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    Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread
    Andre Villas-Boas didn't have a Kalou, it was only a Mata of time. Recently, they have been Terryble.
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    Real rap right there.
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    Re: English Championship 11111 - Discussion Thread

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    Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread
    The Championship

    Turn 29 – Weekend Games – 28-1-12
    Plymouth Argyle - Cardiff City
    Despite possessing some good players and a good manager, Plymouth look to be a team in free fall. Not one win and four defeats in their last six games have made any realistic playoff hopes that much more difficult. There should be no injury worries ahead of this game however so the manager can field his strongest team.
    Cardiff have been patchy in recent weeks but have at least picked up a few wins. The side is a decent one, but looks top heavy with several good strikers but very lightweight in the midfield area. Ahead of this game they have only minor injuries to worry about and should be able to field a strong side.
    Plymouth look to be the better side and have more balance, though much like Cardiff they are far too top-heavy. Cardiff have however been in better form, but the sheer weight of good player in the Plymouth side would suggest a home win here.
    Plymouth Argyle 2 -1 Cardiff City
    Birmingham City - Nottingham Forest
    Back to back defeats halted Birmingham’s recent solid form and saw them lose some ground on the playoff pack. Oddly, the manager seems to favour wingers and has no less than six in his top seven players. As a result, the side looks weak in the centre and at the back and there is little balance to the team, something for the new manager to work on ahead of next season. The come into this game with only Wright-Phillips injured (winger) so should just about be able to cover that area…
    Forest have been a little patchy but have managed to win four in their last six games and remain in the playoff places. Big Mo’s side look to be finally living up to their early season prediction, and though top spot looks well out of their reach now, second is still a realistic aim. The manager will have to shuffle his defense however but they should still have be able to field a strong side.
    Looking at the two sides it’s clear that Forest have a stronger side and this will be the main factor going into this game I feel.
    Birmingham City 0 – 2 Nottingham Forest
    Doncaster Rovers - Norwich City
    A poor run of form has seen Doncaster edging closer to the drop zone game after game and they have only kept their heads above water by dint of the bottom three also failing to win recently. Come the end of the season the Rovers manager will probably owe the Chelsea manager a few pints should on loan star Lucas managed to keep struggling Rovers up despite an obvious lack of quality around him. There are no injuries ahead of this game so the manager will be able to field his strongest side.
    Norwich made it eight league wins from eight midweek and look to have the league wrapped up even at this early stage. A comfortable twenty point lead means they only need a few more wins and they should be able to put their feet up while the manager plans for next season and can congratulate himself on a job well done. They are a few players missing coming into this game but they should have enough to field a strong side.
    If I was a betting man (which I am by the way), I’d say the odds on a Doncaster win are around 10-1 so it might be worth a few quid on them. However I think you’d be wasting your money…
    Doncaster Rovers 0 - 2 Norwich City
    Blackburn Rovers - Queens Park Rangers
    Despite possessing a strong team at this level, Blackburn are really struggling of late and have not won a match in five attempts. I have some sympathy for the manager however, they have lost games they probably deserved to win and the manager has been active in trying to change formations to counter the opposition, it simply doesn’t seem to be going their way lately. They also have a few injuries ahead of this match just to make things a bit more difficult.
    QPR have been rocked by the loss of a second manager in quick succession. Its hard to say if a new man will be installed prior to this game or if the assistant manager Mr Blobby will be handling team affairs. Despite all this, the team continues to perform well and are currently second.
    I really want to tip Rovers to get back on track here and pick up some points, especially against (currently) unmanaged QPR, but they seem to be reserving their best form for the cups. However current form suggests an away win. I’ll hedge my bets and go for a draw.
    Blackburn Rovers 1 -1 Queens Park Rangers
    Preston North End - Charlton Athletic
    Preston look to be really struggling of late and have managed to nose-dive their way down the league with only one win in six games. Despite this, its still a strong side despite having a few players likely to be missing ahead of this game.
    Charlton are another side finding life tough in recent weeks and have dropped out of the automatic promotion spots. It’s a shame for the manager who had done a good job getting his side into a good position, but they have failed to maintain that standard and in this form could drop out of the play spots altogether. With several players missing ahead of this game it could very well be a tough task to take anything from this.
    There’s not much between these teams either in players or form, a draw seems most likely.
    Preston North End2 -2 Charlton Athletic
    Watford - Leicester City
    Some poor recent form has prevented Watford climbing out of the drop zone after looking likely to do so a few weeks ago and time is running out for them. The side is mostly fit ahead of this game and should been in good shape.
    Leicester have finally found some form to take them away from the relegation places and will be hopeful they can maintain this for a little while longer at least. An injury to player maker Ryan Giggs will dent their chances however.
    City look to the stronger side ahead of this game and have found some elusive form at last. That should be enough to overcome a poor Watford side.
    Watford 0 – 2 Leicester City
    Coventry City - West Ham United
    Coventry are a strong side at this level but have been in indifferent form in recent weeks. They have some good players and come into this home game with the side fully fit.
    West Ham have been in better form coming into the business end of the season and have proved a hard team to beat thanks to the manager setting with up solidly from the back. They have probably still under-performed overall, but there’s still time for them to make the play-offs and the manager is known to be hard working so you certainly wouldn’t rule them out.
    Both sides have strong teams at this level, though The Hammers look to have a better balance to the side. With that in mind I’d probably go with an away win.
    Coventry City 1 – 2 West Ham United
    Burnley - Bury
    Burnley had been poor previously but have managed to put a few wins together. It’s a fairly decent squad at this level, but they do have several injuries ahead of this match. They should however just about have enough quality to get though this with some decent back up players.
    Bury have been playing very well of late and the side look to have now secured their safety after looking like potential relegation candidates and have transformed themselves into playoff hopeful’s after some good management. They need to keep this run going but that will be tough against what looks to be a superior Burnley side. Bury however look fully fit ahead of this game.
    Tough to call this one, Burnley look strong but Bury are in much better form. Could well be a draw.
    Burnley 2 - 2 Bury
    West Bromwich Albion - Derby County
    West Brom have been playing ok recently without ever really hitting top form. They are safely inside the playoff spots at the moment and could do with a few more wins in order to stay there, but the side looks a decent one and they will probably win more than they lose looking at their final run in. They only have minor injuries ahead of this game and this probably won’t affect them too much.
    Derby look to be struggling over their last few games and desperately need to put a run together to have any chance of avoiding the drop. With a fairly good side at this level its surprising there are down there at all but they have been a few surprises in this division so far already. The manager has no injury worries ahead of this match.
    The two sides look similar with West Brom maybe just shading it. With home advantage and better form, the smart money (ie, mine) is on them.
    West Bromwich Albion 3 - 2 Derby County
    Reading - Blackpool
    Reading are another team that look to be in all kinds of trouble. They are still in the relegation zone and struggling despite a few positive results, but more importantly they look to be weaker than the teams down there with them. The team is relatively injury free ahead of this match however and their fate is in their hands.
    Blackpool have been very poor of late and are really struggling. They are dropping down the league quickly and if they can’t start picking up points soon might find themselves caught up in the relegation drop zone. They too have only minor injuries to contend with ahead of this game.
    Neither side have been playing well but Reading have at least recorded a few wins. Blackpool look to be the stronger side however, but I’m tempted to go for a draw here.
    Reading 1 – 1 Blackpool
    Note: As I’m limited to 15 images for 20 teams some have missed out on having their logo displayed... It’s unfortunate, but so is how long its taking SM to review leagues recently….!

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    Gurnak got a reaction from BigSexyKyle in Fifa 12 - "The Forumer Tournament" (PS3)   
    Re: Fifa 12 - "The Forumer Tournament" (PS3)
    i think i just have to play ccfc twice now
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    Gurnak reacted to studge in EPL Players Shock   
    Re: EPL Players Shock
    As usual SM have asked a cat what they should do for each player.
    They have yet to realise that cats don't watch football.
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    Gurnak reacted to Frozy in Rap Music   
    Re: Rap Music
    The realest in the game no doubt!!!
    He just took it to another level with this...

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    Gurnak reacted to garymack in Fifa 12 ultimate team for dummies   
    Hello and welcome to FIFA 12 Ultimate Team for Dummies
    From this you can expect to acheive:

    Easy Methods to make huge amounts of coins
    The Ability to easily double your coins within an hour, and make alot more
    A ridiculously good team to play with

    This guide is organised in order, meaning the methods which require the least coins are first, so if you already have a good amount of coins the first few methods may not be the best for you.
    Anyway, lets stop wasting time I'm sure you are eager to get started
    In this guide I have included many methods which will work for all playing platforms, lets start with the least risky, the second account method.
    This method Involves the use of a second account, however don't worry if you are an Xbox 360 user, you still don't have to pay for another account as only a silver membership is needed (which is free)
    to make this simpler, I will call:

    Your main account, the account which you play on and want all your coins on, account A
    Your second account, the one you are using to complete this method, account B

    Seeing how you probably don't have two Xbox's or PS3's to save youthe hassle and time of signing in and out of each account to do the transactions it would be much easier and quicker for you to use the web app for account A,which can be found at http://www.ea.com/soccer/fifa-ultimat-team/app (you may need to be logged in to your EA account online to access this page)
    The web app allows you to trade players easily, which is all you need to do on account A, first of all on this web app,you need to get any card you don't want anymore, then put it up for a price that will be easy to find later, as an example I usually put my useless card up for 1800 bid and 1900 buy now, therefore it is much easier to find in the auctions when needed, saving you time, time is money.
    On account B, you need to go to ultimat team on your console and start a new team, this is possible for Xbox 360 users to do with only a silver account(you only need a gold account to play online)......after starting a new team full of bronze players, first of all you need to go to one of the players and press apply item, send the available item to your trade pile, whether its a contract or a fitness card or whatever, just so you can do a trade offer later. Now you need to discard every player you received, after you have done this you should have at least 450 coins on account B, now you need to go to search auction, and search for the original card you put up for sale on account A, trade offer this card with the card you put in your trade pile and all the coins you have, then simply switch over to account A on the web app, accept the offer and now you have all your new coins, put the new card you just received up for sale agian so you can repeat the process. Now on account B you can delete your team, meaning you can make a new team, getting a whole new squad of bronze players and therefore being able to rinse and repeat the process.
    A quick summary of this method:

    Make a new team
    Discard all the players
    trade offer yourself the coins

    Although it sounds like a lengthy process due to the description it only takes a few minutes each go and is completely risk free, you are guaranteed to make around 500 coins everytime
    This is a hugely popular method where you purchase bronze packs and resell the contents for profit. Each pack gives you 2-4 players (sell for 150-200 each), kits & balls (150-200 each), and contracts & managers (150-300 each). The main problemwith this method is that you need to sell these cards to make money. Since bronze cards have the least value, and also the least interest, you may experience days without selling any of the cards, however if everything does sell, which it will eventually, you should have made 5x the cost of the bronze pack.
    As you have probaly worked out this method gets you little profit and can be painfully slow, which is why it is only recommended for people with very little or no coins, to be honest I don't really understand why it is so popular in the first place.
    The discard method is a very easy concept and simple to do, there is no risk however the profit returns are not as big for the time you put in compared to the other methods, unless you get lucky.
    First of all you need to search for gold players on the auction, put your maximum bid on the search at 300 coins, now you need to bid on every 75+ overall gold player that has a bid under 300, making sure that you don’t bid more than 300, as then you may be making a loss. You can also search for a maximum buy now of 300 coins, the cheaper you get the player the better, however there is sometimes competition and it can be hard to get the player much cheaper, after you have won the auction you need to discard the player, which is where your profit comes from.
    The amount of coins you get from discarding a player is based on his overall rating:

    You get 300coins for a 75 normal gold player, and then an extra 4 coins for each player rating above 75
    You get 600coins for a 75 rare gold player (shiny), and then an extra 8 coins for each player rating above 75

    For example, discarding a 78 rated rare gold player will give you 624 coins (600 + 3x8)
    You’d be surprised at how lucky you can get with this method, I have got lucky quite a lot of times and found highly rated players up for a buy now of 200, the only reason I can think people would even put their players up for this price is because they are either quitting, or trying to really annoy their friends.
    The idea of the contract method is to buy contracts low (usually at off-peek times) and then sell them high (at peek times).

    Peek times are usually at night time, when people have got back from work/school and have time to play on Fifa (4-12pm).
    Off Peek times are through the day, when the majority of the public are busy, or very early in the morning when everyone is still sleeping.

    So the strategy I use at the minute, because contracts are so cheap at the moment (this is because Fifa 12 is so new and everyone is still buying gold packs and then selling their contracts so cheap) I buy as many as I can for 150 coins, I do that by searching for a max bid of 150. I put the contracts I win up for sale with a starting price of 250 and a buy now of 300 coins. As you can see you are getting up to double your coins and all you’ve done is buy something and re-list it later in the day, easy right?
    Contracts can sell for more however putting them up for sale at this price gives a much greater chance of actually achieving a sale, the faster you sell these contracts the faster you can list more and therefore sell more.
    The more money you have to start with the greater you can do this, as at some points I was stocking up to 80 contracts a time (theoretically the maximum, you can actually store much more as you can hold a ridiculous amount in your watch list after you’ve won them) with 50 in your consumables and 30 in your trade pile before I would sell them, and if I was making the 150 coins per contract, that would add up to a profit of 12,000 coins for just one load of contracts.
    Using this method you can double your coins within an hour, and it’s very simply with close to no risk, which is why it is my favourite method. I realise trying to buy the contracts so cheap can be time consuming and very tedious as there is not always many for sale, so at times like these when the market is inflated you may have to pay more, however you will always be able to make a profit buying and selling contracts. However, I would recommend using this method when the prices rise for contracts, this will be when everyone settles down buying gold packs and more people have completed their team, as on FIFA 11 I was buying them for 200 and selling them for 600, making a ridiculous profit
    This is a fairly underused method to generate more profit from an otherwise lower value card. This method involves buying the player cheap, in an unpopular formation, and then applying cards to him to boost his profit potential.
    For example:
    We buy Walcott for Arsenal, who is currently and always will be a very in demand due to his pace, which makes him a great player to choose.
    Buy the player in an unwanted formation and position combination such as a RW player in 4-3-2-1 formation with a 7 match contract left on the open market for 13k (these players are cheaper as they are not what people are looking for as the formation 4-3-2-1 does not have a RW position). We could resell the player immediately for 15k and get a small 2k profit. But with Buy, Boost, Bank, we increase the value of the card by:

    Changing the formation to 4-3-3
    Adding Player Attributes increase to highlight the card
    Adding a 28 contract
    Then Setting the auction for 20k BIN.

    Do you see how that can make such a profit? Now a buyer can use this card immediately in his 4-3-3 formation without worrying about contracts or chemistry. The Player attributes also generates extra attention since the rating increase causes the card to get highlighted in the listing, meaning it stand out.
    This method works really well when you find out which players sell the best.
    1. Search auction for gold players at a minimum buy now of 10k
    2. See what is selling the best and create a list of 10 to 15 players, finding out what is a good price for each player
    3. Search for these players at the lowest BIN price
    4. Once you have bought the card re sell it at a higher price
    5. Rinse and Repeat
    Just like the contract method, you can usually get these players cheaper at off peak times, however the difference is you’re targeting a small group of players which you know the best prices you can get for them. Using this method occasionally makes you stumble across much better players at a bargain price, which is just another benefit.
    You will eventually get good at recognizing deals in the marketplace, you will know the value of players and when a player is cheap so that you can make a profit on them, making you an ‘expert trader’. This method can also be used on other types of cards, I often bid on every 4-3-3 formation card and 4-4-2 formation card at around 3k coins, you only win about ¼ of the formation cards but the ones you do win can be re-sold for over 5k, this is a great way to make 50k coins an hour.
    This strategy can also be used at a much higher level, for instance I bought inform Lampard for my England team for 500k Coins, which was an average price, however when I looked back 2 days later the cheapest Lampard was at a bid for 750k, I know the price will come back down soon enough so I put mine up for 700k buy now and it sold very fast, that was 200k profit without even trying.
    This is how I made my million coins, I controlled the market for one player.
    This strategy is not for the faint hearted, it comes with big risk, but that risk is rewarded with massive profit potential. To do this strategy you really need quite a large amount of coins to begin with. Have you ever been searching for a player and seen multiple versions of that player all sold by the same person and wondered what’s going on? No it’s not the imaginary duplication glitches, this is why.
    This method involves pin pointing 1 individual player; the idea is to buy as many of that player as possible, which in result creates a short supply in the market place. This increases the price of that player to your benefit; it is simple supply and demand. Once the demand is there, now is your time to make your money, you can unload your cards at a higher price as that card is currently valued higher.
    We buy every Aaron Lennon on the market for under 6k, now the market has a low supply and the current Value of Lennon has therefore increased, now you unload all your cards back onto the trade market at say 9k buy it now, you don’t want to put the price too high because this current increase it the players value is only temporary until people start to undercut you again and the price comes down, so you want to sell your players while you can.
    As I said this method is very risky, this is due to the fact that however unlikely it is, other people may put the same player up for sale just after you, at a cheaper price and then you are stuck with all your cards. However even if that happens, you will usually get your money back, and if it works? Massive profit returns..
    3,000 coins per player isn’t the biggest return per a player you can get, however even just at the price, if for instance you bought and sold 20 of that player, that’s 60,000 coins in one hour.
    When you are selling your players I recommend you carry on searching for that player, if any are listed cheap continue to buy them, as otherwise you may lose out on a sale. Doing this not only makes the demand higher but it allows you to continue your sales of your chosen player, as you are not running out.
    It’s not all about making coins… Not wasting coins is just as good as making coins.
    Here are a few things I do to save money that a lot of people ignore:
    If you are like me and you like to play a lot of games (I only play games for fun as you can make a much larger amount of coins from trading) then you will be using a lot of contracts…
    Contracts cost coins and as I stated earlier as time goes by contracts will get more expensive, a great way to cut the costs of buying contacts is by increasing your contract multiplier, this comes from rare managers, as you will see all rare gold managers increase the length of contracts by +3%, most people only have 1 or 2 managers in their club, however I have every rare gold managers and more. The +3% adds up and I have got my multiplier up to +50%. This essentially means that every 2 contracts I use I get one free from bonuses.
    The price of contracts will go up a lot and last year at various times the price was up to 700coins per contract, this +50% multiplier lasts forever so overtime you can save huge amounts of money. Each manager can be bought for fewer than 1,000coins and although it may be off putting to spend that amount of coins on all the managers in the long run you really do save a massive amount
    There is no point in wasting hard earned coins on overpaying for players, that just defeats the object of earning those coins in the first place, if you want to get players a bit cheaper than the average price you should wait until there is that player up for sale with a cheap starting price, instead of waiting until the last 15 seconds and ending up in a bidding war I like to place a bid earlier of an acceptable amount but cheaper than normal, as this will put off other bidders who in the end will only put the price up. Once again it’s even easier to get players cheaper at non-peak hours.
    Whilst I’m on the subject, when it comes to selling players I believe it’s best to set up your auction so that it ends sometime between 4-12pm to get the best price for your players.
    http://www.ultimatedb.nl/ - This website is a database for ultimate team, the website shows the average price of a player which can be used to give you some indication of what you should be paying/receiving, however it’s not always accurate as there is always going to be some trades between friends for a lot cheaper than average, or in some cases higher.
    I recently acquired this info and thought it might help some people out......let me know if there is any mistakes(spelling or missing words:o) or post to let everyone know how you got on.
    Kind Regards
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    Gurnak got a reaction from Arfon in FIFA 12 Official Thread   
    Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread
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    Gurnak reacted to Dudeskin in EC2933 Discussion Thread- VACANCIES SO JOIN THE FUN   
    Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP!
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    Gurnak got a reaction from Sgt Fury in W a s t e l a n d - It's Heaven....and HELL!   
    Re: W a s t e l a n d - It's Heaven....and HELL!
    KR win thier first trophy in Wastelands by beating the oppostion 3-2 in the cup final :D:D
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

    league 2 predictions - turn 32


    Accrington Stanley - Rotherham United
    mid table clash ,I think it will be a home win as they have won 4/5 of the games betwen the sides so faR.The won will keep alive Stanleys outside shot at play offs.
    prediction:Stanley 3 Rotherham 2
    Wycombe Wanderers - Southampton
    Wycombe are in the play offs now and will look to stay there over the coming
    games.Southampton are 19th and not looking taht good.i think it will be a pretty close game but a home win.
    Prediction :wycombe 2 southampton 1
    Burton Albion - Gillingham
    Another mid table battle with both teams pretty close .I think Gillingham may just have too much today for wills burton.
    Prediction:Burton 1 Gillingham 2
    Notts County - Colchester United
    Colchester have fell out the play offs in teh last game, they will be trying to get back in to them spots today against mid table county.I think this one is close and I fear it could be a draw.
    Predictions :County 1 Colchester 1
    Tranmere Rovers - Northampton Town
    Tranmere are in fine form and sit in 3rd place .They will be eying that auto proMo spot.Northampton are out of sorts and I think they will have a hard ask getting anything from this game.#
    Prediction:Tranmere 1 Northampton 0.
    Southend United - Shrewsbury Town
    Southend are bang in form and sit in 5th place I can see them winning here against the shrews new management.A clean sheet is predicted.
    Prediction Southend 2 Shrewsbury 0.
    Shorpe United - Stockport County
    Stockport are rock bottom and struggling .Shrewsbury sit in 8th place and need to get a grip of tehre form .Here is a message for teh Holy boss Hugh Latimer and his boys.'thou shalt not get beat'.I got a vision/message from a holy man about what the score will be here.
    Prediction:Ss 3 Stockport 1
    Swindon Town - Yeovil Town
    Swindon v Yeovil Local derby .The two teams fortunes are so different Swindon at the bottom end and struggling and Yeovil at teh top end and playing well.I think this will be a high scoring game .
    Prediction :Swindon 3 Yeovil 1
    Hartlepool United - Dagenham & Redbridge
    even though Hartlepool sit 18th and Dagenham sit top I think this game will be a close one .Hartlepool are in amazing form for a team in the depths of d4 they have took 13/18 points which is bettered only by Dagenham.Tempted to say 1-1 here.
    Prediction:Hartlepool 1 Dagenham 2
    Brentford - Chesterfield
    good game here with Brentford just 3 points of teh play offs and chesterfield 3 points clear in that auto promo spot.Chesterfield got humped 5-1 last time out at top of teh table dagenham so they will be hoping to get back to winning ways.Brentford will be hoping to get a win to push into the play offs.
    Prediction: bRentford 1Chesterfield 3

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    Gurnak reacted to Sgt Fury in W a s t e l a n d - It's Heaven....and HELL!   
    Re: W a s t e l a n d - It's Heaven....and HELL!
    Well done lad
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    Gurnak reacted to ᴩᴙᴇᴆᴀᴛᴏʀ in Facebook Groups..   
    I have seen some hilarious groups over the past.. so share the ones you find.
    Here are some...
    Gingers, the only people who look forward to going grey
    "You're fat" "It runs in my family" "Mate, no one runs in your family"
    It's all fun & games till someone puts a hotel on Mayfair
    Campaign for Heskey to be on the Fifa 12 Cover
    The Legend who was planking during the 2011 Manchester riots
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    Gurnak reacted to Skarmory in FIFA 11 Official Thread   
    Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread
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    Gurnak reacted to steve025 in English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread   
    Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

    Division 2 predictions

    Turn 24

    Blackburn Rovers - Huddersfield Town

    23 games gone and these two are in 4th and 3rd position respectively with just 1 point separating them. With Dan in charge of Huddersfield, I'll be backing them tonight to beat Rovers and stay on top
    Blackburn Rovers 1 - 2 Huddersfield Town
    Bury - Hull City

    Neil's Bury face a relatively easy test today at home to Hull, who now seem destined for relegation. Can Stepehen possible pull them out of the zone and lead them to safety? Not today.
    Bury 3 - 0 Hull City
    Doncaster Rovers - Preston North End

    Donny have a chance of overtaking PNE today and getting out of the releagtion zone, and they'll only be able to do that if they beat them. Both squads look relatively even, but I'd back Daz to do the job today.
    Doncaster Rovers 2 - 1 Preston North End
    Swansea City - Sheffield United

    Should be a walkover for Elton's team as they travel to Swansea. Sheffield are in second and dont look like they'll be dropping any further today, Swansea are just no match for them.
    Swansea City 0 - 3 Sheffield United
    Coventry City - Queens Park Rangers

    Both are going through bad patches, but QPR have been absolutely disastrous in their last 6 games. They'll be looking to turn it around today, but they dont look like they'll have much luck with it.
    Coventry City 1 - 0 Queens Park Rangers
    Birmingham City vs Derby County

    Birmingham have the chance to put some pressure on the play off pack and they have every chance against a Derby side who sit in 14th. Derby have done well to climb out of the relegation and their form is decent going into this game with 5 wins from 6. Both sides in good form and a draw looks a good bet.
    steve025 predicts - Birmingham City 1 vs 1 Derby County
    Manchester City vs Burnley

    City are living up to their tag as title favourites winning five of their last six and it looks like no one can stop them. Burnley are at bit hit and miss at the moment sitting in 10th but a win here and they are right in the play off mix. City wont have it all their own way but their class should shine through.
    steve025 predicts - Manchester City 3 vs 1 Burnley
    Blackpool vs Ipswich Town

    9th place Blackpool are sure fire favourites for this game they may have slipped off the pace in the last 3 games but will have to much for relegation certainties Ipswich. The away side are in massive trouble they cant buy a win at the moment and look doomed already. Blackpool all the way for me.
    Steve025 predicts - Blackpool 4 vs 0 Ipswich Town
    Plymouth Argyle vs Cardiff City

    Play off chasers Plymouth are in decent form heading into this. A win could see them 3rd but they will have to be at their best to get it. Cardiff are doing ok when you consider their start to the season and are currently enjoying a 4 match unbeaten run. Not the easiest game to predict so im sitting on the fence with a draw.
    steve025 predicts - Plymouth Argyle 1 vs 1 Cardiff City
    Watford vs Leicester City

    Home side Watford are stuck in midtable and depending on form their season could go either way. The Hornets lack a bit of consistency find that and they have a chance of the play off's. Leicester are currently 15th but like Watford a run of decent form could see them near the play off picture. They have a good squad and are better than their current position suggest. A tough old encounter and could go either way. Sticking my neck on the line i would plump for Watford.
    steve025 predicts - Watford 2 vs 1 Leicester City
    Predictions done by Steve and Nik. Nik doing the top 5 and Steve doing the bottom 5.
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread
    Division Two Predictions - Turn 23
    These are the official Divison Two Predictions by The Zakmiester!
    Blackburn Rovers vs Watford
    Blackburn currently sit in 4th after they only managed a 2-2 draw with Bury in midweek. They have some top player in Ferdinand and Arshavin and to be able to keep players like that in their side they will need to push for the auto spots, so three points is a must for Blackburn.
    Cliffs Watford are a funny old side, they have top players but are currently only managing a 16th placed position and could be doing a lot better, will they have enough to beat of Blackburn?
    It's going to have to be a close away win, got a feeling.
    The Zakmiester Predicts: 2-3
    Huddersfield Town vs Bury (Game of the turn ALERT)
    Huddersfield, despite only having been promoted last season are really flying high and keeping the pressure on 2nd place Sheffield United sitting in third just two points off Eltons team and three points could prove vital for their season as they push for Automatic promotion!
    Bury also only having been promoted last season are doing very well this term and currently sit 7th just 5 points offer their fellow game of the turn companions, so three points is a must if the want to gain any ground towards the top six.
    For me its going to be a tight hard fought win for the home team.
    The Zakmiester Predicts: 1-0
    Hull City vs Doncaster Rovers
    Hull City are once again in some atrocious form and crying out for a win to get their mojo back, seems it wasn't the best idea to sell in your Brazilian magic in Hulk who was always a big threat when playing this team, but they don't have that fear about them any more and is probably why they keep gettinf trounced!
    As well as Hull Donnie are doing terrible and will take this as one of their best chances to grab a full three points!
    For me it will be a big home win.
    The Zakmiester Predicts: 3-0
    Preston North End vs Swansea City
    Preston have been dissapointing this season, they done so well under Matty when building his team, with good young players like Sidney and Moustachie, they arent setting any rooms a light and will really need to be on top of their game to upset Swansea in this encounter!
    Swansea have been there usual selves again this term, inconsistent, brilliant and terrible all at the same time. They are a very young and one of the most attacking teams in the country, so long as they score more goals than the other team they're happy!
    Gonna go for an away win on this one.
    The Zakmiester Predicts: 1-3
    Sheffield United vs Coventry City
    Sheffield United are obviously having a great season under Elton, but they faltered last turn only managing a draw. Hardly keeping up the pressure on Man City!
    Coventry are also doing very well, despite the loss of manager Sir Sean Fitzpatrick, they are still doing very well. So to keep up the playoff position performances they will need to be very attacking, but great in defence against Eltons brigade.
    For me it will be a comfortable home victory.
    The Zakmiester Predicts: 2-0
    Queens Park Rangers vs Birmingham City
    QPR are having a good season as they currently sit in 9th respectively, and definitely have what it takes to make the playoffs! They will be hoping that striking talent such as, Di Natale, Crouch and Shevchenko will be on target to bag three points.
    Birmingham are also doing ok, they sit bang on mid table in 10th on the same points as QPR and will be desperate to leap frog them by three points! They will be hoping 12 goal man Saha will be on target!
    Im gonna go ahead and say an even steven game tonight.
    The Zakmiester Predicts: 2-2
    Derby County vs Manchester City
    Derby county are in some cracking form going into this tough encounter with 16 points from their last 18 possible points. I'd say they have the quality to be able to beat any team in this division and will no doubt be playoff contenders.
    Manchester City are doing as you would expect them to do considering how big of a club they are, with some top, top players! They have also managed 16 out of 18 points, so either way this will be a tough encounter for both teams.
    I will have to go for an away win, theres such a big gulf in the quality.
    The Zakmiester Predicts: 0-4
    Burnley vs Blackpool
    Burnley are having a dissapointing season, which you wouldn't think if you look at the fact that they have the best strike partnership in Division Two in Kuyt and Qualigrella. But they sit in 14th, just behind the youthful Swansea City. They will need to clean up their act at the back if they want to come away with any points tonight.
    Blackpool on the other hand are doing very well sitting comfortbly in the last playoff spot and will be hoping for all three points as they look to push for an automatic promotion spot. Big game for them.
    Tonight I'm going with a high scoring draw.
    The Zakmiester Predicts: 3-3
    Ipswich Town vs Plymouth Argle
    Ipswich considering their young and quality side are doing terrible, they sit dead last and look dead certainties to go down, they have literally had their head buried in the ground all season since relegation from the top tier. They will need a miracle for any points tonight.
    Plymouth are doing well under management with Vik and can be very proud of the successful season they are having. They must be thinking of all three points tonight! Surely!
    I have a feeling of a low scoring draw.
    The Zakmiester Predicts: 1-1
    Cardiff City vs Leicester City
    Cardiff, the other welsh club are doing ok, they are two points above main rivals at this point, but will be looking to increase their points tally in the next couple of games.
    Leicester are and have been very inconsistent this season, and will be hoping to change all of that with a big win, which is what is needed big times. They should be confident going into the game despite it being an away game.
    I can see this one swinging tightly go the away team.
    The Zakmiester Predicts: 1-2

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    Re: London Riots
    It seems the riots have spread to Cornwall

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    Re: London Riots


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    Re: Milan's l Signature Request l + l Portfolio l
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Depends on how well he performs, and how high his team will get in the table.
    I would personally try and get a p/e for him.
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    Re: English Championship 7046 Previews & Predictions Thread

    Season 3 – Championship Predictions

    Turn 1 – 28-5-11

    Watford vs. Bury

    Here we have two fantastic teams with two great managers. Over at Watford is the illustrious Brummie Lad who has certainly played a big part in the history of 7046 and no doubt has done a great job with Watford securing the transfers of the likes of Adam Johnson. However he has not been active for these past few weeks so one must ask the question of whether his team can play with an absent manager. Bury on the other hand have rewritten the history books when Lenny secured back-to-back promotions to get in Division 2 with his incredibly thin but quality squad, he will most likely have the upper hand with Ben's disappearance on the game and forum so expect Bury to make an instant mark on Division 2 after promotion. Bury to win comfortably.

    Watford 0 - 2 Bury
    Doncaster Rovers vs. Blackburn

    I will always remember Doncaster for how they always seem to avoid relegation just about in all the seasons in 7046 so far, incredible they are still in Division 2 but their team has been improved of late and looks like they will have a good chance at a mid-table finish. Then we come to Blackburn who just echo all signs of a Premiership team with the likes of Ferdinand, Arshavin and Glen Johnson. They will most likely get promoted straight back up to the Premiership this season with that team and I fully expect them maul Doncaster with their sheer power and quality, Weidenfeller will stand no chance.

    Doncaster 1 - 5 Blackburn
    Swansea vs. Huddersfield

    Zakkoo has created a class side and I'm sure it can only get better for Swansea as they push for promotion this season after falling at the first hurdle in the promotion play-offs last season. Dan's Huddersfield have made an excellent achievement at gaining automatic promotion into Division 2 and they have one of the most depth quality teams in the league but when they encounter Swansea they will not have players of the calibre of Ronaldinho, Rami or Barrios etc. Swansea also have home advantage so they will most likely show they mean business this season by beating the newcomers.
    Swansea 3 - 1 Huddersfield

    Coventry vs. Hull City

    Coventry have just taken in a new manager in Sean and look have to finally taken in a permanent and great manager after declining since the departure of Dan Griffin. He has the likes of Van Bommel and Subotic to assert their power over other teams and this could prove difficult for Hull. What can I say about Hull? They're rubbish Okay, in all honesty their team is quite good to again get a play-off place if they retain the form they had at the end of last season so I'm sure this is Hull's to lose.
    Coventry 1 - 2 Hull City

    Plymouth vs. Derby

    I dislike Predator and I dislike his team, far too young for my liking…. Of course I'm joking although this team has the thinnest squad I have ever seen, I take it they won't have any cup runs this season Derby on the other hand are one of those average teams that are just there with no hope of anything but a mid-table finish. But last season they were so close came to getting a play-off place, believe me ... this season I feel they will get that promotion place with the quality they have, Nik just needs to put the extra effort in and believe his team can do it. This game is too close to call so I will take the easy route and predict the match to be a draw
    Plymouth 2 - 2 Derby

    Manchester City vs. Sheffield United

    If you asked me about this fixture last season, I'd have definitely put my money on United.
    However, this is a new season, with a new manager, who can finally call this team his own.
    Lucio, Ribery and Torres make up the spine of the side, and it's a rather menacing spine indeed. Sheffield's star players are Vucinic, Ze Roberto and Ricardo Carvalho, and while they may be a little old to still be playing, Elton has managed to get the best out of his OAP's and kudos to him for that
    So for this fixture at this time of the season, I predict a 1-1 draw.

    Manchester City 1 - 1 Sheffield United

    Blackpool vs. Queens Park Rangers

    Blackpool will be hoping to get back into England's premier division this season, after very nearly doing so in season 2 of 7046. QPR have a very solid and evenly spread squad which should see their team work well together. Therefore, if I have to pick a winner today, it's going to be QPR. Mainly because of Blackpool's weak link, which is their goalkeeper, Gilks.
    Ironically, QPR have been promoted and Blackpool relegated from the PL this season in real life.
    Blackpool 0 - 2 Queens Park Rangers

    Birmingham City vs Preston North End

    Birmingham are surprise participants in the championship this season. Their squad certainly does not warrant them a place in England's second tier of football. Preston have a 24 player squad, which may seem to be a little thin to some, but nothing can be done until their TB's run out. On paper it's a no brainer. An easy win for Birmingham is all that comes up. But last season is certainly proof that matches aren't won on paper, and therefore I shall go for a 2-1 win for Preston North End.
    Birmingham City 1 - 2 Preston North End

    Leicester City vs Burnley

    Leicester are back up in division 2 after a fairly good season in division 3. Kudos to Gozzy for not giving up on them when they were relegated back in season 1. I'm pleased to say their horror run in season 1 started with a loss to rivals Derby County (Which ended Derby's horror run ). Leicester have got some real legends in their team, from whom Totti and Giggs stand out. Still going strong after so many years, they are expected to start today. Burnley have got patches of talent within their squad, but no one besides M'Vila really stands out. This one should be a walkover for Leicester.
    Leicester City 3 - 0 Burnley

    Cardiff City vs Ipswich

    Ipswich are known for some of the best talents in world football, like Silva Neymar, Fabio Coentrao and David De Gea. However, they lack in the 90+ department. This would affect them over the course of the season, but not today, as Cardiff seem to have the same problem.
    Lavezzi is expected to spear head the attack for Cardiff today, and pundits want to see him play just behind Bukharov, the Russian centre forward. Choosing a winner out of these two will be extremely hard. A stroke of luck, or perhaps a bit of individual magic will win it for one of these teams. 1-1 is what I'd go for.

    Cardiff City 1 - 1 Ipswich

    Note 1 – The predictions this week are split between Elton doing the first 5, Nikidinho doing the second, and myself collating, editing and formatting. Any rep however should be divided between the previewers.
    Note 2: As I’m limited to 15 images for 20 teams some have missed out on having their logo displayed. I have however chosen some of the teams that have managers that are "less active" as they probably won't even notice... Apologies to several other managers that have also been missed off though.
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    Epic fail by Gizb and Gurnak.
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    Explain the concept of lose to me
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    Hope this is right this time :D
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