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  1. Re: Greek Championship! ask me anything "The hotest name the last 10days in greece is ninis ,he's contract is also expiring and there are many rumors for him . " Who is Ninis being linked with?
  2. Re: SLOVENIA Thread Oct 2011 "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to JMH_daggers again."
  3. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Is Moraes Artur likely to start now he's moved on to Benfica or will he just be a bench warmer?
  4. Re: Nemanja Gudelj Does anybody know anything about him?
  5. Does anybody know what the long-term prospects for this guy are? He seems to have played a decent amount of football considering his age. I need to decide if he's a seller or a keeper. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Re: Lass or Fletcher Fletcher's the better and more consistent player. Injury has hampered him this season, but for the past few years he's become increasingly important in a United team that's reached 3 of the last 4 CL finals. Diarra isn't guarenteed a starting place when he's in the same squad as Alonso, Khedira and Sahin. It's a no-brainer for me.
  7. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) Does anyone know what kind of rise GUILAVOGUI, Josuha should get? And whether he's worth holding on to for the long-term?
  8. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 What are the long-term prospects, and the potential to rise in the next ratings for; Miguel Britos and Giacomo Bonaventura? Thanks.
  9. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 I have Stefano Ferrario of Lecce in one of my gameworlds and am currrently clearing out my squad. Does anyone know what chance he has of rising in the next update and what his long term potential is? Thanks.
  10. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) Great thread! I know you have him to rise 1/2 in the next updates but what is the long-term potential of Ralf Fahrmann? Is he someone likely to keep going up in future seasons? I know Germany tends to produce alot of good goalkeepers and it's a position I'm looking at for a couple of my lower division GC teams. Thanks.
  11. Re: Retired/Older Player ratings at their peak... Premiership: Peter Schmeichel - 97 David Seaman - 94 Ryan Giggs - 97 David Beckham - 95 Eric Cantona - 97 Roy Keane - 96 Dennis Bergkamp - 95 Gianfranco Zola - 96 Alan Shrearer - 96 Overseas Ronaldo - 99 Zinedine Zidane - 99 Luis Figo - 96 Ronaldinho - 99 Roberto Baggio - 95 Paolo Maldini - 98 Gabriel Batistut -96 Theirry Henry - 97 Pele - 98 Maradona - 99 George Best - 99 (100 if possible) Johan Cryuff - 98
  12. Re: bebe is he actually good? I'm a United fan and this guy will rank with Prunier and Dong as the worst player to wear the shirt in my lifetime. There are one legged infants that can cross better than this guy. Half of the time he looks like he's never played football before. If he wasn't playing for us (and hadn;t signed for an exorbitant fee) then he wouldn't even be 80. He might rise a little bit, purely for being at United but I could name you 20 youngsters on our books who all have more of a future in the game than this kid.
  13. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 Great thread mate. Do you think Ferrario at Lecce could get a rise at all? Cheers.
  14. Re: My Top 10 Most Overrated Players/Underrated Players At 87 there is absolutely no way Rafael is overrated. He's definitely a future 90+
  15. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 I was wondering if I can get updates on how a couple lessor know players are doing. Namely, are Stefano Ferrario and Perparim Hetemaj going to be worth holding on to, or are they not likely to rise much higher than their current ratings.
  16. Seeing as how this league should be getting updated soon I thought I'd get the ball rolling and start listing some risers. I'm not making any predictions as to the exact amount these players will rise (I'm not confident enough in my ability to do so accurately) but the players listed should all rise by at least 3/4. Wilifred Zaha (Crystal Palace) Alfred Adomah (Bristol City) Marvin Sordell (Watford) Adam Barton (Preston) Tomasz Cywka (Derby) Jonathon Howson (Leeds) Danny Mayor (Preston) Luciano Becchio (Leeds) Steve Morison (Millwall) Max Gradel (Leeds) Chris Martin (Norwich) Feel free to add to the list. I'll probably add a few more in the coming days.
  17. I'm having problems deciding which player I'd rather bring in as a winger. Pandev is a bit younger but I'm not quite as familiar with Serie A as I am with the premiership and think there's a chance Malouda could hit 93 this year. Both are pretty much the same price. Does anybody a bit more knowledgable than myself care to weigh in with an opinion?
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