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  1. Re: Ivans New Setup torcida , you have been watching football factories
  2. Re: Rep Points yep another good idea hope sm are listening to these lol there really good maybe we should install them soon
  3. Re: Rep Points yep nice suggestion
  4. I think in the game you shud be rewarded for getting 100 points as atm you dont get anything but to say to your friends I have a rating of 100. You shud get somthing but im not quite sure what yet just wanted some suggestions on what you could be rewarded for reaching 100 and beyond. Views would be appreciated everybody so join the debate:)
  5. Re: harry toft kk doesnt matter i just wunded , get msn
  6. Re: new things to sm !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill add you pm your address then next tim eyou go on accept me ok cheers
  7. Re: harry toft this is ryan here are you goin to play tennis m8 ??????
  8. Re: harry toft has the person replied , to your PMs jonno
  9. Re: harry toft r8 jonno herd ya dad got robbed
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