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  1. I'm trying to improve my Port Vale side. Most of the players listed below I either want to keep or are transfer banned for the forseeable, so I'm mainly looking to add to the team rather than take away. That said, if people have good advice for about 2 months from now, that can be taken into account too! I don't have too much money, 8M or so. I currently play a 3-2-2-2-1 formation, so don't need that many forwards (although I think that maybe one more could prove helpful). GOALKEEPERS: Salvatore Sirigu Wojciech Szczesny DEFENDERS: Pereira Fabio (can be sold, don't know whether to do so or
  2. Re: Luis SUAREZ rated 91 now Speaking as someone who bought Van Der Wiel as an 88 rated player yesterday and now sees him rated 90, I just want to say:
  3. Re: Toulalan or Ozil? Okay, thanks!
  4. Hi all, The manager of Man City in one of my leagues (owner of one Mesut Ozil) has been showing interest in buying Toulalan from me, and I was thinking about offering this straight swap deal and seeing if he was interested. Would you recommend it, or should I stick with Toulalan? If it helps, without Toulalan my defensive back-line would be Cassani at RB, Mathieu at LB, Boateng and Yobo at CB, with back-ups of Yangambiwa at RB, Alba at LB, and Rannocchia and Badstuber at CB. However, that wouldn't remain the case for long as I'm looking to a) bring in Gonalons, and part-exchange away Yangam
  5. Re: Very Cheap CMs? Ah, great list, thanks!
  6. Re: Very Cheap CMs? Thanks! I actually already have Ilicic and Gotze, I thought they couldn't play CM though (or at least not fully effectively)? As for Mendy, he is taken, alas. Renato Neto's a great suggestion though, will put the offer in for him. Thanks very much for the advice.
  7. Hi all, I have a little under £2M to spend with my Port Vale side and I'm looking to buy two centre-mids with that money. I know that's obviously a tall order, but without it I have no back-up to speak of (although I'll look to bring in someone on loan as well). I have a small number of players available to part-exchange (can't sell them as it'll make my squad size too small) - Julio NAVA, Craig DAVIES and Louis DODDS. My current two CMs are Ruben PEREZ and Joao PEDRO, rated 77 and 75 respectively. I can probably afford to get in one very good CM and one of about the same quality (or two at
  8. Re: Your best SM transaction! Sold Benzema for 15M + Chiellini Also bought Drogba for 1.2M + Bodmer + Delgado
  9. Re: Players refusing to join Pleased to say that, upon getting my Average Rating up to 77, I was successfully able to lure Luis FELIPE (rated 88) to the club. Now for Payet and Nene!
  10. Re: Help with 70-80 rated players He may well already be taken, incredible bargain that he is, but Marc ALBRIGHTON (yes, the one who's started every league match for Aston Villa this season and been one of their best players) is rated only 75 at the moment and so likely to go up by a good 10 or so points, and to top it off he's a Free Agent in a fair amount of worlds, meaning that he should be available for 250k only. Absolute bargain, if he's not already been snapped up. There's also Joshua GUILAVOGUI (20, rated 75, CM/LM) who has played 6 out of 7 games for AS Saint-Ettiene (top of the Fre
  11. Re: Players refusing to join Will do. I'll report back, if I remember . Thanks for the advice!
  12. Re: Players refusing to join ****, was afraid of that. Thanks. Is that for all 3 players? One of my friends joined the same league at the same time and he was able to sign an 87-rated goalkeeper for a team with an average rating of 77. Do they maybe have to be within 10, or something?
  13. Hi all. I recently took over a new club in Division 4 with a team of average rating 75. Obviously my first thought was to improve this squad with a mixture of 80-rated promising youngsters and a few star players I could get on the cheap. However, the three star players (rated 87, 88 and 89) all refused to join, something I didn't even know was possible! I looked it up in the "help" part of the site and there's a brief mention that a player will refuse to join if your squad's average rating is significantly less than his own rating, but it has no mention of how big the gulf has to be. I'd very
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