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  1. Re: Another Pluto Setup - Setup News It's one in, one out at Inter today with the announcements of 2 big money transfers. Firstly, ADRIANO will be leaving for a fee of £16M to Division 1 rivals, Barcelona. Manager, Grahame Davey had this to say on the transfer, "ADRIANO is a very good player, but he was not in my plans for the first 11, he was to be a squad player. When I told him this, he asked to be placed on the transfer list. Barcelona came in with a bid matching our valuation and the transfer went through very quickly, he should be a Barca player by the morning." Better news for Inte
  2. Re: Richards for Crespo cheers for all your help guys, i sent the guy a message offering adriano and toldo for richards, schmeichel and 2m. so i guess i'll have to wait and see. thanks again everyone!
  3. Re: Another Pluto Setup - Setup News INTER TRANSFER NEWS It's been a busy evening for Inter Milan with players coming and going tonight. Inter first announced the triple loan signings of Theo WALCOTT and DENILSON from Arsenal and also ANDERSON from Man Utd. Manager Grahame Davey had this to say, "I've said from the moment I arrived here that the squad needed more youth to it and these 3 players go a long way to providing that. They will all be vital squad players for us over the coming season, and will be used when our first 11 are tired or injured. I will also be using them a lot in t
  4. Re: Richards for Crespo so you're saying it wont go through as it is now? what deal do you think would go through?
  5. hey guys, i need some help deciding whether to accept this bid or not. Man city have offered Micah Richards and £1M for Crespo. Do you think it's worth it? it's a fairly new setup so all the squads are pretty accurate and i have adriano, ibrahimovic and suazo still so do you think i should accept, reject or ask for another deal?
  6. Re: Another Pluto Setup - Setup News Grahame Davey today announced the imminant signing of 2 players. Rafael VAN DER VAART, is set to be the first signing for the new manager, with the Dutch playmaker joing for a fee believed to be around the £9M mark. It is understood that 2 Inter players will be heading to Hamburg as part of the deal, and those players are said to be Nelson RIVAS and Luis JIMINEZ. Davey had this to say about VAN DER VAART, "Rafael is a very good player who I think will suit our style of play very well. He is only 24 years old and I believe that his best years are still a
  7. Re: Another Pluto Setup - Setup News New Inter Milan manager Grahame Davey, has put 7 players on the transfer list on his first day in charge, and warned that there maybe more to follow. Davey said; "I have no need for these players with the squad that i have in mind, and the money that they bring in can help me put together a title winning team" When asked why players like Materazzi had been made available for sale, Davey responded; "There is undoubted quality in the squad already, however I have a major concern over the average age of the team. Materazzi is an excellent and experienced de
  8. Re: setup - being created in the morning of 02/09/07 hey mate, is there any chance i could get in on the action with Inter? or if they've just gone, Valencia my rep is 50
  9. Re: NEW SETUP, APPLY NOW. 1ST GAME SUN 2ND SEPT hey mate, what's your setup name? any chance i can get on the action, with arsenal if possible? if not what other teams you got available?
  10. Re: European Championship 8 hey guys! i've got real madrid in euro champ 8. i don't mind doing a few match reports and some transfer news for div 1. well there's no time like the present so i'll get things underway if thats alright! RESULTS FOR 29TH AUGUST - FIXTURE 4 ARSENAL 1 - 1 CHELSEA An 85th minute Didier Drogba strike gained a point for Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium. Chelsea had trailed for all of the second half due to a 38th minute lob from Aleksandr Hleb. In a fairly even encounter, both sides had plenty of chances to win the game, with a total of 30 shots between the 2 team
  11. Re: Chelsea loans out... Hey mate, any chance i could loan him if Teb turns him down?
  12. Re: World Championship 2 MKII i think i could quite easily be joining them next season if i dont get any **** defenders in who arent RB's. and we shouldn't take the mick out of the yids, they deserve our pity. it's tough living in the shadows of arsenal don't forget!
  13. Re: World Championship 2 MKII good job i like a challenge then! and hey, it could be worse, he could have sold Cygan! and at least i'm gonna still be in div1 next season, if my maths is right!
  14. Re: World Championship 2 MKII lol, yea you gotta watch out for them. its gonna be tough not having 6 easy points off them next season cos they've gone down, but what can you do?! no worries about flamini, i probably would have sold him anyway. do you know the guy that had arsenal before me? really can't understand why he bought the players he did, half my squad still have transfer bans so i'm gonna have to wait a while to ship them out which is annoying!
  15. Re: World Championship 2 MKII New Manager At The Emirates This evening saw the Arsenal board appoint Grahame Davey as their new manager. A man not known to many in the SM circles, Davey explains that he got the job purely on luck! "I was looking for a new challenge, and was browsing the available jobs, when the name of Arsenal FC jumped out at me from the screen." Davey went onto explain how he was then handed the job within seconds of applying. When questioned about his squad, Davey had this to say; "I cannot understand the transfer policy of the previous management team. The 3 best de
  16. Hey guys, just one thing that i've noticed that can be kinda annoying when you take over a new club. Why is it that some players who are on loan in real life are not at that club on SM? For example, baptista is at arsenal and reyes at real madrid, but carson is at liverpool not charlton and woodgate is not at boro. These are quite high profile moves and i just wish sm would either keep all the players at the club they're owned by or put them in the clubs they're on loan too!
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