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  1. Keita is really good but prefer Goretzka Skriniar + De Vrij
  2. Look,don't want to complain to much but Sterling have some terrific stats, 3.268 min 23 goal and 16 assist and in the game economy he wins PL with a records of points.I have played this game for long long time and in a similar situation another player would have been 93.I can understand who says he have less potential than Sanè or he have these stats thanks to the great player City have or blablabla but the fact is that he is one of the most incisive players in that role
  3. Honestly I'm bit disappointed to see Sterling get only +1
  4. No rise for Rabiot n Areola it's a really bad joke.If Sterling will not rise i have the proof that SM hates my player.
  5. I agree with you,especialy with Coq,Barkley n Lukaku.But,i think,for the Everton players is most a matter of squad form.Everton is currently in tenth position. But in this perspective Willian's rise is much more silly. Disagree with Sterling, honestly .He have 1.657' 8 goal 6 assist right now.
  6. these reviews sucks,imho. Bertolacci 89?Why?Milan is very poor this season and he was injured for long time Kondo 90?Why?I'm an Inter fan and he doesn't deserve it. Ginter Stay?No way,fellas.You may not like him,but he deserve +1 at least. Tah and Wendell deserve to be 87 n 89,imo.
  7. i don't understand why medel have to reach 90,he have limits when plays in midfield position n he's nothing special like defender
  8. I don't think so,this predictions are really generous...
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