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  1. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) Two things stand out for me. Firstly, the 'upcoming leagues to be reviewed' needs to be brought back to help smaller clubs, well all clubs really, to make money from risers. Secondly, what we might now see is managers join/stay with a team with excellent players and no real short-term need to buy, and then when they do need new players, leave with them massively in the red due to the huge wage bill. Nobody else will then want to take them over Along with some of the other good points raised so far, it seems like some decent ideas haven't been fully thought out and have been implemented too soon and without consultation with members.
  2. Re: juan mata or di maria???? Well someone has to have the opposing view so I say Di Maria. He'll be back to his best before too long and Madrid will be challenging for the title and Champions League for a while yet. Chelsea? That will all depend on who the next manager is. I think there is more risk with his club so because of that and the fact that I don't see Mata passing Di Maria's rating anytime soon (matching it in a year is likely), I would stick with Di Maria. Either way you have an excellent player.
  3. Re: why no notice???? Well it will probably divide opinion a little but in the main will probably be met with derision on here.
  4. Re: why no notice???? Strange. If they are reviewing it, is that a first where they have done so without even putting the league on the 'Leagues Currently Being Reviewed' list?
  5. Re: why no notice???? What makes you think they are reviewing it?
  6. Re: What is the highest average rating you can have for a team? Barcelona in one of the Spanish GWs I am in has that team but with Dani Alves instead of Fabregas. I am still above him in the league though and he keeps trying to buy my players, telling me I have all the best ones. Weird.
  7. Re: Who will be the next best? Neymar, Gotze or Hazard?
  8. Re: Who will be the next best? Neymar, Gotze or Hazard? Are you sure?
  9. Re: Who will be the next best? Neymar, Gotze or Hazard? Oh I will. I will mark them with thick black marker so I never have to read them again. He'll "cut it", I have little doubt about that.
  10. Re: Who will be the next best? Neymar, Gotze or Hazard? Never make what exactly? A paper aeroplane that flies to the moon? Your dinner?
  11. Re: Paul Pogba Pass the bong mate.
  12. Re: Paul Pogba Hard to know who you could compare him too. He is pretty unique to be honest...in a very good way. I'll be surprised if he doesn't go on to be one of the best midfielders in the world at his peak.
  13. Re: EURO 2012 Talents Even Johan Cruyff.
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