation but I know for me that I spent the cash last season on the agreement that the money for evra comes out of this season's budget, as we both knew I couldn't spend it on evra last season and I was under the impression the money couldn't be carried over to this season... So really I think I still have to wait? And also then Bizness gets the cash added to his budget.
  21. Re: ||Rerum Natura|| - The Most Realist Gameworld And we're into the cup! Everton win 5-6 on penalties after a 2-2 draw away to Juventus. Having to juggle cup and league quite dangerously - hopefully we can compete successfully on both fronts, and win the final vs bayern!
  22. Re: Reality Check 2 Some valid points being made, like brood says. How ever I was not trying to presume any thing about every one liking the ideas. When I made my list of 7 players I was simply trying to aid speed and momentum to the idea so if it was agreed by all to go ahead it could be implemented quickly, not force it all through today. I'm just aware that we have started the new season and we kinda need to move things allong one way or another, that's all.
  23. Re: Reality Check 2 On my list of seven then are: Courtois, Lamela, Oscar, Luiz, Ivanovic, Tevez, TBD shortly.
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