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  1. Re: Ultimate Interactive Challenge Forgive me if I'm wrong, but one of the rules of this set up as of season 2, was to sell your most valuable player. From what I can see only myself (PSG/Higuain), Barcelona(Ronaldo) and maybe Benfica (Diego Costa) have done this so far.
  2. Re: Champions League Underdogs The game world is essentially CFC10s, I just helped create it so my rule changes should be his call. On reflection, agreed its too late to be introducing new rules now. Teams are stronger/weaker in real life so should be here. Any players rated over 850 hold be allowed to stay. For me, the only rule was to get within squad limits of 25 + 4 with 8 nationals asap, with a few weeks leeway given due to the need to wait on external bids. As for muallan going over, I think the limits were very clearly defined as 29 maximum players -loaned or not. Unfortunately, I'
  3. Re: Champions League Underdogs Sorry lads, been ridiculously busy with work since this world opened and have barely been on. Fortunately, got lucky with my initial bids and should have my squad in order the next day or so. 2 things that have been asked recently... 1) Have to sell >85 players = I would be in favour of this to make the league as level as possible, but then we never specified this at the start so we can't really enforce it now, just ask compliance for those affected. 2) buying extra players and loaningthem out = personally I'm 100% against this. The whole point of a squad
  4. Re: Champions League Underdogs OK, I've put a handful of bids in. Let's get this thing rolling. Venk still has 24 hours before any bids are accepted so can't complain. Good luck everyone!
  5. Re: Champions League Underdogs tbh, I'm not too convinced Venk is up for this. He's not posted since the first page and has been online today. I'm agreed open it up soon, otherwise we'll never get started. You snooze, you lose There are only 10 managers going for a maximum of 21 players, so 210 players max will be bought. If, unfortunately somebody does miss the boat, there will still be hundreds of options available.
  6. Re: Champions League Underdogs I'm ok with the 3 player rule. Venk's been given several hours. Shall we open up the transfer market?
  7. Re: Champions League Underdogs Accepted all applications now. Just waiting on Venk at Salzburg, I sent an invite to him in case he's not seen this thread. I'm sure he'll log on some point soon. Shortlisting etc fine but - hold out on bidding until he joins?
  8. Re: Champions League Underdogs I'm accepting all together. Safest way to prevent people don't start bidding early. I can send invites to the 2 remaining if they don't apply in the next few hours.
  9. Re: Champions League Qualifying OK, just the 2 left now.
  10. Re: Champions League Qualifying 6 applications already in. Just waiting on the remaining 4.
  11. Re: Champions League Underdogs OK, we're up and running World name: Champions League Underdogs World ID: 228182 Please get applications in asap.
  12. Re: Champions League Underdogs Fantastic...having waited for 9 hours, they cancelled the one I created. Nice of them to send a message explaining the delays, cancellation etc Just re-created and we're now in position 3. As they are only created up to 8pm, it looks like we'll have to wait for tomorrow morning at the earliest now. Sorry lads, but out of my hands this one!
  13. Re: Champions League Underdogs hmm, not sure what's happening, but there is no longer a queue and the world seems to have been cancelled by Soccer Manager. I'll try re-creating it again.
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