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  1. Re: Matej Vydra- Watford/Udinese Awesome, thanks. Either way I don't think it's going to do any harm to have an up to date, detailed thread for everyone to see. Will double check next time, or maybe I shouldn't waste my time writing a detailed description with advice for people.
  2. Re: Per mertesacker Yes, dear friend, he will. Sell him to a German team with 04 in their name.
  3. Re: Matej Vydra- Watford/Udinese A recent update for those interested... 3 games since I posted about Matej, he has scored another 4 goals, taking is tally to 18 goals in 24 games. His agent has claimed to have 5 premier league clubs interested in signing Vydra. Source: http://www.thisislocallondon.co.uk/sport/sporttopstories/10180126.Vydra_s_agent_expects_permanent_Watford_move_despite_interest/?ref=nt = His most recent game, in which he grabs two goals and an assist.
  4. Re: Sean Murray- Star in the making Yes, personally I do. It is very rare to be scouted by top clubs at such a young age. I have watched him play for Watford over a dozen times, and he has all the makings of a top player. He reminds me of Adam Johnson/Ashley Young with regards to his talents on the ball. I hope this helps
  5. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 Hi guys, Do you think Ozil or Llorente will change or stay ? It's quite urgent, thank you guys
  6. Re: Piszezck for Sanchez Okay, thank you, will use your advice.
  7. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Thank you, will the first 3 not rise ? I assume the others will ?
  8. Sean Murray is an 17 year old Am/Winger who plays for Watford, currently rated 82. He has been at Watford, and their successful academy since the age of 9. They have produced talent such as Ashley Young and have helped develop Tom Cleverley, Adam Johnson and Kacaniklic on loan in the past. In July 2010 Murray turned down an offer from Manchester City, who thought very highly of him, to sign a professional contract at Watford. He played 18 games last season, scoring 7 goals. This instantly alerted several big clubs, notably Manchester City, to keep tabs on him. This is a player I have watched a dozen times, and am convinced will go right to the very top of football. His fantastic vision, teamwork, eye for goal and technique means he stands out at only just 18 years of age. He has won the Football League's Young Player of the Month Award for March and Watford's Young Player of the Season Award since his arrival in the first team. Highlights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2upmn0W2WA Could easily be a star, a 91+ rating is very much achievable.
  9. Re: Tactics Help Thread Can someone please please help me with regards to countering 4-2-3-1. I am United and am playing Porto tonight, who have an awesome front line of: Alves--Iniesta--Ribery -------Cassano------ I really need to find a way to counter him, as I currently play a 3-5-2 which has not worked in the past. Please please can someone help me, my game is tonight, I'd be rather grateful ?
  10. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Hi guys, please could you advise me as to which of these I should sell or keep ? Kehl 88 Mario Suarez 88 Assou-Ekotto 89 Rafael 89 Sandro 89 Strootman 89 Welbeck 89 Agger 90 Gomis 90 Nani 93 Thank you
  11. Re: Piszezck for Sanchez Thanks for the advice, sorry about the misspelling. By the way it is "stick" not steak
  12. As per title ? I do need a RB but the age difference and potential has made me unsure, any advice please ?
  13. Hi guys, Wondering if any of you could please give me a hand finding/suggesting a tactic to suit my current squad of players: Goalkeeper: Hart 92 Defenders: Vidic, CB, 96 Marcelo, LB, 93 Agger, CB/LB, 90 Rafael, RB, 89 Assou-Ekotto, LB, 89 Defender/Defensive Mid: Busquets, CB/DM, 94 Martinez, CB/DM, 91 Centre Mids: Alonso, DM/CM, 94 Strootman, DM/CM, 89 Sandro, DM/CM, 89 Attacking Mid/Wing Mata AM/WING, 91 Ozil AM/WING, 91 Cazorla AM/WING, 91 Nani WING, 93 Strikers Sanchez, WING/FWD, 92 Cavani, FWD, 93 Higuian, CF, 94 Gomis, CF, 90 Welbeck WING/FWD, 89 Am 1 game into a 38 game season so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time
  14. Re: Tactics help Personally I always found 4-5-1 to be effective when i've had highly rated midfielders at my disposal. Make sure you put Xavi as your playmaker and consider a direct approach to your striker.
  15. Matej Vydra- Watford/Udinese Matej Vydra is 20 years old and is currently playing for Watford, on loan from their parent club Udinese. Since his arrival at Watford, he has become renowned throughout the Championship as one of the hottest properties. He has an impressive 14 goals in 21 appearances and his goal/shot conversion rate on 48% (Opta Stats) is the highest of the 42 players in the top 4 divisions with 10+ goals. His blistering pace and composure when in 1 on 1 situations is impeccable and will take him right to the very top. Udinese have a reputation for scouting young players and producing gems, as Handanovic (Inter), Sanchez (Barcelona), Isla & Asamoah (Juventus) are testament to. He has been praised constantly by Gianfranco Zola, who firmly believes he has the makings of a top player, who has helped guide Watford to 3 points clear in 6th place, with a game in hand. Watford also have a reputation for producing youngsters such as Ashley Young whilst taking Adam Johnson, Tom Cleverly, Kacaniklic and Ben Foster, to name a few, on year-long loans to help develop them. A few highlights: First goal & 4:55: Should rise in the next EC ratings by 1 or possibly 2 if this continues (which is likely, but definitely one for the future.
  16. Hi, I Manage Aston Villa in English Championship 838 and we are about to finish the season. I have Established i team average of 93 with a 3-5-2 and the following starters: Van Der Saar94 Mertesacke93Pepe93Juan 93(LOAN) [/b] Ambrosini 92 Stankovic 93Perrotta 92Ballack 93Olic 92 Eto'o 96Drogba 96 Subs: Di Natilie 93 Fabiano 93 Taddei 91 Vargas 91 (LOAN), Toni 92 Zambrotta 92 Capdevilla 92 I Feel that some players in that squad like ballack perrotta ambrosini may go down, but am not sure about what to do as they start in my midfield. I am hopeful of signing De rossi using my fringe players plus large cash as i want him badly. Any Advice on what to do... By the way i only have 21 players so can do P/E with two of my players Robben is available
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